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Obsidian Fieldlands Map: Pokemon List & Wisps

Obsidian Fieldlands Map: Pokemon List & Wisps | Pokemon Legends Arceus

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Obsidian Fieldlands is a map location for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Learn the Pokemon list in the area, Alpha Pokemon map, wisps locations, item drops, how to unlock and more!

Map Information

Obsidian Fieldlands: Pokemon List

Obsidian Fieldlands
PikachuPikachu- Nature's Pantry
ParasParas- Nature's Pantry
PsyduckPsyduck- The Heartwood
AbraAbra- Sandgem Flats
- Windswept Run
KadabraKadabra- Sandgem Flats
MachopMachop- Oreburrow Tunnel
- Obsidian Falls
MachokeMachoke- Obsidian Falls
GeodudeGeodude- Worn Bridge
- Deertrack Heights
- Oreburrow Tunnel
GravelerGraveler- Sandgem Flats
- Oreburrow Tunnel
PonytaPonyta- Horseshoe Plains
ChanseyChansey- Obsidian Falls
Mr. MimeMr. Mime- Sandgem Flats
ScytherScyther- Grandtree Arena
MagikarpMagikarp- Lake Verity
- Obsidian Falls
- Ramanas Island
GyaradosGyarados- Lake Verity
- Obsidian Falls
- Ramanas Island
EeveeEevee- Horseshoe Plains
PichuPichu- Floaro Gardens
- Nature's Pantry
AipomAipom- Ramanas Island
Hisuian QwilfishHisuian Qwilfish- Ramanas Island
StantlerStantler- Deertrack Heights
WurmpleWurmple- Horseshoe Plains
- Floaro Gardens
- The Heartwood
SilcoonSilcoon- Floaro Gardens
- The Heartwood
BeautiflyBeautifly- Floaro Gardens
- Grueling Grove
- The Heartwood
ChimcharChimchar- Deertrack Heights
StarlyStarly- Aspiration Hill
- Horseshoe Plains
- Tidewater Dam
- Windswept Run
StaraviaStaravia- Sandgem Flats
- Nature's Pantry
- Tidewater Dam
- Ramanas Island
StaraptorStaraptor- Nature's Pantry
BidoofBidoof- Aspiration Hill
- Horseshoe Plains
- Tidewater Dam
BibarelBibarel- Tidewater Dam
KricketotKricketot- Deertrack Path
- Nature's Pantry
- Windswept Run
ShinxShinx- Aspiration Hill
- Floaro Gardens
- Oreburrow Tunnel
LuxioLuxio- Sandgem Flats
- Floaro Gardens
- Oreburrow Tunnel
LuxrayLuxray- Sandgem Flats
MothimMothim- Grueling Grove
CombeeCombee- Grueling Grove
- The Heartwood
- Ramanas Island
BuizelBuizel- Horseshoe Plains
- Worn Bridge
- Windswept Run
FloatzelFloatzel- Worn Bridge
BunearyBuneary- The Heartwood
MimeMime- Horseshoe Plains
- Sandgem Flats
HappinyHappiny- Oreburrow Tunnel
- Obsidian Falls
MunchlaxMunchlax- Deertrack Heights
TogekissTogekiss- Lake Verity

