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Top 5 Best War Pike Tier List
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Top 5 Best War Pike Tier List

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Read this Dauntless guide & tier list to know which are the best War Pikes in the game. Find out the top ranking hammer to use and more!

Top 5 Best War Pike Weapons Tier List Guide

Recommended Builds & Loadouts

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Best War Pike Tier List

Top 5 War Pikes In Dauntless

1InfernoInferno's Arrow- Bonus Damage with Combo
- Powerful Perk & Power Slot
2Ember Pike_imageEmber Pike- Bonus Wound with Combo
- Built in Evasive Fury
3Spire of Dawn_imageSpire of Dawn- Chance for Multihit
- Built in Cunning
4Gyre of NightGyre of Night- Bonus Damage on Low Health
- Built in Cunning
5NayzagaNayzaga's Fang- Lifesteal on Wounded Parts
- Built in Barbed

About The Top War Pikes Tier List

These weapons were chosen and ranked according to their usability & effectiveness in hunting Behemoths in Dauntless, including ease of use, skill required, and end game viability. Each weapon's unique capabilities were also taken into consideration when they were chosen.

1. Inferno's Arrow

InfernoThe Inferno's Arrow is one of the best War Pikes when it comes to firepower. With +3 Overpower and 2 power Cell slots, it is very capable of downing Behemoths quickly.Check Out Inferno's Arrow Weapon Stats!

8th Attack Deals Bonus Raw & Blaze Damage

With Inferno's Arrow, the 8th successful hit with the weapon will have extra raw and Blaze damage. This is great for Slayers who know how to use the War Pike and can connect hits continuously.

Increase Damage On Staggered Behemoths

With its innate +3 Overpower, the Inferno's Arrow buffs up the War Pike's damage against staggered Behemoths. This is extremely useful for quick hunts in multiplayer mode.

Has 2 Power Slots For Extra Attack

Inferno's Arrow comes with 2 slots for power Cells. Slayers can instantly max out any power Perk with this weapon, making it easier to build a complimentary loadout.

2. Ember Pike

Ember Pike_image

A milder version of the Inferno's Arrow, Ember Pike also focuses on damage-dealing while slightly countering the War Pike's weakness of immobility with its technique & agility cells,

Check Out Ember Pike Weapon Stats!

7th Successful Does Bonus Wound Damage

The 7th successful hit that you do with the Ember Pike will have additional Wound damage. Wounding Behemoths make it easier for your teammates to inflict damage on that specific Behemoth part.

+3 Evasive Fury To Further Up Attack Speed

The Ember Pike comes with a +3 Evasive Fury Perk, giving you an attack speed buff when you dodge through a Behemoth attack. This is a great compliment to an already fast-hitting War Pike, further increasing your DPS.

Has Technique & Agility Slots For Flexibility

The Ember Pike comes with 1 technique and 1 agility Cell slot. This provides Slayers with flexible options for their Perks where they can counteract the War Pike's heavy use of Stamina and lack of mobility.

3. Spire of Dawn

Spire of Dawn_image

The Spire of Dawn is a powerful War Pike that has +3 Cunning with technique and power slots. It focuses on dealing damage but can be flexible, given its variation in Cell slots.

Chance To Hit Twice

The Spire of Dawn has a bonus trait that gives every attack a 10% chance to hit twice. This increases your chance to deal more damage in every hunt.

Deal Double Damage With +3 Cunning

The Cunning is a useful Perk that can increase your chances of doing critical hits. This doubles the damage you deal per hit and is a great Perk to have for a War Pike that deals a lot of hits in a short amount of time.

Has Power & Technique Cell Slots

The Spire of Dawn has 1 power & 1 technique Cell slot each. You can easily max out your Cunning Perk by using a Cunning Cell and be flexible with what you place in the technique Cell slot.

4. Gyre of Night

Gyre of Night

The Gyre of Night is another War Pike that has +3 Cunning built into it, increasing your chance of your hits dealing double damage. It also has technique & utility Cell slots for experimental or supporting builds.

Deal Higher Damage With Lower Health

With the Gyre of Night equipped, Slayers at lower health will deal more damage with every hit. This is a double-edged trait and Slayers should use this weapon only if they've mastered the weapon's combos & Behemoth movement.

Amped Critical Strike Chance With +3 Cunning

The Gyre of Night has +3 Cunning as its bonus Perk, upping the chances of your hits doing critical damage. This is very effective for the War Pike which can produce many hits in a few seconds.

5. Nayzaga's Fang


The Nayzaga's Fang has built in +3 Barbed and the bonus trait of doing Lifesteal on Wounded Behemoth parts. It also comes with technique & utility Cell slots for flexible loadouts.

Check Out Nayzaga's Fang Weapon Stats!

Lifesteal When Hitting Wounded Parts

When you hit a Behemoth's Wounded part, you'll do 5% Lifesteal to recover your HP bar. Though the percentage is not high, this is nice to have when you've run out of pots or Aether vents.

Wound Damage Per Hit With +3 Barbed

The Nayzaga's Fang's bonus Perk is +3 Barbed which does bonus Wound damage per hit. Combined with the War Pike's piercing attacks that can also Wound, you'll have higher chances to Wound Behemoth parts.

Flexible Build With Technique & Utility Cell Slots

The Nayzaga's Fang comes with 1 slot each for technique & utility Cells. This is great for Slayers who prefer the flexibility of different Cell slots, allowing them to create unique builds for their own style of playing.

Special Mention: The Godhand

Damage Build For Exotic The Godhand War Pike

One of the rarest unique weapons in Dauntless, The Godhand is a powerful War Pike that does increasing continuous damage with its special beam attack.

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