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Chain Blades Guide - Tutorial, Tips & Tricks

Dauntless | Chain Blades Guide - Tutorial, Tips & Tricks

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Learn all you need to know in mastering the Chain Blades in this tutorial; including combos, play tips, weapon mechanics, recommended Chain Blades & more!

Chain Blades Guide - Tutorial, Tips & Tricks

Weapon Guide & Combo

Table of Contents

Chain Blades - Weapon Overview & Mechanics

Light Weapon For Nimble Slayers

Light Weapon For Nimble Slayers

This weapon is perfect for Slayers who prefer fast high speed and high mobility combat. It can both attack at close and long range, and has weapon specials that allow you to close in on Behemoths fast!

High Attack Speed For Critical Strikes

High Attack Speed For Critical Strikes

The Chain Blades might lack pure heavy damage, but it boasts one of the highest attack speeds in the game. With more attack speed, are greater chances of dealing Critical Strikes!

Best Used With Cunning

Increase the chance of dealing double damage by equipping gear or cells with the Cunning perk.

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Cannot Boop Behemoths

Cannot Boop Behemoths

The Chain Blades unfortunately cannot boop or interrupt Behemoths, and requires at least +6 Weighted Strikes.

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Equipping Weighted Strikes is Not Recommended

Prioritizing Weighted Strikes will waste precious Cell or Gear slots. Instead, focus on building your Cunning or Overpower perks to maximize damage output.

Top 3 Recommended Chain Bladess

1. Inferno's Fangs


The Inferno's Fangs bonus perk of extra damage after the 10th successful hit is very useful for the fast-hitting Chain Blades. It also has Overpower & 2 power slots, making it one of the best Chain Blades for aggressive Slayers.

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2. Ember Blades

Ember Blades_image

The Ember Blades is a slightly less powerful version of the Inferno's Fangs. But it provides flexibility with technique and mobility slots for Cells. It also has a bonus perk of Evasive Fury, allowing you to attack faster after dodging a Behemoth attack.

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3. Raging Teeth

Raging Teeth_image

Best for beginners, the Raging Teeth Chain Blades provides +3 Ragehunter, allowing you to do more damage to enraged Behemoths. It also provides a combination of technique & utility Cells for Slayers to experiment on.

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Chain Blades - Combos & Movesets

Bladed Edge

Bladed Edge
square iconsquare iconsquare iconsquare iconsquare icon

Steady Stream of Quick Strikes

The Bladed Edge is your go-to combo when up close on a Behemoth. Make sure to anticipate Behemoth attacks and evade mid combo if necessary.

Chain Fling

Chain Fling

Combo For Poking and Mid Range Engagement

This combo is great for dealing damage at range and for poking Behemoths. Best for Behemoths that shield themselves with AOE attacks and aggressive Behemoths.

Swinging Blades

Swinging Blades
square iconsquare iconTrianglesquare icon

Combo For Hitting Multiple Parts

A wide sweeping combo that allows you to hit multiple parts at once.

Blade Spin

Blade Spin
square iconsquare iconsquare iconsankaku_l iconsquare icon

Combo For Quickly Slicing Up Behemoths

A barrage of spinning blades which can quickly slice up Behemoth parts. This is a great combo for powering up your Bladed Attacks damage if Hurricane Blades weapon mod is equipped.

Chain Blades - Play Tips & Techniques

Focus on Behemoth Tails & Limbs

Focus on Behemoth Tails & Limbs

As someone with high DPS, your main objective is to cut and sever Behemoth parts. Coordinate with your team on which parts to cut first, but it's recommended to take out tails first to disable some Behemoth attacks.

Build For Critical Damage

Build For Critical Damage

One of the biggest advantages of Chain Blades is the ability to deal high DPS thanks to its high attack speed. This makes it synergize really well with the Cunning perk!

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Dish Out Full Combos On Staggered Monsters

Dish Out Full Combos On Staggered Monsters

Feel free to dish out full combo strings on staggered or knocked down Behemoths. The amount of time they're knocked down will allow you to perform a full combo.

Utilize Your Mobility

Utilize Your Mobility

As a Chain Blades Wielder, you are able to dodge almost any attack, both by using the standard dodge or using your special, even mid combo.

Maintain High Stamina At All Times

Maintain High Stamina At All Times

One of the inherent weaknesses of the Chain Blades is its high dependency on stamina, both in movement, and in sustaining the Blade Spin, so always keep an eye on your stamina bar.

Carry Concussive Grenades For Booping

Carry Concussive Grenades Instead

To make up for the lack of ability to boop, it's recommended to carry Concussive Grenades in your quick item slots, especially when hunting interruptible Behemoths.

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Blue 1

Booping can be made very easy with +3 evasion. Dodge then immediately light attack into a vulnerable beast and they will go down. Works about 95% for me with no damage taken. When the booping hitbox is off the ground, use reaper's dance to jump up and follow up with light attack. Works just as well.

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