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How To Beat Quillshot / Deadeye Quillshot - Tips & Guide

How To Beat Quillshot / Deadeye Quillshot - Tips & Guide

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Check this Dauntless guide on the weaknesses of the Behemoth - Quillshot. Find out useful skills to counter its attacks and how to beat, interrupt, and boop the Behemoth!

How To Beat Quillshot / Deadeye Quillshot - Tips & Guide
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Table of Contents

Quillshot - Behemoth Overview

Quillshot - Behemoth Overview

Quillshot - Basic Behemoth Information

Type Neutral
Weakness None
Threat Levels 5 - Quillshot
12 - Deadeye Quillshot
14 - Heroic Deadeye Quillshot

Fires Quills From Its Body

Fires Quills From Its Body

The Quillshot is a Neutral Behemoth that does damage to Slayers by firing its quills towards them. It also does several body slides, using quills on its body as a weapon.

Deadeye Quillshot Does More Accurate Quill Attacks

The Deadeye Quillshot has similar attacks to its regular variant but has more accurate quill shots that home onto Slayers. It also turns when it shoots quills from its back, repeating this move several times towards different directions.

Heroic Deadeye Quillshot Can Inflict Shellshock

Heroic Deadeye Quillshot Can Inflict Shellshock

In the Heroic difficulty, the Deadeye Quillshot receives a buff called Aether Shrapnel which turns its quills into a homing barrage of explosives that can deal Shellshock status. This gives you a temporary blinding effect, prevents sprinting and increases stamina costs of attacks and dodges.

Useful Perks & Cells Vs. Quillshot

Use Strongest Weapons & Toughest Armor

Use Strongest Weapons & Toughest Armor

The Quillshot is another Neutral Behemoth that doesn't have any elemental tendencies. It's best to bring your strongest, most effective weapons and toughest pieces of armor when facing this Behemoth.

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Use Ragehunter Cell To Deal More Damage When Enraged

The Quillshot can be staggered or interrupted while it is enraged and firing quills. Having the Ragehunter Perk or Cell will help you and your team damage & stagger the Quillshot faster.

Equip Shellshock Resist When Facing Heroic Deadeye Quillshot

To counter the Heroic Deadeye Quillshot's ability to inflict Shellshock, equip a Perk or Cell called Shellshock Resist. This lessens the duration of the status effect, and, in high enough levels, can make you immune.

Dangerous Moves & How To Boop

Rains Quills Around Itself

Rains Quills Around Itself

The Quillshot will stay still and fire a barrage of quills vertically into the air. It'll rain down around its body and you can simply dodge back then forward to avoid getting hit.

Lies Down & Shoots Quills From Its Back

Lies Down & Shoots Quills From Its Back

The Quillshot will slam its body into the ground and shoot quills from its back. Dodge towards its exposed body part to do damage to it while it is lying down.

Deadeye Quillshot Has Deadlier Quill Attacks

Quills Home In & Follow You

Quills Home In & Follow You

When the Deadeye Quillshot vertically fires its quills, they will now be more accurate and zone in on where you stand. Avoid taking damage by dodging right before they hit you.

Turns When Lying Down & Shooting Quills

Turns When Lying Down & Shooting Quills

The Deadeye Quillshot will do the same move as it regular version but when it fires quills from its back, it uses that momentum to swivel and turn direction. Dodge or move with its direction to stay on the safe side of the Behemoth.

Can Be Staggered When Enraged & Firing Quills

Can Be Staggered When Enraged & Firing Quills

The Quillshot can be interrupted when it is enraged and firing quills from its body. You don't have to target a specific body part but enough damage has to be done to knock it down or stagger it.

Quillshot - Behemoth Reagent Drops Table


Drop Action
Quillshot Hide Defeat
Break Legs
Quillshot Tusk Break Tusks
Jagged Tailspike Break Tail

Deadeye Quillshot

Drop Action
Deadeye Hide
Flawless Spinehide
Break All
Deadeye Tusk
Ferocious Snout
Perfect Tusk
Break Tusks
Deadeye Quillshard
Deadeye Quill
Deadeye Razorquill
Break Quills
Spiked Shinplate
Perfect Dewspine
Break Legs
Jagged Tailspike
Heavy Tailspike
Perfect Tailspike
Break Tail
Defeat Heroic Version

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