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Downtown ~ City Hall: Pt.3 & Maps - RE3 Nemesis

Downtown ~ City Hall: Pt.3 & Maps | Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

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Downtown ~ City Hall: Pt.3 & Maps | Resident Evil 3 Nemesis - GameWith

Check out this guide for a Hard Mode story walkthrough of Downtown ~ City Hall (Part.3) from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Includes gameplay tips, guides, location maps for RE3 Nemesis!

Story Walkthrough Pt.3 In RE3 Remake

Story Walkthrough Pt.3 In RE3 Remake
Pt.3 (Sewer ~ Downtown) In RE3 Remake

Story Walkthrough In RE3 Original

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Police Station ~
City Hall ~

Map Guide

Story Walkthrough

Story Route 1: Restaurant First

All Story Walkthrough (Hard Mode)

Downtown Map

Downtown Map

Downtown Location

1. Wrecked Bus Street

Notable Loot Gunpowder B x1, Green Herbs x3
Enemies Zombie Dogs x3
Story Items -

2. Garage

Notable Loot Handgun Ammo, Ink Ribbon x3
Enemies Zombie Dogs x 2
Story Items Power Cord

3. Street 1

Notable Loot -
Enemies Zombies Dogs x3
Story Items -

4. Construction Site

Notable Loot Downtown Map, Gunpowder A x1
Enemies Stingers x2
Story Items -

5. Memorial

Notable Loot Green Herb x2
Enemies -
Story Items None for this part

6. Restaurant

Notable Loot Gunpowder A x2, File 9
Enemies Nemesis (If you come here first)
Story Items Fire Hook (Needs a Lockpick to open), Green Gem (If you went to Press first)

7. T Intersection

Notable Loot -
Enemies Zombie x6
Story Items -

8. Safe Room 2

Notable Loot Shotgun Shell
Enemies -
Story Items Rusty Crank

9. City Hall Entrance

Notable Loot Pistol Ammo (Corpse next to the gate)
Enemies -
Story Items -

10. Press

Notable Loot Ink Ribbon x3, First Aid Spray, File
Enemies Zombies x4 (If you go to restaurant first)
Story Items Green Gem (If you went to restaurant first)

Uptown To Garage

Uptown To Garage Walkthrough Chart

1Move down the alley, grabbing herbs & searching corpses
2Run past/ Kill Zombie dogs Near the Bus Wreck
3Go into garage, take & store Power Cord from car.
4Save the game in the garage office.

1. Search The Corpse Twice

Search The Corpse Twice

The dead mercenary caries both File 8 and handgun ammo, but you must search the corpse twice to get them all. Interact with it twice.

2. Gunpowder B On Corpse Near Wrecked Bus

Gunpowder B On Corpse Near Wrecked Bus

Gunpowder B can be found by looting the corpse next to the barricades, but may be hard to reach with all the dogs swarming around.

Come Back For Gunpowder B

As you move here from the police station, it is likely that you don't have much spare inventory space. You can go into the garage first, deposit your stuff, and come back with a knife to handle the dogs.

Gunpowder Mixing Chart & Guide

Garage To Memorial

Garage To Memorial Walkthrough Chart

1Move down the street, avoiding the zombie dogs
2Go straight and turn left to exit construction site. Pick up the Downtown map. Fight or run from the Stinger.
3Heal up if you have to at the Memorial area (Safe Area).

1. Run Past the Zombie Dogs

Run Past the Zombie Dogs

The zombie dogs here can be dodged away without spending ammo. They seem to disappear the next time you come back here, so no need to engage them.

Pick Up the Downtown Map

Pick Up the Downtown Map

Downtown Map can be found near the entrance, on the left wall. Pick it up, and leave through the left. A Stinger will appear when you reached middle. It can be avoided with minimal damage if you run to the door fast enough.

2. Gunpowder A On Dead Mercenary

Gunpowder A On Dead Mercenary

A gunpowder A is on the dead mercenary, but getting it would mean you must fight the stingers. Using shotgun up close will end them in 1~2 shots.

