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Wisp Locations Checker & Rewards | Pokemon Legends Arceus

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All Wisp Location for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Learn all the Wisps location, purple flames & shadow, map and checker, rewards & Request 22: Eerie Apparitions In The Night Quest!

Table of Contents

Wisps Appearance Requirements & Item Rewards

Task Giver And Location

Pokemon Legends Arceus Vanessa
Request No. Twenty Two (22)
Requester Vessa
LocationJubilife Village
ObjectivesCollect the wisps that scattered around the Hisui region.

Occurs After Defeating The Noble Kleavor And Reporting Back

As the story develops, Request 22 will occur after the boss battle with the Noble Kleavor. You'll meet a young girl by the name Vessa who will give you an Odd Keystone. She will then give you the mission task, Eerie Apparitions in the Night.

Get Rewards According To The Number You Collect

Number Of Wisps Rewards
5Oval Stone x1
10Rare Candy x1
20Seed of Mastery x1
30Dusk Stone x1
40Exp. Candy L x1
50Linking Cord x1
60Grit Pebble x5
70Reaper Cloth x1
80Sedd of Mastery x3
90Exp. Candy XL x2
100Grit Rock x3
107New Mission Added
108Spiced Radishes x3

Spiritomb Appears After Completion

Pokemon Legends Spiritomb

Collecting 107 wisps will give you an additional missions and unlocking them will enable you to catch Spiritomb! This Dark and Ghost-type Pokemon is very elusive so use this chance to catch Spiritomb and add it to your Pokedex.

Spiritomb: How To Get And Evolution

All Wisp Locations & Checker

Jubilife Village Wisp Locations

jubilife village wisp
  1. jubilife village 1
    You will receive it from a Tutorial that will trigger the sub-quest.
  2. jubilife village 2
    Behind the Galaxy Hall.
  3. jubilife village 3
    Behind the Craftworks building.
  4. jubilife village 4
    Behind the building in the Training Grounds.
  5. jubilife village 5
    Cross the river and head behind the houses of the residence area in the west.
  6. jubilife village 6
    At the small At the hut right pass the fields.
  7. jubilife village 7
    Behind the rock pointed out in the photo. The area is located between a hut and a fishing spot at the south west most part of the map.
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Obsidian Fieldlands Wisp Locations

Obsidian Fieldlands
  1. Obsidian Fieldlands 1
    Located between Floaro Gardens and Aspiration Hill. It is on a top of a hill so a a Pokemon Ride is needed.
  2. Obsidian Fieldlands 2
    At the northeast of Horseshoe Plains. Located at the hill right beside the Alpha Rapidash.
  3. Obsidian Fieldlands 3
    At the top of the cliff at Northeast. Can be obtained even if there are no pokemon rides.
  4. Obsidian Fieldlands 4
    At the top of the cliff at Northeast. Can be obtained even if there are no pokemon rides.
  5. Obsidian Fieldlands 5
    At Deertrack Path. There is only one tree near the area so use that as a mark.
  6. Obsidian Fieldlands 6
    East of Lake Verity. From Aspiration Hill head to Sandgem Flats. When you found an Alpha Snorlax, head to the narrow path close to it.
  7. Obsidian Fieldlands 7
    From Deertrack Heights head down to Windswept Run
  8. Obsidian Fieldlands 8
    At the top platform.
  9. Obsidian Fieldlands 9
    From Deertrack Heights, head East. It is on the top of the mountain facing Obsidian Falls.
  10. Obsidian Fieldlands 10
    South of Deertrack Heights at the top of the cliff.
  11. Obsidian Fieldlands 11
    From The Heartwood head to Grandtree Arena. Before reaching the arena, head to the cliffs.
  12. Obsidian Fieldlands 12
    Head to the South Entrance of Oreburrow Tunnel. It is at the top of the platform at entrance
  13. Obsidian Fieldlands 13
    At the platform south of the crossable section of the river.
  14. Obsidian Fieldlands 14
    From The Heartwood follow the cliffs.
  15. Obsidian Fieldlands 15
    From The Heartwood head southeast until you see an Alpha Lopunny.
  16. Obsidian Fieldlands 16
    Located on a hill at the south of Ramanas Island. You can see an Alpha Infernape when looking down.
  17. Obsidian Fieldlands 17
    At the highest hill of Sandgem Flats. There is an Alakazam near it.
  18. Obsidian Fieldlands 18
    At the cliff north of Lake Verity. It is easier to be found at night.
  19. Obsidian Fieldlands 19
    At the small island right beside Obsidian Falls.
  20. Obsidian Fieldlands 20
    At the nameless island located north of Ramanas Island.
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Crimson Mirelands Wisp Locations

