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Dauntless - Walkthrough & Strategy Guide
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Welcome to the DAUNTLESS Play Tips & Strategy Guide! Find out everything you need to know about the game, including Behemoths, weapon and armor builds, latest news, and more!

DAUNTLESS - Walkthrough & Strategy Guide

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Dauntless - Latest News & Updates

Switch Port Releases Winter 2019

Dauntless Switch Port Releases Winter 2019

Announced during E3 2019, Dauntless is coming to the Nintendo Switch in the Winter of 2019! Slayers with the Switch will be able to play the game anytime, anywhere!

Check Out Nintendo Switch Port Details Here!

Twitch Prime Rewards - Desperado Bundle

Twitch Prime Desperado Bundle - Rewards & Loot Guide

The first Dauntless Twitch Prime bundle has been released and is available until July 10, 2019. It comes with a unique "Desperado" armor transmog & title, a purple dye, and hunting supplies!

Check Out Twitch Prime Bundle Details!

OB 0.8.2 Update Live on June 7, 2019

Patch OB 0.8.2 Summary

Latest update version 0.8.2 is now live; along with new cosmetic dye-able areas, quality-of-life changes and more!

Read Open Beta v 0.8.2 Patch Note Summary Here

Dauntless Begins Season 5: Hidden Blades

Dauntless Begins Season 5: Hidden Blades
DurationMay 20, 2019 - Jul 9, 2019

Ramsgate is celebrating the Moon Blossom Festival! Season 5 brings with it a Hunt Pass that allows you to earn rewards to help deck out your Slayer in different cosmetic items to get in theme with the celebration!

Check Out The Season 5 Hunt Pass Here!

Dauntless - vs. All Behemoth Guides

All Behemoth Information & Guide

Check Out All Behemoth Fight Tips Here!

Dauntless - Equipment Database & Top Loadout

Recommended Build / Loadouts Per Weapon

Check Out Best Weapon Tier List Here!

All Weapon Database

Sword IconSwordsAxe IconAxesHammer IconHammers
Chain Blades IconChain BladesWar Pike IconWar PikesOstian Repeaters IconRepeaters
Check Out Complete Weapon List Here!

All Armor Database

All Armor List
Head ArmorsTorso ArmorsArm Armors
Leg ArmorsLanterns-
Check Out Complete Armor List Here!

All Perk / Cell Information

All Perk / Cell Information

Dauntless - Beginner's Tips & Useful Information

Beginner's Tips

Beginner Guides
Check Out Beginner Tips & Guides Here!

Useful Information

Useful Information

Dauntless - Gameplay Features

Hunt Behemoths & Save The World

Hunt Behemoths & Save The World

Behemoths are larger-than-life creatures that pose a huge threat to the Shattered Isles. It is up to you to hunt down these Behemoths before they devour the aether that holds up the only home you have left!

Team Up With Other Slayers

Customize Your Loadouts

You are never alone in the fight to save the Shattered Isles! In Dauntless, you will be able to fight with up to 3 other Slayers! You are able to matchmake with your friends, or with other players across the globe.

Cross Play WIth Other Platforms

You will also be able to hunt with other Slayers from different platforms! Dauntless supports Cross Play between different consoles and platforms! Dauntless is available for PS4, Xbox One, and in the Epic Games Store.

Customize Your Loadouts

Customize Your Loadouts

The power that you harness from slain Behemoths will allow you to craft them into powerful weapons and armors! Besides strengthening your character, these can also be used to change your characters cosmetics!

Earn Seasonal Rewards With The Hunt Pass

What Is The Hunt Pass?

The Hunt Pass lets players complete Weekly Challenges and objectives in order to level it up! Leveling up your Hunt Pass will unlock several rewards for your character. These include weapon transmogs, in-game currency, and more!

What Is Dauntless?

Free-To-Play Co-Op Action Hunting RPG

Free-To-Play Online RPG

Dauntless is a free-to-play online co-op action RPG from Phoenix Labs where up to 4 players join together and hunt down larger than life creatures known as Behemoths!

Official Dauntless Gameplay Trailer

Story Summary

Powerful, wild, and ravenous for the aether that holds the Shattered Isles aloft, Behemoths are a threat to our very existence. Team up with other Slayers to confront these massive beasts before they consume what's left of our world.

Discover your strengths and refine your skills as you fight alongside up to three other Slayers. Whether you choose to hunt with real-life companions or match with Slayers across the globe, you'll always have a friend in the fight.

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