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Hisuian Forms: Evolution Level & Chart

Hisuian Forms: Evolution Level & Chart | Pokemon Legends Arceus

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Hisuian Forms: Evolution Level & Chart | Pokemon Legends Arceus - GameWith

Hisuian Evolution Methods for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Learn how to evolve all Hisuian Pokemon, evolve condition of Hisuian Pokemon, hisuian form list & more for Hisuian Evolution.

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Hisuian Pokemon & How To Evolve

Special Ways Of Evolving

Base Form EvolvedConditions
BasculinBasculinBasculegionUse Moves to deal 300 or more Recoil Damage.
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StantlerStantlerWyrdeerWyrdeerUse Agile Style Psyshield Bash 20 times.
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Hisuan QwilfishHisuian QwilfishOverqwilOverqwilUse Strong Style Barb Barrage 20 times.
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UrsaringUrsaringUrsalunaUrsalunaUse Peat Block to evolve Ursaring during Full Moon at Crimson Mirelands.
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Other Hisuian Pokemon & How To Evolve

Base Form EvolvedConditions
Hisuian SneaselHisuian SneaselSneaslerSneaslerUse Razor Claw to evolve during the day.
ScytherScytherKleavorKleavorUse Black Augurite.
Hisuian GrowlitheHisuian GrowlitheHisuian ArcanineHisuian ArcanineUse Fire Stone
PetililPetililLiligantHisuian LilligantUse Sun Stone
VoltorbHisuian VoltorbHisuianHisuian ElectrodeUse Leaf Stone
HisuianHisuian ZoruaHisuianHisuian ZoroarkRaise to Level 30
QuilavaQuilavaTyplosionHisuian TyphlosionRaise to Level 36.
DartrixDartrixDecudieyeHisuian DecidueyeRaise to Level 36.
DewottDewottSamurottHisuian SamurottRaise to Level 36.
BergBergmiteBergHisuian AvaluggRaise to Level 37.
RuffletRuffletBergHisuian BraviaryRaise to Level 54.
BergHisuian SliggooBergHisuian GoodraRaise to Level 50 and above during rain.

Special Ways Of Evolving Details

How To Get Basculegion?

1 Capture Basculin at Cobalt Coastlands.
2 Use Wave Crash to receive Recoil Damage.
3 Receive a total of 300 Recoil Damage.
Tranquility CoveIslespy Shore
Tranquility Cove
Islespy Shore

To catch the Basculin, you must first be able to swim across the waters using Basculegio Pokemon Ride. Follow the story until you are able to do so and head to the locations stated above.

Story Walkthrough: Main Mission Guide

Receive 300 Or More Recoil Damage

After several testing, we found out that you need to inflict at least 300 recoil damage to Basculin for it to evolve into Basculegion.

How To Get Wyrdeer?

1 Capture Stantler.
↳ Deertrack Heights (Obsidian Fieldlands)
↳ Wayward Wood (Coronet Highlands)
2 Use Psyshield Bash in Agile Style.
3 Attack using the move 20 times.

Unlock Deertrack Heights After Main Quest 5

The earliest time and location where you can meet a Stantler is after finishing the Main 5. Defeat the Alpha Kricketune to access the camp.

Use Psyshield Bash In Agile Style 20 Times

Using it 20 times will level up your Stantler to Wyrdeer. You can check how many times the moves was used using the Pokedex. To restore PP, go back to the camp and rest.

How To Get Overqwil?

1 Capture Hisuian Qwilfish.
↳ Islespy Shore
↳ Tranquility Cove
↳ Lunker's Lair
2 Use Barb Barrage in Strong Style.
3 Attack using the move 20 times.

Capture Location For Qwilfish Unlocks At Main Quest 10

To be able to catch Qwulfish,you must first unlock Cobalt Coastlands. You can unlock this by talking to the NPC at Sand's Reach.

Use Barb Barrage In Strong Style 20 Times

Unlike Wyrdeer, to evolve Qwilfish you need to use its special move, Barb Barrage, in Strong Style. You need to recover your PP many times to reach 20 so make sure to rest at camp when it is close to 0.

How To Get Ursaluna?

1 Capture Ursaring at Crimson Mirelands.
↳ Ursa's Ring
2 Play the main story until you are able to write Ursaluna Pokemon Ride.
↳ Unlocked in the middle of Main Quest 8.
3 Ride Ursaluna to Crimson Mirelands and search for Peat Block.
4Wait for a full moon at Crimson Mirelands.
5 Use Peat Block to Ursaring.

You Can Only Obtain Peat Block By Digging

Peat Block can only be dug out by Ursaluna Pokemon Ride. Search for treasure repeatedly at Crimson Mirelands and you will surely receive one.

Peat Block: Uses & How To Get

Can Only Be Evolved During Full Moon

Full Moon

Ursaring can only evolve in to Ursaluna during Full Moon. Sleep to decide the time and wait for the moon to be fully circle. When it is a full moon, use the Peat Rock to Ursaring.

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