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All Shiny List 2020 - Rate & Chance Guide

Pokemon Go | All Shiny List 2020 - Rate & Chance Guide

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Check this Pokemon GO guide on catching shiny Pokemon in 2020! Including latest event shinies, spawn rate and chance, and more information for your shiny hunting!

Shiny Pokemon News

Frequently Asked Questions

Shiny Pokemon Color Differences

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Latest Shiny Pokemon News

February 2020 Community Day Pokemon Is Rhyhorn

February 2020 Community Day Pokemon Is Rhyhorn
Event Date Feb. 22, 2020 (Sat), 11:00AM~

The shiny version of Rhyhorn will be introduced to Pokemon GO for February 2020's Community Day. Evolving a Rhydon into a Rhyperior will give it the exclusive attack "Rock Wrecker".

Pokemon Shiny Pokemon Description
Rhyhorn IconRhyhorn Will have light orange body color.
Rhydon IconRhydon Will have light blue body color.
Rhyperior IconRhyperior Will have light yellow body color. .

Shiny Pokemon List

Currently 366 Shiny Pokemon In Game

There are currently 366 Pokemon with shiny variants in Pokemon GO. This excludes Pokemon with special costumes such as hats, eyewear, outfits, etc.

All Available Shiny Pokemon
Shiny BulbasaurBulbasaurShiny IvysaurIvysaurShiny VenusaurVenusaur Shiny CharmanderCharmander
Shiny CharmeleonCharmeleonShiny CharizardCharizard Shiny SquirtleSquirtle Shiny WartortleWartortle
Shiny BlastoiseBlastoiseShiny CaterpieCaterpieShiny MetapodMetapodShiny ButterfreeButterfree
Shiny PidgeyPidgeyShiny PidgeottoPidgeottoShiny PidgeotPidgeotShiny RattataRattata
Shiny Alolan RattataAlolan RattataShiny RaticateRaticateShiny Alolan RaticateAlolan RaticateShiny EkansEkans
Shiny ArbokArbokShiny PikachuPikachuShiny RaichuRaichuShiny Alolan RaichuAlolan Raichu
Shiny SandshrewSandshrewShiny Alolan SandshrewAlolan SandshrewShiny SandslashSandslashShiny Alolan SandslashAlolan Sandslash
Shiny NidoranNidoran ♀Shiny NidorinaNidorinaShiny NidoqueenNidoqueenShiny NidoranNidoran ♂
Shiny NidorinoNidorinoShiny NidokingNidokingShiny ClefairyClefairyShiny ClefableClefable
Shiny Alolan VulpixAlolan VulpixShiny Alolan NinetailsAlolan NinetailsShiny JigglypuffJigglypuffShiny WigglytuffWigglytuff
Shiny ZubatZubatShiny GolbatGolbatShiny OddishOddishShiny GloomGloom
Shiny VileplumeVileplumeShiny DiglettDiglettShiny Alolan DiglettAlolan DiglettShiny DugtrioDugtrio
Shiny Alolan DugtrioAlolan DugtrioShiny MeowthMeowthShiny Alolan MeowthAlolan MeowthShiny PersianPersian
Shiny Alolan PersianAlolan PersianShiny PsyduckPsyduckShiny GolduckGolduckShiny MankeyMankey
Shiny PrimeapePrimeapeShiny GrowlitheGrowlitheShiny ArcanineArcanineShiny PoliwagPoliwag
Shiny PoliwhirlPoliwhirlShiny PoliwrathPoliwrathShiny MachopMachopShiny MachokeMachoke
Shiny MachampMachampShiny TentacoolTentacoolShiny TentacruelTentacruelShiny GeodudeGeodude
Shiny Alolan GeodudeAlolan Geodude Shiny GravelerGraveler Shiny Alolan GravelerAlolan GravelerShiny GolemGolem
Shiny Alolan GolemAlolan GolemShiny PonytaPonytaShiny RapidashRapidashShiny MagnemiteMagnemite
