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Dauntless | How To Boop - Behemoth Interruption List & Guide

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Read this Dauntless guide on Behemoth interruption, commonly known as booping. This includes a list of booping opportunities per Behemoth & how to boop with each weapon.

How To Boop - Behemoth Interruption List & Guide
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Table of Contents

What is Booping?

Interrupting Behemoth Moves & Attacks

 Interrupting Behemoth Moves & Attacks

Booping is the act of interrupting Behemoths during their attacks and other moves, via a heavy attack or item, which will cause them to stagger and be knocked down.

Watch For Prompt on Behemoth Heads

Watch For Prompt on Behemoth Heads

A booping opportunity will present itself when a prompt appears on a Behemoth's head. Certain attacks or dealing enough damage when the prompt appears can interrupt and stagger the Behemoth.

Opens Up Damage Opportunities

Opens Up Damage Opportunities

Booping gives the entire team an opportunity to deal massive and focused damage on Behemoths when booped. This also allows you to target specific parts while the Behemoth is down.

High Risk High Reward Move

High Risk High Reward Move

While booping is extremely rewarding, it is equally as risky as it requires precise timing to be performed. Some Behemoths also require you to be directly in front of their charging attack for them to be booped.

How To Boop All Behemoths

Interruption Opportunity List Per Behemoth

Behemoth Booping Guide
Boreus IconBoreus No confirmed interruptible attacks
Charrog IconCharroggNo confirmed interruptible attacks
Drask IconDraskNo confirmed interruptible attacks
Embermane IconEmbermaneBest Time To Boop / Interrupt BehemothCan be interrupted by hitting its head with a heavy attack while rushing
Gnasher IconGnasherGnasher Is Boopable During Its Face SlideUse a heavy attack when it slides flat on its belly
Hellion IconHellionNo confirmed interruptible attacks
Kharabak IconKharabak Boop When Forward-Charging With One Claw On GroundCan be interrupted during its forward charge with one claw scraping the ground
Koshai IconKoshai  Vine Wrap and Charge UpDo enough damage while twirled up in a vine as it chages for an aerial attack.
Pounce Attack Can also be interrupted by select weapons when he leaps and heads town to the ground.
Nayzaga IconNayzagaSpawn TurretsWhile Aethercharged, destroying its spines on its back can interrupt the Nayzaga. Destroying the turret with 4 needles will also stagger the Shockjaw Nayzaga
Pangar IconPangarInterruptible: Forward Roll Heavy attack from the front when rolling
Quillshot IconQuillshotCan Be Staggered When Enraged & Firing QuillsIts quill barrage can be interrupted when enraged with enough damage
Rezakiri IconRezakiriNo confirmed interruptible attacks
Riftstalker IconRiftstalker Interruption & Boop Opportunities Can be booped anytime it comes out of its portal.
Dimensional Rift Boop Opportunity When dragged into its Umbral bubble, it can be interrupted by hitting its head when the real Riftstalker comes out of the portal. The real one hides behind a glowing pink portal
Shrike IconShrikeGlide AttackUse a heavy attack during its gliding attack or when it focuses its energy
Shrowd IconShrowd Boop Shrowd When Inside Shadow DomeWhile gliding when encased in the shadow dome
Skarn IconSkarnCan Be Booped When Standing On Hind LegsWhen it stands, hit its hind legs, but watch out as it can damage players where it falls.
Use Heavy Attacks To Interrupt This MoveIt's spinning tornado attack can also be interrupted, but a ranged weapon is recommended
Skraev IconSkraevBoop When It Glides Toward YouUse a heavy attack during its gliding attack
Stormclaw IconStormclawTraps A Slayer In A Fence Can be interrupted during its forward charge. Can also be interrupted when it places its final lightning fence pylon
Valomyr IconValomyr  Check For Red Marks On Valomyr Boop when laser projectiles circle around it and red marks appear on its head

How To Boop With Weapons & Items

How To Interrupt Per Weapon & Item Type

Each weapon has a different method of interrupting but boils down to using the heavy attack. Consumables such as the Concussive Grenade can also interrupt with the right timing.

Weapon Booping Guide
Sword IconSwords Can boop with a heavy attack but timing can be hard as it requires you to be close and the attack is slow. A dodge then light attack follow up is recommended instead
Axe IconAxes Charged Attacks & Heavy Attacks can boop
Hammer IconHammers Concussive Salvo, Evasive Blast, and Aetherslam can cause a boop, however it requires practice since the range is limited and it takes quite a while for the move to complete
Chain Blades IconChain Blades By default, the Chain Blades will not be able to boop Behemoths, and requires +6 Weighted Strikes perk to boop. Use a Heavy Attack to boop enemies.
War Pike IconWar Pikes Use the Pike Blast move to perform a boop. The dodge-heavy attack can also boop.
Ostian Repeaters IconRepeaters By default, the Repeaters will not be able to boop Behemoths, and requires +6 Weighted Strikes perk to boop. Use your Ballistic Chamber ability to boop enemies.
Concussive GrenadeConcussive Grenade Throw a Concussive grenade at the moment of the booping opportunity to interrupt a Behemoth

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