Crimson Mirelands
  1. Crimson Mirelands 1
    From the base of Crimson Mireland, follow the river towards north. If you cannot ride the waters yet, you need to go down from Cloudpool Ridge.
  2. Crimson Mirelands 2
    Above the cliff south of Solaceon Ruins.
  3. Crimson Mirelands 3
    Above the cliff west of Diamond Settlement.
  4. Crimson Mirelands 4
    At one of the lower cliffs of Cloudpool Ridge.
  5. Crimson Mirelands 5
    At the north west canyon. Climb down from Cloudpool Ridge.
  6. Crimson Mirelands 6
    At the platform between Shrouded Ruins and Cloudpool Ridge. Easier to access when starting at Shrouded Ruins.
  7. Crimson Mirelands 7
    South of Diamond Settlemen. Close to the platform where an Alpha Onix exist.
  8. Crimson Mirelands 8
    Follow the river by Bolderoll Slope. Following the water from north to south will make it easier to spot.
  9. Crimson Mirelands 9
    South of Lake Valor. Close to the connection of the river and lake.
  10. Crimson Mirelands 10
    At the hill northwest of Cottonsedge Prairie. Around the location where the Scarlet Bog and the river meet.
  11. Crimson Mirelands 11
    Close to the center of Cottonsedge Prairie. Right beside a fallen tree close to the field filled with white flowers.
  12. Crimson Mirelands 12
    Above the cliff located on the right side of Drowning Meadow.
  13. Crimson Mirelands 13
    At the hill southeast from Scarlet Bog.
  14. Crimson Mirelands 14
    Above a cliff. Follow the river that connects to Lake Valor.
  15. Crimson Mirelands 15
    Southeast of Holm Of Trials. There is an Alpha Sligoo in front of it.
  16. Crimson Mirelands 16
    On the cliff located south of Gapejow Bog.
  17. Crimson Mirelands 17
    At the puddle located at the West of Holm Of Trials.
  18. Crimson Mirelands 18
    At the cliff south of Gapejow Bog.
  19. Crimson Mirelands 19
    At the cliff between the Golden Lowlands and Gapejow Bog.
  20. Crimson Mirelands 20
    From Golden Lowlands pass through Gapejow Bog. Without climbing or riding, head to the location shown in the photo.
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Cobalt Coastlands Wisp Locations

Cobalt Coastlands
  1. Cobalt Coastlands 1
    From the base at Cobalt Coastlands, head southeast. The Wisp is at the top of the cliff.
  2. Cobalt Coastlands 2
    On the top of a hill at Crossing Slope. It is easier to find if you climb at the tallest hill and search as you descend.
  3. Cobalt Coastlands 3
    At a hill on the east of Aipom Hill. Easier to access if you have a Pokemon ride.
  4. Cobalt Coastlands 4
    At the lake located at the the west of Deadwood Haunt.
  5. Cobalt Coastlands 5
    At the island located at the south of Deadwood Haunt. Obtainable once you are able to surf.
  6. Cobalt Coastlands 6
    At the Tonbolo Walk's isolated island. There is an Alpha Chansey in the island beside it.
  7. Cobalt Coastlands 7
    At the "ring finger" of Sand's Reach.
  8. Cobalt Coastlands 8
    At the island west of Sand's Reach. Accessible once you are able to surf.
  9. Cobalt Coastlands 9
    At the island north of Tranquility Cove. Accessible once you are able to surf.
  10. Cobalt Coastlands 10
    At the hill on the west side of Castaway Shore. Accessible once you are able to surf.
  11. Cobalt Coastlands 11
    At the island south of Firespit Island.
  12. Cobalt Coastlands 12
    At the island north of Firespit Island.
  13. Cobalt Coastlands 13
    At the center of Firespit Island.
  14. Cobalt Coastlands 14
    At the island northwest of Firespit Island.
  15. Cobalt Coastlands 15
    At a hill at Islespy Shore (Right-Side).
  16. Cobalt Coastlands 16
    At a hill at Islespy Shore (Left-Side).
  17. Cobalt Coastlands 17
    At one of the platforms on south of Veilstone Cape. Fly to reach easily.
  18. Cobalt Coastlands 18
    At the east side of Cobalt Coastlands. Fly is needed to obtain..
  19. Cobalt Coastlands 19
    On a hill west side of the Spring Path.
  20. Cobalt Coastlands 20
    At a hill at Veilstone Cape (Right Side).
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Coronet Highlands Wisp Locations