Shiny MagnetonMagnetonShiny FarfetchdFarfetch'dShiny SeelSeelShiny DewgongDewgong
Shiny GrimerGrimerShiny Alolan GrimerAlolan GrimerShiny MukMukShiny Alolan MukAlolan Muk
Shiny ShellderShellderShiny CloysterCloysterShiny GastlyGastlyShiny HaunterHaunter
Shiny GengarGengarShiny OnixOnixShiny DrowzeeDrowzeeShiny HypnoHypno
Shiny KrabbyKrabbyShiny KinglerKinglerShiny Alolan ExeggutorAlolan ExeggutorShiny CuboneCubone
Shiny MarowakMarowakShiny Alolan MarowakAlolan MarowakShiny LickitungLickitungShiny KoffingKoffing
Shiny WeezingWeezingShiny ChanseyChanseyShiny KangaskhanKangaskhanShiny HorseaHorsea
Shiny SeadraSeadraShiny Mr MimeMr. MimeShiny ScytherScytherShiny JynxJynx
Shiny ElectabuzzElectabuzzShiny MagmarMagmarShiny PinsirPinsirShiny TaurosTauros
Shiny MagikarpMagikarpShiny GyaradosGyaradosShiny LaprasLaprasShiny EeveeEevee
Shiny VaporeonVaporeonShiny JolteonJolteonShiny FlareonFlareonShiny OmanyteOmanyte
Shiny OmastarOmastarShiny KabutoKabutoShiny KabutopsKabutopsShiny AerodactylAerodactyl
Shiny ArticunoArticunoShiny ZapdosZapdosShiny MoltresMoltresShiny DratiniDratini
Shiny DragonairDragonairShiny DragoniteDragoniteShiny MewtwoMewtwoShiny ChikoritaChikorita
Shiny BayleefBayleefShiny MeganiumMeganiumShiny CyndaquilCyndaquilShiny QuilavaQuilava
Shiny TyphlosionTyphlosionShiny TotodileTotodileShiny CroconawCroconawShiny FeraligatrFeraligatr
Shiny SentretSentretShiny FurretFurretShiny CrobatCrobatShiny PichuPichu
Shiny CleffaCleffaShiny IgglybuffIgglybuffShiny TogepiTogepiShiny TogeticTogetic
Shiny NatuNatuShiny XatuXatuShiny MareepMareepShiny FlaaffyFlaaffy
Shiny AmpharosAmpharosShiny BellossomBellossomShiny MarillMarillShiny AzumarillAzumarill
Shiny SudowoodoSudowoodoShiny PolitoedPolitoedShiny AipomAipomShiny SunkernSunkern
Shiny SunfloraSunfloraShiny YanmaYanmaShiny EspeonEspeonShiny UmbreonUmbreon
Shiny MurkrowMurkrowShiny MisdreavusMisdreavusShiny WobbuffetWobbuffetShiny PinecoPineco
Shiny ForretressForretressShiny GligarGligarShiny SteelixSteelixShiny SnubbullSnubbull
Shiny GranbullGranbullShiny ScizorScizorShiny ShuckleShuckleShiny SneaselSneasel
Shiny SwinubSwinubShiny PiloswinePiloswineShiny DelibirdDelibirdShiny SkarmorySkarmory
Shiny HoundourHoundourShiny HoundoomHoundoomShiny KingdraKingdraShiny StantlerStantler
Shiny SmoochumSmoochumShiny ElekidElekidShiny MagbyMagbyShiny BlisseyBlissey
Shiny RaikouRaikouShiny EnteiEnteiShiny SuicuneSuicuneShiny LarvitarLarvitar
Shiny PupitarPupitarShiny TyranitarTyranitarShiny LugiaLugiaShiny Ho-ohHo-oh
Shiny TreeckoTreeckoShiny GrovyleGrovyleShiny SceptileSceptileShiny TorchicTorchic
Shiny CombuskenCombuskenShiny BlazikenBlazikenShiny MudkipMudkipShiny MarshtompMarshtomp
Shiny SwampertSwampertShiny PoochyenaPoochyenaShiny MightyenaMightyenaShiny ZigzagoonZigzagoon
Shiny LinooneLinooneShiny WurmpleWurmpleShiny SilcoonSilcoonShiny BeautiflyBeautifly
Shiny CascoonCascoonShiny DustoxDustoxShiny LotadLotadShiny LombreLombre
Shiny LudicoloLudicoloShiny TaillowTaillowShiny SwellowSwellowShiny WingullWingull
Shiny PelipperPelipperShiny RaltsRaltsShiny KirliaKirliaShiny GardevoirGardevoir