Obsidian Fieldlands: Alpha Pokemon List

Obsidian Fieldlands Alpha Pokemon
All Alpha Pokemon List

Obsidian Fieldlands: Wisp Locations

Obsidian Fieldlands
  1. Obsidian Fieldlands 1
    Located between Floaro Gardens and Aspiration Hill. It is on a top of a hill so a a Pokemon Ride is needed.
  2. Obsidian Fieldlands 2
    At the northeast of Horseshoe Plains. Located at the hill right beside the Alpha Rapidash.
  3. Obsidian Fieldlands 3
    At the top of the cliff at Northeast. Can be obtained even if there are no pokemon rides.
  4. Obsidian Fieldlands 4
    At the top of the cliff at Northeast. Can be obtained even if there are no pokemon rides.
  5. Obsidian Fieldlands 5
    At Deertrack Path. There is only one tree near the area so use that as a mark.
  6. Obsidian Fieldlands 6
    East of Lake Verity. From Aspiration Hill head to Sandgem Flats. When you found an Alpha Snorlax, head to the narrow path close to it.
  7. Obsidian Fieldlands 7
    From Deertrack Heights head down to Windswept Run
  8. Obsidian Fieldlands 8
    At the top platform.
  9. Obsidian Fieldlands 9
    From Deertrack Heights, head East. It is on the top of the mountain facing Obsidian Falls.
  10. Obsidian Fieldlands 10
    South of Deertrack Heights at the top of the cliff.
  11. Obsidian Fieldlands 11
    From The Heartwood head to Grandtree Arena. Before reaching the arena, head to the cliffs.
  12. Obsidian Fieldlands 12
    Head to the South Entrance of Oreburrow Tunnel. It is at the top of the platform at entrance
  13. Obsidian Fieldlands 13
    At the platform south of the crossable section of the river.
  14. Obsidian Fieldlands 14
    From The Heartwood follow the cliffs.
  15. Obsidian Fieldlands 15
    From The Heartwood head southeast until you see an Alpha Lopunny.
  16. Obsidian Fieldlands 16
    Located on a hill at the south of Ramanas Island. You can see an Alpha Infernape when looking down.
  17. Obsidian Fieldlands 17
    At the highest hill of Sandgem Flats. There is an Alakazam near it.
  18. Obsidian Fieldlands 18
    At the cliff north of Lake Verity. It is easier to be found at night.
  19. Obsidian Fieldlands 19
    At the small island right beside Obsidian Falls.
  20. Obsidian Fieldlands 20
    At the nameless island located north of Ramanas Island.
All Wisp Locations Checker & Rewards

Obsidian Fieldlands: Obtainable Items

Obtainable Items From Ores

TumblestoneAspiration Hill (Ore/Red)
Horseshoe Plains (Ore/Red)
Worn Bridge (Ore/Red)
Sandgem Flats (Ore/Red)
Floaro Gardens (Ore/Red)
Lake Verity (Ore/Red)
Deertrack Path (Ore/Red)
Deertrack Heights (Ore/Red)
Oreburrow Tunnel (Ore/Red)
The Heartwood (Ore/Red)
Iron ChunkSandgem Flats (Ore/Blue, Red, Gray)
Floaro Gardens (Ore/Blue, Red, Gray)
Lake Verity (Ore/Blue, Red, Gray)
Deertrack Heights (Ore/Blue, Red, Gray)
Oreburrow Tunnel (Ore/Blue, Red, Gray)
The Heartwood (Ore/Blue, Red, Gray)
StardustAspiration Hill (Ore/Red, Gray)
Horseshoe Plains (Ore/Red, Gray)
Sandgem Flats (Ore/Red, Gray)
Floaro Gardens (Ore/Red, Gray)
Deertrack Path (Ore/Red, Gray)
Oreburrow Tunnel (Ore/Red, Gray)
Sky TumblestoneFloaro Gardens (Ore/Blue)
Lake Verity (Ore/Blue)
Oreburrow Tunnel (Ore/Blue)

Berries And Other Items Obtainable From Trees

Oran Berry- Aspiration Hill
- Horseshoe Plains
- Lake Verity
- Deertrack Heights
Cheri Berry- Aspiration Hill
- Horseshoe Plains
- Floaro Gardens
- Deertrack Path
- Sitrus BerryLake Verity
Leppa Berry- Aspiration Hill
- Horseshoe Plains
- Floaro Gardens
Apricorn- Horseshoe Plains
- Floaro Gardens
- Deertrack Path
- Deertrack Heights
- Oreburrow Tunnel

Items Obtainable From Grass

Medicinal Leek- Aspiration Hill
- Horseshoe Plains
- Floaro Gardens
- Oreburrow Tunnel
Iron Chunk- Horseshoe Plains
- Floaro Gardens
Pep-Up Plant- Sandgem Flats
- Deertrack Heights
Vivichoke- Floaro Gardens
- Deertrack Heights
Bugwort- Sandgem Flats
- Floaro Gardens
- Tidewater Dam
- Oreburrow Tunnel
Wood- Floaro Gardens
- Deertrack Path
King's Leaf- Lake Verity
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