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How To Beat Rezakiri - Tips & Guide
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How To Beat Rezakiri - Tips & Guide

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Check this Dauntless guide on the weaknesses of the Behemoth - Rezakiri. Find out useful skills to counter its attacks and how to beat, interrupt, and boop the Behemoth!

How To Beat Rezakiri - Tips & Guide
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Table of Contents

Rezakiri - Behemoth Overview

Rezakiri - Behemoth Overview

Rezakiri - Basic Behemoth Information

Type Radiant
Weakness Umbral
Threat Levels 17 - Rezakiri

Flying End-Game Behemoth With Laser Attacks

Flying End-Game Behemoth With Laser Attacks

The Rezakiri is one of the last Behemoths you'll fight in Dauntless. It is a flying insect-type that deals Radiant elemental damage with its far-reaching & deadly laser light attacks.

Can Only Be Fought In Heroic Difficulty

With a Threat Level of 17, the Rezakiri is an end-game Behemoth that can only be fought in Heroic difficulty. Slayers should approach this fight with caution and should not fight it alone.

Can Only Self-Revive Once

In the fight with Rezakiri, you can only revive yourself once in the entire hunt, including the Heroic+ difficulty. However, you'll be able to revive your teammates and you can be revived by them as many times as long as the Threat Level isn't maxed out.

Useful Perks & Cells Vs. Rezakiri

Bring Umbral Weapons & Radiant Armor

The Rezakiri is a Radiant Behemoth and therefore weak to the Umbral element. Bring Umbral weapons to deal more elemental damage and be sure to wear Radiant armor to increase your resistance to its elemental attacks.

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Dangerous Moves & How To Boop

Encases Slayers In Glass Dome When Enraged

Encases Slayers In Glass Dome When Enraged

When the Rezakiri gets enraged, it'll do a move that will encase Slayers in a glass dome. This makes them vulnerable to the Rezakiri's wide-ranged laser ball & beam attacks.

Break Glass Dome As Soon As Possible

Break Glass Dome As Soon As Possible

Slayers should focus on breaking the glass dome first to prevent them from taking too much damage from Rezakiri's attacks. With the glass dome broken, Slayer movement in the field will not be restricted anymore.

Creates Light Balls On Ground & In Air

Creates Light Balls On Ground & In Air

The Rezakiri will summon light balls onto the ground and while in the air. Both attacks will be sent towards you in a cone pattern but one attack will come from the ground and the other will head towards you from the air.

Dodge Or Sprint Towards Rezakiri To Avoid Damage

Dodge Or Sprint Towards Rezakiri To Avoid Damage

When Rezakiri summons light balls in the ground, it's best to just dodge your way though them. When the light balls form in the air, sprint towards Rezakiri to avoid the cone of damage it can do.

Shoots Ranged Lasers Attacks On Slayers

Shoots Ranged Lasers Attacks On Slayers

The Rezakiri will also send out laser beam attacks towards you. One will be sent forward from the Rezakiri and will be one giant beam while the other laser attack will be several (4 or 8) beams that will shoot out from under the Rezakiri when it flies up into the air.

Move Through Gaps Or Dodge Through Lasers

Move Through Gaps Or Dodge Through Lasers

When the Rezakiri shoots lasers forward, it's best to dodge through them as there is no safe space. When it shoots laser beams from the air, move through the gaps to avoid taking damage.

Does Body Slam After Overhead Laser Attack

Does Body Slam After Overhead Laser Attack

After the Rezakiri shoots lasers from underneath it, it'll slam its body onto the ground. This is a good chance to hit and break its body parts.

No Boop Or Interrupt In This Fight

The Rezakiri has no known boop or attack interruption, making it a challenging fight reliant on your Slayer skills. Keep dodging its attacks and look for openings to break parts & stagger the Behemoth. This brings it down to the ground, open for your attacks.

Rezakiri - Behemoth Reagent Drops Table


Drop Action
Rezakiri Chitin
Luminescent Chitin
Cataclysm Shard
Cracked Biocrystal
Radiant Biocrystal
Break Head
Exoskeletal Plate Break Legs
Lustrous Tailplate Break Tail
Radiant Aethergem Break Tailgem
Defeat Rezakiri

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Anonymous 3

Can we have a fix for Rezakiri, please? it's hard to get its Exoskeletal Plates as the requirements are to break its legs but it flies too often to even target them and I think we've broken them several times but no drops from them.

Anonymous 2

I wish we could break its long tail off as the range of its spinning tail attack is annoying, it's one of the very few Behemoths that you can't remove the tails from.

Anonymous 1

Poor guide. Doesn't even mention tail

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