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Crimson Mirelands - Pokemon List & Map
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Pokemon Legends Arceus
Crimson Mirelands - Pokemon List & Map

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Crimson Mirelands is a map location for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Learn the Pokemon list in the area, Alpha Pokemon map & locations, item drops, how to unlock and more!

Map Information

Crimson Mirelands - Pokemon List & Locations

Crimson Mirelands
PikachuPikachu- Golden Lowlands
ParasParas- Golden Lowlands
- Diamond Heath
- Cloudpool Ridge
- Cottonsedge Prairie
ParasectParasect- Golden Lowlands
- Diamond Heath
- Cloudpool Ridge
PsyduckPsyduck- Golden Lowlands
- Gapejow Bog
- Holm Of Trials
GolduckGolduck- Holm Of Trials
GeodudeGeodude- Bolderoll Slope
- Scarlet Bog
- Gapejow Bog
- Ursa's Ring
GravelerGraveler- Bolderoll Slope
- Scarlet Bog
- Gapejow Bog
- Ursa's Ring
OnixOnix- Lake Valor
- Bolderoll Slope
- Scarlet Bog
LickitungLickitung- Shrouded Ruins
RhyhornRhyhorn- Diamond Heath
- Shrouded Ruins
- Bolderoll Slope
TangelaTangela- Gapejow Bog
PichuPichu- Golden Lowlands
TogepiTogepi- Cottonsedge Prairie
TogeticTogetic- Bolderoll Slope
- Cottonsedge Prairie
SudowoodoSudowoodo- Cloudpool Ridge
YanmaYanma- Gapejow Bog
- Ursa's Ring
- Drowning Meadow
TeddiursaTeddiursa- Ursa's Ring
RaltsRalts- Shrouded Ruins
- Gapejow Bog
KirliaKirlia- Shrouded Ruins
RoseliaRoselia- Cloudpool Ridge
- Gapejow Bog
BarboachBarboach- Gapejow Bog
WhiscashWhiscash- Gapejow Bog
TurtwigTurtwig- Drowning Meadow
GrotleGrotle- Drowning Meadow
TorterraTorterra- Holm Of Trials
BidoofBidoof- Gapejow Bog
- Ursa's Ring
- Drowning Meadow
BibarelBibarel- Gapejow Bog
- Ursa's Ring
- Drowning Meadow
KricketotKricketot- Golden Lowlands
- Cloudpool Ridge
KricketuneKricketune- Golden Lowlands
- Cloudpool Ridge
BudewBudew- Golden Lowlands
- Gapejow Bog
CombeeCombee- Cloudpool Ridge
- Lake Valor
- Cottonsedge Prairie
- Drowning Meadow
VespiquenVespiquen- Lake Valor
- Drowning Meadow
PachirisuPachirisu- Drowning Meadow
CherubiCherubi- Gapejow Bog
StunkyStunky- Scarlet Bog
SkuntankSkuntank- Scarlet Bog
BonslyBonsly- Cloudpool Ridge
HippopotasHippopotas- Scarlet Bog
- Sludge Mound
HippowdonHippowdon- Scarlet Bog
- Sludge Mound
CroagunkCroagunk- Scarlet Bog
- Gapejow Bog
- Holm Of Trials
ToxicroakToxicroak- Holm Of Trials
CarnivineCarnivine- Golden Lowlands
- Cloudpool Ridge
- Gapejow Bog
- Holm Of Trials
YanmegaYanmega- Drowning Meadow
PetililPetilil- Cottonsedge Prairie
- Holm Of Trials
GoomyGoomy- Holm Of Trials

Alpha Pokemon List

Alpha Pokemon Locations
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All Alpha Pokemon List
CarnivineCarnivine- Cottonsedge Prairie (Crimson Mirelands)
SkuntankSkuntank- Scarlet Bog (Crimson Mirelands)
TangrowthTangrowth- Gapejow Bog (Crimson Mirelands)
Hisuian SliggooHisuian Sliggoo- Holm Of Trials (Crimson Mirelands)
TorterraTorterra- Holm Of Trials (Crimson Mirelands)
BudewBudew- Golden Lowlands (Crimson Mirelands)
HippowdonHippowdon- Sludge Mound (Crimson Mirelands)
VespiquenVespiquen- Cottonsedge Prairie (Crimson Mirelands)
YanmegaYanmega- Drowning Meadow (Crimson Mirelands)
HaunterHaunter- Drowning Meadow (Crimson Mirelands)
UrsaringUrsaring- Ursa's Ring (Crimson Mirelands)
GolduckGolduck- Holm Of Trials (Crimson Mirelands)
PachirisuPachirisu- Gapejow Bog (Crimson Mirelands)
OnixOnix- Bolderoll Slope (Crimson Mirelands)
LickilickyLickilicky- Shrouded Ruins (Crimson Mirelands)
WhiscashWhiscash- Lake Valor (Crimson Mirelands)
RaichuRaichu- Golden Lowlands (Crimson Mirelands)

Crimson Mirelands - Obtainable Items

Obtainable Items From Ores

TumblestoneGolden Lowlands (Ore/Red)
Solaceon Ruins (Ore/Red)
Sludge Mound (Ore/Red)
Holm Of Trials (Ore/Red)
Iron ChunkGolden Lowlands (Ore/Blue, Red, Gray)
Holm Of Trials (Ore/Blue, Red, Gray)
Black TumblestoneGolden Lowlands (Ore/Gray)
Holm Of Trials (Ore/Gray)
Sky TumblestoneHolm Of Trials (Ore/Blue)

Berries And Other Items Obtainable From Trees

Medicinal LeekHolm Of Trials
Iron ChunkHolm Of Trials
Pep-Up PlantHolm Of Trials
VivichokeHolm Of Trials
BugwortSolaceon Ruins
Holm Of Trials
SwordcapGolden Lowlands
King's LeafScarlet Bog

Items Obtainable From Grass

Oran BerryHolm Of Trials
ApricornHolm Of Trials
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