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Clock Tower ~ Hospital: Pt.6 & Maps - RE3 Nemesis

Clock Tower ~ Hospital: Pt.6 & Maps | Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

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Clock Tower ~ Hospital: Pt.6 & Maps | Resident Evil 3 Nemesis - GameWith

Check out this guide for a full story walkthrough of Clock Tower ~ Hospital (Part.6) from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, including gameplay tips, guides, location maps for RE3 Nemesis!

Story Walkthrough Pt.6 In RE3 Remake

Story Walkthrough Pt.6 In RE3 Remake
Pt.6 (Spencer Memorial Hospital) In RE3 Remake

Story Walkthrough In RE3 Original

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Uptown ~
Clock Tower
Hospital ~
Clock Tower

Map Guide

Route 1: Jump From Cabin Car

All Story Walkthrough (Hard Mode)

Clock Tower Map

Clock Tower 1F location

Clock Tower 1F location

Click on the locations to jump to them fast!

1. Bedroom2. Study
3. Library4. Main Hall
5. Dining Room6. Piano Room
7. Cathedral8. Yard
9. Hallway10. Statue Room

1. Bedroom

Notable Loot -
Enemies Zombies x 4
Story Items Winder Key

2. Study (Safe Room)

Notable Loot Gunpowder A x2
Ink Ribbon x3
Enemies -
Story Items Warehouse Key

3. Library

Notable Loot Freeze Round (From Carlos), Ink Ribbon x3, File 18
Enemies -
Story Items -

4. Main Hall

Notable Loot Clock Tower Map, Blue Herbs x2, Mine Thrower, First Aid Spray
Enemies Zombies x5
Story Items -

5. Dining Room

Notable Loot -
Enemies Stinger x3
Story Items -

6. Piano Room

Notable Loot -
Enemies Zombies x6 (After leaving Cathedral)
Story Items Lighter Oil

7. Cathedral

Notable Loot Gunpowder A, B x2
Enemies -
Story Items Bazel Key

8. Yard

Notable Loot Green Herb x3, Blue Herb x2
Enemies Zombie Dogs x3 or Crows
Story Items -

9. Hallway

Notable Loot Grenade Round x6 (Merc)
Enemies Spider x3
Story Items -

10. Statue Room

Notable Loot Mine thrower Rounds, File 19
Enemies -
Story Items Amber, Obsidian, Crystal ball, Golden Gear

Clock Tower 2F Location

Clock Tower 2F Location

1. 2F Hallway

Notable Loot -
Enemies Spiders x 3
Story Items -

2. Balcony

Notable Loot Red Herb x2
Enemies Nemesis (After you come down from 3F)
Story Items -

Clock Tower 3F Location

Clock Tower 3F Location & Map

1. Bell Maintenance Room

Notable Loot Ink Ribbon x3, Mine Thrower Rounds
Enemies -
Story Items Chronos Chain, Silver Gear

Bedroom To Tower Entrance

Bedroom To Tower Entrance Walkthrough Chart

1 Enter the bedroom through the hole on the wall
2 Check behind the painting to get Clock Tower Key. Go out the room to a safe room.
3 Meet up with Carlos at Library, getting some Freeze round.
4 Move through the west door to the main hall. Keep going west.
5Run past the tough monster in the dining hall and move south to Piano Room. Unlock the side door to bypass the dining hall.
6Go down into the southern room and get the Bezel Key. Run to the side door when zombies burst from the window.
7 Go through the yard and back into the Clock Tower.

4. Mine Launcher At Dead Mercenary

Mine Launcher At Dead Mercenary

A new weapon: the Mine Launcher is located here next to the dead Mercenary. Its damage isn't anything impressive, but can be used to conserve ammo for other bigger guns.

Best Weapons Tier List - RE3 Nemesis

5. Run Past The Stingers

Run Past The Stingers

Don't waste ammo on the Stingers possibly appearing here, as you won't be coming back here. Just run to the exit at the south side.

6. Green Herbs In The Yard

Green Herbs In The Yard

After your escape from the Piano room, you can go directly into the Clock Tower, or clear the yard for 3 green herbs. Whether you do this is optional based on your healing item dependency.

All Mixed Herbs & Combinations List

Tower Entrance To Third Floor

Tower Entrance To Second Floor Walkthrough Chart

1 Go up the stairs from the main hall.
2 Clear or outrun the spiders in the hallway, go through the door at the end.
3 Insert the Bezel Key into the device to lower the ladder
4Go up the ladder, beat the Music Box mini game for Chronos Chain. Combine it with Winder Key for a Chronos Key.
5As you come down, the nemesis will appear. Use the light on him to semi-get rid of it.

4. Pick the Good-Sounding Cues To Beat Music box

Music puzzle

The sequence here is completely random, so keep playing the song and adjust the peg until the song plays right. This will give you the Chronos Chain. Combine it with Winder Key for a Chronos Key.

5. Use The Light To Get Rid Of Nemesis

Use The Light To Get Rid Of Nemesis

Use the Light option will get rid of Nemesis from tailing you for this section. Using the cord will paralyze him, but won't prevent his chase. Only use the cord if you want to fight him.

Third Floor To Yard

Third Floor To Yard Walkthrough Chart

1Go down the stairs and head to the library. Use the Chronos Key to open the door.
2 Rid of the spiders in the hall to proceed
3 Beat the clock puzzle to get the Golden Gear
4 Return to the 3rd floor, place the Golden Gear into the gear box to activate the bells.
5 Bring Magnum and Freeze round as there will be a unavoidable battle with Nemesis after leaving the tower.
6 Beat Nemesis, proceed to Hospital as Carlos.

2. Grenade Round On The Dead Mercenary

 Grenade Round On The Dead Mercenary

The cocooned mercenary carries 6 Grenade round on him. If you hate spiders with a passion, giving them a grenade won't hurt your stock.

3. Get The Clock To 12:00 Sharp

time puzzle

To beat this puzzle, you'll need to get the clock to 12:00 sharp by placing the balls into the 3 statue plate. Doing so will get you the final Golden Gear .

Ball Placement Time Chart:

Amber -3 hr +3 hr +6 hr
Obsidian -2 hr +2 hr +4 hr
Crystal -1 hr +1 hr +2 hr

5. Showdown With Nemesis While Infected

Showdown With Nemesis While Infected

You will need to beat the Nemesis fair and square here, while slowed down by the infection. Use Freeze Rounds followed by Magnum rounds to take him down fast.

Combine C Gunpowder With Grenades To Get Freeze Rounds

A fast way to get freeze rounds is to combine 6 normal grenade rounds with the C gunpowder. It is recommended you do so with the CCC gunpowder as it will net the most amount of freeze rounds (18) with 6 grenades.

Gunpowder Mixing Chart & Guide

Story Progression & Walkthrough

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Uptown ~
Clock Tower
Hospital ~
Clock Tower
All Story Walkthrough (Hard Mode)

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Story Walkthrough
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