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How To Farm Money Fast

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Check out this guide for How To Farm Money Fast for Pokemon Legend: Arceus. The guide includes recommended How to make money, faster way to earn money, money farming, & more!

Table of Contents

Battle With The Miss Fortune Bandits

Prep.Finish until the final part of the story.
▶ Story Walkthrough
▼Head to the Obsidian Fieldlands
▼ Check For Coin
└ If you see her there, approach and battle (Win: Nugget x4)
Open the map and head back to Obsidian Fieldlands.
▼ Check For Charm
└ If you see her there, approach and battle (Win: Nugget x4)
▼ Check For Clover
If you see her there, approach and battle (Win: Nugget x4)
Return to Jubilife Village.
Repeat the process from 1-5
Est. Battle Time per lap (1 minute and 30 seconds)

Finish The Game And Reach The End Game Content

The Miss Fortune Bandits will appear before the Post Game, but you'll just receive Nuggets and and not Stardust, which isn't an efficient way of earning money. You'll get Stardust from battling them during the End Game, so finish the game first to farm efficiently.

Story Walkthrough: Main Mission Guide

Head To The Heights Camp In The Obsidian Fieldlands

If you're going to make money with the Miss Fortune Bandits, you need to go to Obsidian Fieldlands. They appear in other maps as well, but in terms of fast movement and time efficiency, the Obsidian Fieldlands is the way to go. The three bandits all appear around the Heights Camp, so go looking for them there.

Defeat The Miss Fortune Bandits In-Order


Of the three Miss Fortune Bandits, Charm & Clover are closest to each other. Therefore, head to Coin first as she is close to the hill base. After that, chase after Charm & Clover.

The Miss Fortune Bandits Appear Randomly

Each of the Bandits appears randomly in a fixed location on each map. However, they don't appear often, so there's no guarantee that even one of them will appear in one lap. But even so, defeating one will make you earn 40,000, so they are still an effective way of farming for in-game currency. Several of them may pop up in just one lap, so make sure to check all of them for every lap you take.

Location Of The Miss Fortune Bandits

LocationPokemon Used
Rhydon Lv. 61
Gengar Lv. 62
Abomasnow Lv. 62
Toxicroak Lv. 61

After Checking Head Back To The Village

Once you have checked the locations of all three bandits, return to Jubilife Village. This will reset their locations. You can earn 40,000 coins for each victory, which can make you a lot of money effectively.

Earning Money In The Space-Time Distortion

Space-Time Distortion Steps

Main StoryAfter You Finish The Crimson Mirelands Story (Mission 8)
▶Story Walkthrough: Main Mission
Search around the area (about 10 minutes)
A notification should appear.
Once the space-time distortion appears, get closer to enter it.
Space-time distortion occurs after around 10 minutes
Gather up some rare items
You only have around 10 minutes before it disappears
Craft Star Pieces and sell them
*Rare Pokemon also pop up while inside the space-time distortion, so catch some if you like!
Total Time per lap: 30 minutes
Money earned in one lap: 10,000 to 20,000 coins

Search Around The Area


Walk around the map and wait for a notification about the space distortion. In our experience, it usually pops up after around 10 minutes of exploration. It will appear right in the middle of the screen.

A Notification Should Appear

A sign of space-time distortion should appear

After being notified that there is a sign of space-time distortion, a rainbow-colored dome will be displayed on the map screen to confirm the location where space-time distortion is expected to occur. Get closer in advance so that you can get into the distortion of space-time at the moment when it occurs.

Gather Up Some Rare Items

rare items

Enter the space-time distortion and pick up rare items that have fallen to the ground. Depending on your luck, you can pick up items that can fetch a high price that would make it worth about 10,000 to 20,000 yen if you have numerous of the said item.

Some Rare Pokemon Will Also Appear

Within the space-time distortion, rare Pokemon that do not appear in normal fields may appear. The main purpose is money, but if the Pokemon you want appears, it's a good idea to catch it.

Space Time Distortion: How To Unlock & Locations

Craft & Sell Star Pieces

Star Pieces

If you were able to gather enough materials such as Red Shards, Blue Shards, Green Shards & Stardust, then you'll be able to craft a Star Piece which you can fetch for a high price at shops for around 5,000 coins.

Earn Money By Capturing An Alpha Pokemon

Alpha Pokemon Has A High Capture Reward

Alpha Pokemon Has A High Capture Reward

If you manage to capture an Alpha Pokemon, you will receive lots of rewards when you report it to Professor Laventon. This can also raise your Pokemon exp & also fill up the Pokedex. It will be hard to capture an Alpha Pokemon, but nothing a little practice should do.

Alpha Pokemon List: How To Catch And Locations

Earn More Money By Alpha Pokemon Drops

Alpha Pokemon Drops

Some Alpha Pokemon usually drop items that you can sell individually or in bulk, we recommend you sell it in bulk that way you'll get more money. If you really don't have the money, sell the items you got from the Alpha Pokemon encounter.

Survey Reports & Increasing Your Rank

PreparationAfter receiving the Pokedex
▶Story Walkthrough
Time NeededNone
RewardsDepends on the registered Pokemon
Do Survery Reports

Once you've obtain your very own Pokedex, you can raise your rank and as well as earn money. In order to advance to the story up until the end, it's recommended that you have high rank up to ★5 in order to advance the story to the ending. While doing Survery reports, you'll get to earn money as well.

How To Increase Survey Corps Rank & Rewardsuseful guides
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