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Which Is The Real Burmy?: Request 73

Which Is The Real Burmy?: Request 73 | Pokemon Legends Arceus

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Which Is The Real Burmy?: Request 73 | Pokemon Legends Arceus - GameWith

Which Is The Real Burmy? is the request 73 for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. See unlock conditions, locations, & side-quest walkthrough.

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All Request Quest List

Which Is The Real Burmy? - Unlock Conditions & Rewards

Requester & Location

Request No.73
LocationJubilife Village
Unlock ConditionsCatch a Burmy to show to Leif, Duna, and Tarush.
RewardsLeaf Stone ×1
Exp. Candy M ×3

Speak To The Group Of People In Jubilife Village


Show them three different cloaks of Burmy (Sandy, Plant, and Trash) to complete the request.

Which Is The Real Burmy? - Walkthrough & Tips

Walkthrough Chart

1Talk to the three people in Jubilife Village.
2Catch 3 Burmy of Different Cloaks ((Sandy, Plant, and Trash).
3Reach Research Level 10 with Burmy
4Show each of them the three different cloaks of Burmy that they are looking for and the completed Pokedex entry.

Show The Three Cloaks Of Burmy


To complete this request, you will need to show three different cloaks of Burmy to three different people. Burmy can be found by attacking trees that are shaking in the wild area using your Pokemon.

Cloaks Of Burmy And Who To Show It To

Reach Research Level 10 With Burmy


Not only do you need to find the three forms of Burmy, you will also need to reach research level 10 with Burmy. You can raise your research level by catching them or watch them pop out of trees.

Burmy Can Be Found In Several Locations


Burmy can appear in all 5 maps. Use your Pokemon to attack the shaking trees near their habitats.

Shaking Trees Are Random

After confirming that a tree was shaking once, we returned back to Jubilife Village. We went back to the same tree again, however this time, it wasn't shaking. It appears that the shaking of trees are random in this game.

All Request Quest List
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9Zubat's Eyes10Wurmple's Evolved!
11The Timbre Of The Fields12A Perfect Pickling Stone
13Trees That Bear Berries14Berry Helpful
15Balloon Race in the Fieldlands16Strange Happenings At Midnight
17To Bloom Or Not To Bloom18Please! Make Me A Pokeshi Doll!
19A Peculiar Ponyta20The Mysterious Will-o'-the-Wisp
21Back-Alley Mr. Mime22Eerie Apparitions In The Night
23Getting Ahold Of New Wares24Inspiration From Hippopotas
25The Pokemon In The Woodland Photo26Aim For The Big Leagues!
27Help Wanted: Plowing The Fields28Measuring Your Compatibility
29The Search For Bitter Leaves30A Beautiful Rose...
31Setting Up The Bogbound Camp32The Headache-Stricken Psyduck
33What A Massive Mushroom!34Croagunk's Curative Poison
35Battling With Pachirisu36Watering With Care
37The Fragrance Of Nostalgic Herbs38Gone Astray...In The Mirelands
39All About Magikarp40The Charm Lost In The Swamp
41An Elegant Tail42Help Wanted: Watering The Fields
43More New Wares44The Pokemon In The Nighttime Photo
45Shellos Of The East And West46Setting Up The Coastlands Camp
47Balloon Race In The Coastlands48Taste Of Home
49Keep An Eye Out For Aipom!50Double The Tails, Double The Fun
51Coming Up Roses52Eevee's Evolutions
53Octillery's Ink54Serving Up Swap Snacks
55Poor, Peckish Piplup56Getting Help From Machoke
57The Taste Of Honey58Gone Astray...In The Coastlands
59Misdreavus The Hairstyle Muse60Help Wanted: Rock Smashing In The Fields
61Even More New Wares62The Pokemon In The River Photo
63Fancy, Fashionable Wormadam64Getting To Know Ghosts
65Setting Up The Mountain Camp66The Sea's Legend
67The Clefairy's Moonlit Dance68A Nosepass To Guide The Way
69Gone Astray...In The Highlands70Colorful New Looks
71New Wares Yet Again72Peselle's Easy Errand
73Which Is The Real Burmy?74A Bit Of Help From Blissey
75Kirlia The Hairstyle Muse76Mushroom Hunting With Swinub
77Gone Astray...In The Fieldlands78Setting Up The Icepeak Camp
79Balloon Race In The Icelands80The Perfect Pickle Recipe
81In Search Of A Fiery Pokemon82Traces Of A Lost Village
83Snow-White Vulpix In The Snow84The Bergmite Enthusiast
85A Home Under The Eaves86Gone Astray...In The Icelands
87Rolling With Spheal88Steely Lucario
89The Diamond Clan's Treasure90The Pearl Clan's Treasure
91On The Trail Of Giratina92A Token Of Gratitude
93The Darksome Nightmare94Incarnate Forces of Hisui
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