Shiny SlakothSlakothShiny VigorothVigorothShiny SlakingSlakingShiny MakuhitaMakuhita
Shiny HariyamaHariyamaShiny AzurillAzurill Shiny SableyeSableyeShiny MawileMawile
Shiny AronAronShiny LaironLaironShiny AggronAggronShiny MedititeMeditite
Shiny MedichamMedichamShiny ElectrikeElectrikeShiny ManectricManectricShiny PluslePlusle
Shiny MinunMinunShiny RoseliaRoseliaShiny CarvanhaCarvanhaShiny SharpedoSharpedo
Shiny WailmerWailmerShiny WailordWailord Shiny SpoinkSpoinkShiny GrumpigGrumpig
Shiny SpindaSpindaShiny TrapinchTrapinch Shiny VibravaVibravaShiny FlygonFlygon
Shiny SwabluSwabluShiny AltariaAltariaShiny ZangooseZangooseShiny SeviperSeviper
Shiny LunatoneLunatoneShiny SolrockSolrockShiny BarboachBarboachShiny WhiscashWhiscash
Shiny LileepLileepShiny CradilyCradilyShiny AnorithAnorithShiny ArmaldoArmaldo
Shiny FeebasFeebasShiny MiloticMiloticShiny CastformCastformShiny ShuppetShuppet
Shiny BanetteBanetteShiny DuskullDuskullShiny DusclopsDusclopsShiny AbsolAbsol
Shiny WynautWynaut Shiny SnoruntSnoruntShiny GlalieGlalie Shiny ClamperlClamperl
Shiny HuntailHuntailShiny GorebyssGorebyss Shiny LuvdiscLuvdisc Shiny BagonBagon
Shiny ShelgonShelgonShiny SalamenceSalamenceShiny BeldumBeldum Shiny MetangMetang
Shiny MetagrossMetagrossShiny RegirockRegirockShiny RegiceRegice Shiny RegisteelRegisteel
Shiny LatiasLatiasShiny LatiosLatiosShiny KyogreKyogreShiny GroudonGroudon
Shiny RayquazaRayquazaShiny TurtwigTurtwigShiny GrotleGrotleShiny TorterraTorterra
Shiny ChimcharChimcharShiny MonfernoMonfernoShiny InfernapeInfernapeShiny PiplupPiplup
Shiny PrinplupPrinplupShiny EmpoleonEmpoleonShiny ShinxShinxShiny LuxioLuxio
Shiny LuxrayLuxrayShiny BudewBudewShiny RoseradeRoseradeShiny Burmy Plant CloakBurmy (Plant Cloak)
Shiny Burmy Sandy CloakBurmy (Sandy Cloak)Shiny Burmy Trash CloakBurmy (Trash Cloak)Shiny Wormadam Plant CloakWormadam (Plant Cloak)Shiny Wormadam Sandy CloakWormadam (Sandy Cloak)
Shiny Wormadam Trash CloakWormadam (Trash Cloak)Shiny MothimMothimShiny AmbipomAmbipomShiny DrifloonDrifloon
Shiny DrifblimDrifblimShiny BunearyBunearyShiny LopunnyLopunny Shiny MismagiusMismagius
Shiny HonchkrowHonchkrowShiny BronzorBronzorShiny BronzongBronzongShiny BonslyBonsly
Shiny Mime JrMime Jr.Shiny HappinyHappinyShiny GibleGibleShiny GabiteGabite
Shiny Garchomp GarchompShiny RioluRioluShiny LucarioLucarioShiny HippopotasHippopotas
Shiny HippowdonHippowdonShiny SnoverSnoverShiny AbomasnowAbomasnowShiny WeavileWeavile
Shiny MagnezoneMagnezoneShiny LickilickyLickilickyShiny ElectivireElectivireShiny MagmortarMagmortar
Shiny TogekissTogekissShiny YanmegaYanmegaShiny LeafeonLeafeonShiny GlaceonGlaceon
Shiny GliscorGliscorShiny MamoswineMamoswineShiny GalladeGalladeShiny DusknoirDusknoir
Shiny FroslassFroslassShiny HeatranHeatranShiny Giratina Altered FormeGiratina (Altered Forme)Shiny CresseliaCresselia
Shiny PatratPatratShiny WatchogWatchogShiny LillipupLillipupShiny HerdierHerdier
Shiny StoutlandStoutlandShiny YamaskYamaskShiny CosfragigusCosfragigusShiny MinccinoMinccino
Shiny CinccinoCinccinoShiny KlinkKlinkShiny KlangKlangShiny KlinklangKlinklang
Shiny MeltanMeltan Shiny MelmetalMelmetal --

