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Alpha Pokemon List: How To Catch And Locations

Alpha Pokemon List: How To Catch And Locations | Pokemon Legends Arceus

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Alpha Pokemon List: How To Catch And Locations | Pokemon Legends Arceus - GameWith

The Alpha Pokemon List: How To Catch And Locations guide in Pokemon (Legends Arceus). Learn about how to catch Alpha Pokemon, evolve form, stats, Alpha Pokemon respawn, & map.

Table of Contents

How To Catch Alpha Pokemon & Catch Rate

How To Catch Alpha Pokemon Without Battle?

1Increase Star Rank
2Prepare items that makes Pokemon easier to catch
3Use the items and throw it at the back of the Alpha Pokemon
4Use Feather Ball from faraway
※Recommended for higher ranks.

Increase Your Star Rank

Increasing your rank will increase the capture rate of Pokemon. You will also receive recipes for better Pokeballs. If you want to farm high-level boss Pokemon, we recommend aiming for 9 stars.

Star Rank List And Rewards

Prepare Items That Makes Catching Easier

To increase the chance of capturing an Alpha Pokemon, throwing Heavy type of balls on the back of the Alpha is recommended. We listed some of our recommended items below:

Ball Details
Heavy Ball
Leaden Ball
Gigaton Ball
Heavy Ball increase the catch rate when used in an eating Pokemon or attacking the back of an opponent. A very important item for Alpha catching.
Leaden Ball → Star Rank 4
Gigaton Ball → Star Rank 5
Items Details
Stealth Spray
Smoke Bomb
These items will allow you to sneak to the Pokemon that you want to catch.
Bait Details
Razz Berry etcUsing baits is really helpful to distract Pokemon. This will not only make it easier to capture and sneak.

Attack The Alpha From Behind

If you want to capture an Alpha without battling, it is important to create a situation that you will not be noticed. Use Stealth Spray to hide the sounds of your footsteps and using Smoke Bomb to hide your location. Sneak until you reached their behind and throw a Pokeball.

Feather Ball From Very Far Distances Also Works

At higher Star Rank, it is possible to capture a lower level Alpha using a Feather Ball while standing from a safe distance. Its recommended to try first on the nearby lower level spawns before you target the higher level Alpha.

How To Catch Alpha Pokemon With Battle?

Decrease HP As Much As Possible

Decrease HP

Try to decrease the Alpha's HP as much as you can so that it will be easier to catch. It is recommended to use Pokemon that can use False Swipe to leave opponents with 1 HP. Even if you escape the battle, the HP of the Alpha will be the same so if you only have one Pokemon left, fall back to heal up your party.

Recommended Pokemon That Uses False Swipe

Parasect can be used in the early game since you can easily find one in the wild. For the late game, Kleavor is recommended because of its high attack stat and durability which is perfect for setting up False Swipe.

Make The Pokemon Drowsy Or Inflict Paralysis

Heavy Ball

When a Pokemon has status inflicted to them, it makes them easier to catch.:p: It is easier to catch if you go for paralysis or sleep, both of which do not cause additional damage after scraping HP. Finally, hurl Hyper Ball to opt for the highest catch rate in-battle.

Alpha Pokemon List & Locations

*The Pokemon noted here are the ones we have found so far.
*Some Alpha Pokemon spawn randomly instead of being a fixed spawn.

Obsidian Fieldlands Alpha Pokemon

Obsidian Fieldlands Alpha Pokemon
Obsidian Fieldlands - Pokemon List & Map

Crimson Mirelands Alpha Pokemon

Crimson Mirelands Alpha Pokemon
Crimson Mirelands - Pokemon List & Map

Cobalt Coastlands Alpha Pokemon

Cobalt Coastlands Alpha Pokemon
Cobalt Coastlands - Pokemon List & Map

Coronet Highlands Alpha Pokemon

Coronet Highlands Alpha Pokemon
Coronet Highlands - Pokemon List & Map

Alabaster Icelands Alpha Pokemon

Alabaster Icelands Alpha Pokemon
Alabaster Icelands - Pokemon List & Map

What Is An Alpha Pokemon?

1A Large Pokemon With Exceptional Strength And Red Eyes
2High Effort Levels (ELs)
* Status does not change
3Special Moves Already Learned
4Random Spawning Alpha Pokemon Exists
5 Their Evolved Form Is Also Bigger.

Large Pokemon With Exceptional Strength

In addition to regular Pokemon, there are Alpha Pokemon with bigger bodies and fiery red eyes on the field. It is a strong opponent that will aggressively attack and pursue you when you get spotted.

High Effort Levels (ELs)

High Effort Levels

You can check if the Pokemon you've selected is an Alpha Pokemon by referring to the red icon at the upper right of your screen. Alpha Pokemon have naturally high Effort Levels after getting caught. However, since Effort Levels can be raised with items, non-Alpha Pokemon can still be made into powerful Pokemon.

Raise Effort Level & Get Grit Items

Special Moves Already Learned

Special MovesSize Comparison
Alpha Pokemon
Alpha Pokemon

Compared to normal Pokemon, Alpha Pokemon have already learned special moves and they will be accessible to you as soon as you catch them. Note that even after capturing them, their size stays the same and will be considerably larger than their normal counterparts.

Random Spawning Alpha Pokemon Exist

Alpha Pokemon

Most Alpha Pokemon that appear on the map are a fixed spawn. However, other Pokemon also have a chance to spawn as an Alpha Pokemon. It will disappear once you leave the area so it is recommended to catch it whenever you encounter one.

Evolved Form Is Also Larger Than Usual

After raising and evolving an Alpha Pokemon, they do not return to their usual size and will still remain big.

Pokemon Lists
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Anonymous 8

Gliscor can by find under Gbite

Anonymous 7

Cobalt coastlands has a togepi that sometimes spawns

Anonymous 6

Alpha golbat in Nature's Pantry (obsidian fieldlands) at night

Anonymous 5

Alpha rhyperior, South of Sacred Plaza (coronet highlands) in the morning

Anonymous 4

Alpha hisuian goodra in Ancient Quarry at night

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