Gunpowder Mixing Chart & Guide

Route Divergence: Restaurant Or Press First

Different Events Based On Which Location You Go First

Events will play out differently at this section of story based on your choice to go to restaurant or Press first. This is purely based on player choice.

Route Chart

Restaurant Route Press Route
Go right after exiting the Construction site, following Carlos. Go left through the door after exiting the Construction site to go to Press first.

Restaurant First Is Recommended

We recommend going the restaurant route as it is larger and provide a better fighting ground for our next task: taking down the Nemesis so it won't stalk us for this part.

Memorial To Restaurant

Memorial To Restaurant Walkthrough Chart

1Follow Carlos into the restaurant.
2Go through the kitchen back door, clearing the T-alley. Go to the safe room and take your magnum / Grenade launcher & lockpick.
3Go back to the kitchen, pick the locker lock with Lockpick for a Fire Hook. Use the Fire Hook on the Basement Hatch.
4Nemesis will appear. Choose "Hide In The Kitchen" Option, watch the explosion knock out Nemesis,
5Wait for then Nemesis to wake up. Defeat nemesis with Carlos as meat shield. Do Not Leave The Restaurant until you've killed Nemesis!

2. Bring Your Magnum/ Grenade Launcher For Next Phase

We're going to take down Nemesis to make things easier in this phase of things, so bring your Magnum/ Grenade launcher and a lot of shotgun ammo before proceeding!

3. Also Have Lockpick In Inventory

Also Have Lockpick In Inventory

Lockpick will be required to pick the locker lock. Have it in your inventory before going back to the restaurant to get the Fire Hook from the locker.

4. Choose "Hide In The Kitchen" For A Free Nemesis Knockout

 Nemesis Knockout

Choosing "Hide In The Kitchen" option will cause the gas to explode, instantly knocking out nemesis. It isn't dead however, and will stalk you if you leave the area. You must knock it out again to prevent this.

Defeat Nemesis With Carlos

Defeat Nemesis With Carlos

This is a rare chance to have an extra hand in taking down Nemesis with Carlos by your side! Stick Around in restaurant to awaken it. Don't leave the restaurant or Carlos will depart!

Game Over If Carlos Dies

If Carlos takes too much damage and dies, its a game over. However, he is quite tough so its not hard to take Nemesis down before that happens if you're using the right weapons.

Restaurant To City Hall

Restaurant To City Hall Walkthrough Chart

1Go back to the T-Alley. Take Blue Jewel from safe room.
2Go through the door, place the Blue Jewel into the Clock. leave as of now.
3Go further down the street to the press. Push the ladder toward vending machines, jump up the ladder to deactivate the fire shutters.
4Go up the stairs, retrieve the Green Jewel.
5Go back to the City Hall Clock, insert the Green Jewel and proceed.

1. Place Blue Gem First To Free Up Inventory

Place Blue Gem First To Free Up Inventory

Pick up the Blue Jewel from the safe room and place it into the City Hall Clock to save inventory and prevent a backtrack to retrieve it.

Handgun Ammo On Corpse

Next to the city hall door, a corpse there has 30 rounds of pistol ammo. Be sure to pick it up before leaving.

Push The Ladder Toward Vending Machine To Open Shutter

 Push The Ladder Toward Vending Machine To Open Shutter

Push the ladder toward the vending machines and them jump on top of it to access the shutter controls. Open the shutters to move up to the 2nd level for the Green Gem.

Loot The Press For Supplies

3 Files (File 10, 11, 12), a First Aid Spray, 2 Gunpowder A, and 3 Ink ribbons can be found in Press. Keep your inventory open so you can loot all these.

Place Green Gem Into City Hall Clock

Place Green Gem Into City Hall Clock

Go back and put the Green Jewel into the clock for the lock to deactivate. You can now proceed to meet up with Carlos.

Story Progression & Walkthrough

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Police Station ~
City Hall ~
All Story Walkthrough (Hard Mode)

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