How To Get Shiny Pokemon

No Guaranteed Way Of Encountering Shinies

Currently, there is no tried and tested way to find a Shiny Pokemon, but there are a few ways you can possibly encounter a Shiny Pokemon!

Spawns Increase During Events

Spawns Increase During Events

Shiny Pokemon are implemented mostly during events in Pokemon GO. It's highly likely to encounter a shiny during Community Day, when specific Pokemon spawns are up.
>>2020 Events List
>>What Is Community Day?

Shiny Pokemon Encounter Methods

Shiny Pokemon In The Wild

Pokemon GO Shiny Pokemon Guide List

There is a slim chance of getting a shiny Pokemon by simply going out and encountering Pokemon in the wild. Just keep going into the capture phase to find out if the Pokemon you've encountered is a shiny!

Shiny Pokemon Encounters In The Wild

Evolving Shiny Pokemon

Pokemon Go, Shiny Pokemon List

Shiny Pokemon will evolve into a shiny version of their next form! Excluding Raichu, there have not been any sightings of Shiny evolved Pokemon out in the wild.

Shiny Pokemon Evolutions

Shiny IvysaurIvysaur Shiny VenusaurVenusaur Shiny CharmeleonCharmeleon Shiny CharizardCharizard
Shiny WartortleWartortle Shiny BlastoiseBlastoise Shiny MetapodMetapod Shiny ButterfreeButterfree
Shiny PidgeottoPidgeotto Shiny PidgeotPidgeot Shiny RaticateRaticate Shiny Alolan RaticateAlolan Raticate
Shiny ArbokArbok Shiny PikachuPikachu Shiny RaichuRaichu Shiny SandslashSandslash
Shiny Alolan SandslashAlolan Sandslash Shiny NidorinaNidorina Shiny NidoqueenNidoqueen Shiny NidorinoNidorino
Shiny NidokingNidoking Shiny ClefairyClefairy Shiny ClefableClefable Shiny Alolan NinetailsAlolan Ninetails
Shiny JigglypuffJigglypuff Shiny WigglytuffWigglytuff Shiny GolbatGolbat Shiny GloomGloom
Shiny VileplumeVileplume Shiny DugtrioDugtrio Shiny Alolan DugtrioAlolan Dugtrio Shiny PersianPersian
Shiny Alolan PersianAlolan Persian Shiny GolduckGolduck Shiny PrimeapePrimeape Shiny ArcanineArcanine
Shiny PoliwhirlPoliwhirl Shiny PoliwrathPoliwrath Shiny MachokeMachoke Shiny MachampMachamp
Shiny TentacruelTentacruel Shiny GravelerGraveler Shiny Alolan GravelerAlolan Graveler Shiny GolemGolem
Shiny Alolan GolemAlolan Golem Shiny RapidashRapidash Shiny MagnetonMagneton Shiny DewgongDewgong
Shiny MukMuk Shiny Alolan MukAlolan Muk Shiny CloysterCloyster Shiny HaunterHaunter
Shiny GengarGengar Shiny HypnoHypno Shiny KinglerKingler Shiny MarowakMarowak
Shiny WeezingWeezing Shiny ChanseyChansey Shiny SeadraSeadra Shiny Mr MimeMr. Mime
Shiny JynxJynx Shiny ElectabuzzElectabuzz Shiny MagmarMagmar Shiny GyaradosGyarados
Shiny VaporeonVaporeon Shiny JolteonJolteon Shiny FlareonFlareon Shiny OmastarOmastar
Shiny KabutopsKabutops Shiny DragonairDragonair Shiny DragoniteDragonite Shiny BayleefBayleef
Shiny MeganiumMeganium Shiny QuilavaQuilava Shiny TyphlosionTyphlosion Shiny CroconawCroconaw
