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Nature List: How To Change Nature

Nature List: How To Change Nature | Pokemon Legends Arceus

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Nature List: How To Change Nature | Pokemon Legends Arceus - GameWith

Check out our Nature List: How To Change Nature in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Learn about best nature, how to select nature, list, change nature, stats change, mints, effects & more!

Table of Contents

Nature & Stats List

Your Nature Will Determine Your Stats

Each Pokemon has a Nature, certain stats will either go up or down depending on this. You can drastically increase your Pokemon's strengths by carefully selecting the Nature that best suits your Pokemon.

Stats & Nature Table

Nature Atk Def Sp. Atk Sp. Def Spd
Lonely - - -
Adamant - - -
Naughty - - -
Brave - - -
Bold - - -
Impish - - -
Lax - - -
Relaxed - - -
Modest - - -
Mild - - -
Rash - - -
Quiet - - -
Calm - - -
Gentle - - -
Careful - - -
Sassy - - -
Timid - - -
Hasty - - -
Jolly - - -
Naive - - -
Hardy - - - - -
Docile - - - - -
Serious - - - - -
Bashful - - - - -
Quirky - - - - -

Recommended Nature

Recommended For Offensive Qnd Quick Nature

PersonalityStatus Correction
Adamant Attack ↑
Sp. Attack ↓
Lonely Attack ↑
Defense ↓
Naughty Attack ↑
Sp. Defense ↓
Modest Sp. Attack ↑
Attack ↓
Mild Sp. Attack ↑
Defense ↓
Rash Sp. Attack ↑
Sp. Defense ↓
Naive Speed ↑
Sp. Defense ↓
Jolly Speed ↑
Sp. Attack ↓
Hasty Speed ↑
Defense ↓
Timid Speed ↑
Attack ↓

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, your Pokemon's Agility determines whether you can use moves twice. The difference plays a significant role during Pokemon battles, it is advised that the nature that increases "Agility" be prioritized above "strength".

Agile Style & Strong Style

Nature With No Status Correction Are Not Recommended

Take note that there is no downward or rising status without some adjustment. When your Pokemon lose its agility, it can be tough to take advantage of an opponent during battle. It is not advised to slow down since it would be tough to gain ahead.

Battle System Style & Mechanics

How To Change Nature

Change Nature Using Mints

▲Mint Harvest

In the plowed fields to the south-west of Jubilife Village, find Miller and finish side tasks he will give you. This includes a "mint course", catching 20 Pokemon and farming Mints.

How To Farm Mints & Uses

It Costs Money So Choose Carefully

Even if you choose a Mint course for a cost 10,000 yen, and you may expect to receive 3 to 4 pieces by the end of it. Mints' nature is random, therefore it may take some time to acquire your preferred choice. We advise that you only use it to modify Pokemon that you truly want to change.

How To Earn Money

The Mint Course Is Available After Clearing The Request

Mints can't be cultivated at the beginning. This will only be available when you finish the assignment farmer Miller will give you, then you'll be able to use fields to produce your own Mints.

Request Walkthrough

1 Clear up to main mission 11 "Scaling Perilous Heights"
2 Clear Request 27 "Plowing The Fields"
3 Clear Request 42 "Watering The Fields"
4 Talk to Miller on the farm and you will be able to receive an order for the Request "Rock Smashing In The Fields"
5 Lend a Pokemon that can use Rock Smash to Miller and clear it
Story Walkthrough: Main Mission Guide

Careful Selection Of Nature

Keep Catching Until You Get The Correct Nature

Since the Nature is randomly determined when you catch a Pokemon, the only way to get your desired Nature is to catch the same Pokemon until you get the ideal Nature.

Pokedex: All Pokemon List

Nature & Berries Compatibility

Some berries can cause negative effects depending on the Pokemon's compatibility with the berry that you use. This is determined by your Pokemon's Nature whether they will be affected or not.

Berries & Nature Compatibility
Berry Effect Nature
Figy Berry Attack ↓ Bold
Iapapa Berry Defense ↓ Lonely
Wiki Berry Sp. Atk ↓ Adamant
Aguav Berry Sp. Def ↓ Naughty
Mago Berry Speed ↓ Brave

Natures That Are Not Affected By Berries

If you have one of the following Natures, you will not be affected when you eat berries: Hardy, Docile, Serious, Bashful, and Quirky. Even after using a Mint to change your Nature, the berry's effect will depend on your original Nature.

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