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Read this Dauntless top weapon ranking & tier list guide for the best weapon to use. Find out the best weapon based on damage output, ease of use, & boop capability!

Top Weapons Tier List - Best Weapon Per Type Guide

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Best Weapon Ranking Chart

Top Weapon Ranking List In Dauntless

Weapon Ranking Is Based On:

Overall Damage Output

Each weapon in Dauntless has the capacity to deal enough damage to down Behemoths, given they are upgraded accordingly. Weapons with a higher damage output, balanced with attack speed & mobility, are more effective in the game.

Efficiency In Solo & Multiplayer

Weapons that can be used in both solo play and multiplayer mode are more advantageous in Dauntless. This means Slayers can use the weapon any time, no matter if they're playing alone or with friends.

Ease Of Use

Weapons are more effective and are ranked higher due to their ease of use, having less complicated combos, and have moderate mastery needed.

Capacity To Boop

A crucial factor in the ranking involves a weapon's ability to boop or interrupt Behemoth attacks. This ensures that the weapon can support the Slayer in both solo or multiplayer mode, creating openings for them to dish out heavy damage to the Behemoth.

S Tier - Axe

Overall Great Damage & Usability

Axe - Overall Great Damage & Usability

The Axe is at the top of the weapons in Dauntless, doing great damage wherever it is placed. It can do a lot of things - boop Behemoths, sever Behemoth parts, and even be used as a throwable in the game.

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Great Damage In Solo & Multiplayer

The Axe can carry a Slayer in both solo mode or multiplayer. It deals enough damage on its own as long as the Slayer can connect shots and is a great damage dealer when playing with several Slayers in a hunt.

Can Boop & Sever Behemoth Parts

The Axe can interrupt enemy attacks by its Heavy attacks or when it's thrown towards Behemoths. It also does slash damage, making it capable of severing Behemoth horns & tails - crucial parts in building your armor & weapon loadouts.

Slow Attack Speed & Hard To Master

One of the major drawbacks of the Axe is its slow attack speed. It also takes a while to master as charge attacks need knowledge of Behemoth moves & openings for you to land destructive hits.

A Tier - Hammer

Hard-Hitting Staggering Damage

Hammer - Hard-Hitting Staggering Damage

The Hammer has one of the highest damage outputs in the game. It can boop Behemoths & deal staggering damage, important when playing in multiplayer. However, it cannot sever Behemoth parts and has slow attack speed.

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Large Damage Output That Can Stagger

The Hammer has one of the biggest damage outputs per hit in Dauntless. It also has the capacity to do stagger damage on Behemoths - this creates an opening for teammates to dish out even heavier damage together.

Slow Speed & Cannot Sever Parts

The Hammer has slow attack speed in exchange of its high damage per hit. It also doesn't have the capacity to sever Behemoth parts as it mainly deals blunt damage.

A Tier - War Pike

Fast DPS With Team Support

Fast DPS With Team Support

The War Pike hits fast and has high DPS. Its ammo shots can boop Behemoth attacks or buff the team, making it flexible to use in solo or team play. Combos are easy to do but consume much stamina and lower mobility due to locking of attack animation.

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Fast Hits With Wounding Damage

The War Pike can do very good DPS due to its fast hits. Its piercing attacks also do Wounding damage and its heavy attacks can sever Behemoth parts.

Great Support With Pike Blast Or Buffs

The War Pike can provide great attack opportunities by booping Behemoths with its Pike Blasts. When in team play, it can buff fellow Slayers by using the War Pike's stored ammo as buffs instead.

High Stamina Consumption & Low Mobility

The War Pike's attacks consume a lot of stamina, making it hard to dodge incoming Behemoth attacks. Combined with the tendency to lock into attack animation, the War Pike makes it hard for Slayers to dodge fast & be mobile around the field.

A Tier - Ostian Repeaters

Continuous Damage & High Flexibility

Ostian Repeater Guide - Tutorial, Tips & Tricks

The Ostian Repeaters deal purely ranged damage that is continuous. It boasts of high survivability due to distance from Behemoth &flexibility due to interchangeable modular parts. It can't boop Behemoths & needs crafting parts to be effective.

Purely Ranged Damage

The Ostian Repeaters is a unique weapon in Dauntless in that it deals purely ranged damage. This damage is done continuously and with pinpoint accuracy, helping Slayers break down parts needed for crafting.

Flexibility With Interchangeable Modular Parts

Repeaters are incredibly flexible without the need to switch builds or loadouts. It has interchangeable modular parts that can swap features in an instant. The only downside is that you need to craft many parts for the Repeaters to be truly effective.

Cannot Interrupt Behemoth Attacks

Unless the Repeaters are equipped with a +6 Weighted Strikes Perk, it does not have the capacity to boop Behemoths. This makes it hard to play solo when Behemoths do not provide much room for attacks.

B Tier - Sword

Slash Damage In Close-Range

Sword - Slash Damage In Close-Range

The Sword can deal pretty good slash damage, making it great for multiplayer mode where you can focus on breaking Behemoth parts. However, it is only effective in close-range combat and booping Behemoths is tricky with its slow heavy attacks.

Great Damage In Close-Range

The Sword does its best when fighting against Behemoths in close-range combat. This is complimented by its low consumption of stamina per attack, allowing Slayers to dodge through attacks & continue landing hits on the Behemoth.

Perfect For Breaking Behemoth Parts

The Sword deals mostly slash damage and in high doses, making it a great weapon for targeting and breaking Behemoth parts. It is very effective for Slayers looking farm specific materials in every hunt.

Hard To Boop Behemoths

The Sword can interrupt enemy attacks but only through its slow winding heavy attacks. This makes it very challenging and hard to boop Behemoths.

B Tier - Chain Blades

Deal Quick & Mobile Damage

Chain Blades Guide - Tutorial, Tips & Tricks

The Chain Blades hits quite fast and makes it easy for Slayers to move around. It is easy to use but has low attack damage per hit and cannot boop Behemoths, making it a support for teams with other harder-hitting weapons.

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Quick Hits With Great Mobility

The Chain Blades hit Behemoths fast and it's easy to move out of attack animations, making it an extremely mobile weapon for Slayers who like repositioning themselves around the Behemoth.

Lacks Capacity To Hit Hard

The Chain Blades can deal fast & quick damage to Behemoths but each hit lacks the attack power that most weapons in the game have.

Cannot Innately Boop Behemoths

The Chain Blades don't have the capacity to boop Behemoths in Dauntless. They can only interrupt enemy moves when they have the +6 Weighted Strikes Perk applied in the build.

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