Shiny FeraligatrFeraligatr Shiny FurretFurret Shiny CrobatCrobat Shiny TogeticTogetic
Shiny XatuXatu Shiny FlaaffyFlaaffy Shiny AmpharosAmpharos Shiny BellossomBellossom
Shiny MarillMarill Shiny AzumarillAzumarill Shiny SudowoodoSudowoodo Shiny PolitoedPolitoed
Shiny SunfloraSunflora Shiny EspeonEspeon Shiny UmbreonUmbreon Shiny WobbuffetWobbuffet
Shiny ForretressForretress Shiny SteelixSteelix Shiny GranbullGranbull Shiny ScizorScizor
Shiny PiloswinePiloswine Shiny HoundoomHoundoom Shiny KingdraKingdra Shiny BlisseyBlissey
Shiny PupitarPupitar Shiny TyranitarTyranitar Shiny GrovyleGrovyle Shiny SceptileSceptile
Shiny CombuskenCombusken Shiny BlazikenBlaziken Shiny MarshtompMarshtomp Shiny SwampertSwampert
Shiny MightyenaMightyena Shiny LinooneLinoone Shiny SilcoonSilcoon Shiny BeautiflyBeautifly
Shiny CascoonCascoon Shiny DustoxDustox Shiny LombreLombre Shiny LudicoloLudicolo
Shiny SwellowSwellow Shiny PelipperPelipper Shiny KirliaKirlia Shiny GardevoirGardevoir
Shiny VigorothVigoroth Shiny SlakingSlaking Shiny HariyamaHariyama Shiny LaironLairon
Shiny AggronAggron Shiny MedichamMedicham Shiny ManectricManectric Shiny RoseliaRoselia
Shiny SharpedoSharpedo Shiny WailordWailord Shiny GrumpigGrumpig Shiny VibravaVibrava
Shiny FlygonFlygon Shiny AltariaAltaria Shiny WhiscashWhiscash Shiny CradilyCradily
Shiny ArmaldoArmaldo Shiny MiloticMilotic Shiny BanetteBanette Shiny DusclopsDusclops
Shiny GlalieGlalie Shiny HuntailHuntail Shiny GorebyssGorebyss Shiny ShelgonShelgon
Shiny SalamenceSalamence Shiny MetangMetang Shiny MetagrossMetagross Shiny GrotleGrotle
Shiny TorterraTorterra Shiny MonfernoMonferno Shiny InfernapeInfernape Shiny PrinplupPrinplup
Shiny EmpoleonEmpoleon Shiny LuxioLuxio Shiny LuxrayLuxray Shiny RoseradeRoserade
Shiny Wormadam Plant CloakWormadam (Plant Cloak) Shiny Wormadam Sandy CloakWormadam (Sandy Cloak) Shiny Wormadam Trash CloakWormadam (Trash Cloak) Shiny MothimMothim
Shiny AmbipomAmbipom Shiny DrifblimDrifblim Shiny LopunnyLopunny Shiny MismagiusMismagius
Shiny HonchkrowHonchkrow Shiny BronzongBronzong Shiny GabiteGabite Shiny Garchomp Garchomp
Shiny LucarioLucario Shiny HippowdonHippowdon Shiny AbomasnowAbomasnow Shiny WeavileWeavile
Shiny MagnezoneMagnezone Shiny LickilickyLickilicky Shiny ElectivireElectivire Shiny MagmortarMagmortar
Shiny TogekissTogekiss Shiny YanmegaYanmega Shiny LeafeonLeafeon Shiny GlaceonGlaceon
Shiny GliscorGliscor Shiny MamoswineMamoswine Shiny GalladeGallade Shiny DusknoirDusknoir
Shiny FroslassFroslass Shiny WatchogWatchog Shiny HerdierHerdier Shiny StoutlandStoutland
Shiny CosfragigusCosfragigus Shiny CinccinoCinccino Shiny KlangKlang Shiny KlinklangKlinklang
Shiny MelmetalMelmetal - - -

Hatch Shiny Pokemon From Eggs

Pokemon Go, Shiny Pokemon List

Shiny Pokemon can also be found when hatching an egg! Some of these Shiny Pokemon are the Baby forms of other Pokemon, such as Pichu, Azurill, and Elekid.