Coronet Highlands
  1. Coronet Highlands 1
    From the base at Coronet Highlands head north, then climb the cliff.
  2. Coronet Highlands 2
    At an island on a river.
  3. Coronet Highlands 3
    At the southeast of Wayward Wood. Below the cliff that connects to the river.
  4. Coronet Highlands 4
    Inside a cave. Use pokemon rides to access.
  5. Coronet Highlands 5
    From Wayward Wood pass head to the underground path that passes by Sonorous Path then Enter Wayward Wood. It is on the top of a pillar on the right side.
  6. Coronet Highlands 6
    At the top of the mountain west from Wayward Wood.
  7. Coronet Highlands 7
    On the river side of Fabled Spring. It is on top of a platform.
  8. Coronet Highlands
    At the end of the slipe in the Bolderoll Ravine. You can spot an Alpha Golem.
  9. Coronet Highlands 9
    Climb the platform at the west end of the river. west of the river in Fabled Spring . It can be reached by heading north from Fabled Spring.
  10. Coronet Highlands 10
    At Sacred Plaza head south to spot 4 rock hill. Head to the south west rock.
  11. Coronet Highlands 11
    On top of a hill in the center area of Sonorous Path
  12. Coronet Highlands 12
    In the north east of Sonorous Path. On top of a hill.
  13. Coronet Highlands 13
    Climb the hill at the end of the open space between Clamberclaw Cliffs and Lonely Spring
  14. Coronet Highlands 14
    In the middle of the water area of Clamberclaw Cliffs
  15. Coronet Highlands 15
    At a cliff one level lower than Primeval Grotto
  16. Coronet Highlands 16
    Southeast of Celestica Ruins. Close to a cliff.
  17. Coronet Highlands 17
    On the hill that divides Sacred Plaza and Cloudcap Pass.
  18. Coronet Highlands 18
    On a hill at northeast of Moonview Arena
  19. Coronet Highlands 19
    From Bolderoll Ravine head to Sacred Plaza then climb cliffs. It is on the third level.
  20. Coronet Highlands 20
    Cliff side of Celestica Trail
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Alabaster Icelands Wisp Locations

Alabaster Icelands
  1. Alabaster Icelands 1
    The area at the southwest of Avalanche Slopes.
  2. Alabaster Icelands 2
    Top of the hill located east of Avalanche Slopes
  3. Alabaster Icelands 3
    At the summit of the mountain on the east side of Avalanche Slopes.
  4. Alabaster Icelands 4
    At the right side of Arena's Approach. Easier to find if flying.
  5. Alabaster Icelands 5
    From the teleport point at Arena's Approach, descend down.
  6. Alabaster Icelands 6
    At the west side of Bonechill Wastes in the depressed area. You can see a cave entrance in the area of the wisp.
  7. Alabaster Icelands 7
    At the top of the mountain located at the west of Whiteout Valley. Climb the mountain and fly around so it is easier to spot.
  8. Alabaster Icelands 8
    On the top of a cliff east of Whiteout Valley.
  9. Alabaster Icelands 9
    South of Avalugg's Legacy.
  10. Alabaster Icelands 10
    At the east of Avalugg's Legacy. There will be two hills, head to the higher one.
  11. Alabaster Icelands 11
    On the tall mountain south of Heart's Crag.
  12. Alabaster Icelands 12
    Northeast of Avalugg's Legacy. On top of a huge ice. Ride the biggest ice and fly so it can be easier to spot.
  13. Alabaster Icelands 13
    Top of a hill at the west-end of Avalugg's Legacy.
  14. Alabaster Icelands 14
    Around the center of Glacier Terrace.
  15. Alabaster Icelands 15
    Near a waterfall on the east of Lake Acuity.
  16. Alabaster Icelands 16
    At Snowpoint Temple. From the entrance, do not enter and head north.
  17. Alabaster Icelands 17
    On the north east of Pearl Settlement. Right behind a tent.
  18. Alabaster Icelands 18
    Beneath the waterfall of Lake Acuity, inside a tunnel.Open the entrance using a Pokemon.
  19. Alabaster Icelands 19
    Underground south of Avalugg's Legacy.
  20. Alabaster Icelands 20
    Second floor of Snowpoint Temple. After figuring out one puzzle head left.
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Walkthrough And Tips On Capturing

Recommended To Collect After Getting Rideable Pokemon

Pokemon Legends Hisuian Braviary

Wisps are scattered on each map and there are places where Pokemon rides are essential. It is more efficient to collect them all together when you have some sort of transportation at your disposal If your goal is to complete a mission or to have a Spirit Bomb.

You Can See At Night Even From A Distance

Pokemon Legends  Arceus At Night

▲Easier to found in the actual game screen.

Usually, you won't be able to notice a Wisp from a distance unless you are close to it on a certain degree. However, when night comes, Wisps can be seen even from considerable distance. You may search from the skies on a ride, or you can glance over the entire area from an open area.. If you can't find any Wisps, changing the timezone from daytime to night will increase your chance of discovering one.

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Loved the guide; it really helped! But the images are switched around for wisps 9 and 10 for Alabaster Icelands. It was actually one of the reasons why I had to double back around AGAIN after already doing a search because I got confused. Please switch those back around :)!

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Image 16 of the Crimson Mirelands is wrong. It’s the same one as the location close to the Brava Atena.

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Image 2 of crimson mirelands is wrong

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