Shiny Pokemon Hatched From Eggs

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Capture Shiny Pokemon In Raids

You also have a chance of encountering shiny Pokemon bosses in raids. Joining many raids can increase your chance of capturing a shiny legendary Pokemon.

Shiny Pokemon As Raid Bosses

Check Out Raid Battle Guide Here!

Shiny Research Task List

Field Research Can Reward Pokemon Encounters

Some Field Research in Pokemon GO can give you Pokemon encounters, and very rarely, you may encounter a Shiny Pokemon!

Check Out Current Field Research Tasks!

Field Research With Possible Shiny Encounters

NOTE: The list below only contains confirmed Field Research Tasks and rewards. Please keep in mind that some of these tasks may not be active anymore.

* Pokemon that may appear as shiny variants.

TaskPokemon EncounterMax CP
Make 3 Excellent Throws in a RowLarvitar IconLarvitar*445
Make 3 Great ThrowsGastly IconGastly*527
Make 3 Great ThrowsAnorith IconAnorith*655
Make 3 Great ThrowsLileep IconLileep*553
Make 3 Great Throws in a RowOnix IconOnix*472
Win a Gym BattleBulbasaur IconBulbasaur*477
Win a Gym BattleCharmander IconCharmander*420
Win a Gym BattleSquirtle IconSquirtle*405
Participate in a Gym BattleMankey IconMankey*499
Participate in 5 Gym BattlesMachop IconMachop*548
Capture a Dragon Type PokemonDratini IconDratini*430
Catch 10 PokemonMagikarp IconMagikarp*117
Power Up Pokemon 5 TimesBulbasaur IconBulbasaur*477
Power Up Pokemon 5 TimesCharmander IconCharmander*420
Power Up Pokemon 5 TimesSquirtle IconSquirtle*405
Evolve 1 PokemonEevee IconEevee*459
Win 5 Raid BattlesAerodactyl IconAerodactyl*1193
Catch 5 Pokemon With Weather BoostPoliwag IconPoliwag*355
Win a Level 3 Raid or HigherOmanyte IconOmanyte*662
Win a Level 3 Raid or HigherKabuto IconKabuto*587
Trade a PokemonAlolan MeowthAlolan Meowth*341
Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a RowSpinda IconSpinda*523
Earn 5 Hearts with your BuddyFeebas IconFeebas*117
Hatch 4 EggsAlolan VulpixAlolan Vulpix*378
Take a Snapshot of your BuddyZubat IconZubat*285
Catch 5 Psychic type PokemonRalts IconRalts*231

Shiny Pokemon Encounter Rate & Chance

Updated as of June 18, 2018.

Chances Of Shiny Pokemon Encounters

There are no official numbers or rates of Shiny Pokemon encounters in Pokemon GO. Most information found is simple speculation of trainers around the globe working to learn more about Shiny Pokemon encounters.

500x More Chances In Wild Spawns

According to surveys, the likelihood of Shiny Pokemon spawning in the wild is 1/500.

Are Encounter Chances Different Per Pokemon?

There are different ways to capture or encounter Shiny Pokemon within the game - hatching eggs, capturing them in raids, etc. However, it's been surveyed that chances don't change depending on the Pokemon.

Probability Of Encountering Shiny Pokemon

If encountering Shiny Pokemon in the wild of 1/500 that gives trainers 63% chance for every 500 Pokemon encountered.

1/500 Probability Sample Calculation
No. Of Encounters Encounter Percentage
100 18% Chance
200 32% Chance
300 45% Chance
400 55% Chance
500 63% Chance
600 69% Chance
700 75% Chance
800 79% Chance
900 83% Chance
1000 86% Chance

Do Shiny Pokemon Run Away?

Shiny Pokemon Can Run Away

If you fail in catching a Shiny Pokemon, there's a chance it will run away. It's best to use Razz Berries or Gold Razz Berries to capture the Shiny Pokemon easily.

Can I Trade Shiny Pokemon?

Can Special Trade Once A Day

Can Special Trade Once A Day

Shiny Pokemon can be traded with a friend once a day and is considered a Special Trade. Make sure to think about this carefully as it often costs tons of Stardust to trade a Shiny Pokemon.

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Other Topics & Questions

Shiny Pokemon Encounter Methods

Can You Tell If It's Shiny In The Wild?

Shiny Won't Appear Until Encountered

A Shiny Pokemon will not be seen in the world map of Pokemon Go. You need to encounter the Pokemon and go into the capture screen to see if it's a Shiny.

Stays Shiny Even If You Run Away

If you leave the capture screen, as long as the Pokemon has still spawned in the world map, it will remain Shiny. If it disappears from the map and another Pokemon takes its place, it will not be the same Shiny Pokemon.

Do Evolved Shiny Pokemon Spawn?

Not Confirmed

There hasn't been any confirmation if Shiny Pokemon spawn as their evolved forms. Usually you get base Pokemon as Shiny when you encounter them in the wild.

Can Shiny Pokemon Spawn From Lures?

Shiny Pokemon Can Spawn From Lures

Can Shiny Pokemon Spawn From Lures

Shiny Pokemon can be spawned when a lure is active in a PokeStop. Lures are often used during Community Days or events to increase chances of Shiny Pokemon spawning.

Check Out How To Use A Lure Module!

Can I Use Poke GO / Ball Plus?

Shiny Pokemon Can Be Captured

When using a Pokemon GO Plus or Poke Ball Plus, you can capture Shiny Pokemon as long as you have enough Poke Balls in your inventory.
>>How To Use Poke GO Plus
>>How To Use Poke Ball Plus

Are There Changes In The Pokedex?

Are There Changes In The Pokedex

You need to catch both male & female Pokemon for them to both appear in the Pokedex. For Shiny Pokemon, you don't need to capture both genders of the Pokemon for them to show up in the Pokedex.

Can You Transfer To Prof. Willow?

Can't Be Transferred In Bulk


Shiny Pokemon can't be transferred in bulk to Professor Willow. You need to select them one by one so as not to make any mistakes when transferring Pokemon.

What Are Marks Beside Shiny Pokemon?

Marks Indicate If Pokemon Is Shiny

Marks Indicate If Pokemon Is Shiny

The three sparkle marks on the upper left corner of the Pokemon icon indicate if that Pokemon is Shiny or not. This makes it easy to check in your Pokemon storage.

Shiny Pokemon Events List

Valentine's Celebration 2020 Event

Shiny Happiny Spawn Date Feb. 7, 2020
Shiny Lickilicky Spawn Date Feb. 15, 2020

In this year's Valentine's Celebration for 2020, the Shiny versions of Happiny and Lickilicky were introduced in Pokemon GO. A Shiny Lickilicky can be encountered during a raid event on February 15.

Check Out Valentine's 2020 Event Details!

Shiny Pokemon Color Difference

Pokemon Shiny Description
Shiny HappinyHappiny Has a lighter pink body color.
Shiny ChanseyChansey Chansey's body color is green.
Shiny BlisseyBlissey Will have a lighter pink body color.
Shiny LickitungLickitung Lickitung will have a yellow body color.
Shiny LickilickyLickilicky Lickilicky will have a yellow body color.

Sinnoh Region Appreciation Event

Sinnoh Region Appreciation Event
Shiny Spawn Date Feb. 7, 2020

Shiny Riolu and shiny Hippopotas were implemented in the Sinnoh Appreciation Event!

Shiny Pokemon Color Difference

Pokemon Shiny Description
Shiny RioluRiolu Will have an overall yellow body color.
Shiny LucarioLucario Lucario's body color is yellow.
Shiny HippopotasHippopotas Will have a lighter body color.
Shiny HippowdonHippowdon Nose & back is brown with light yellow body color.
Nose & back is brown with deep green body color.

Shiny Minccino & Cinccino During Lunar New Year

Shiny Spawn Date Feb. 2, 2020

For a limited time, during Lunar New Year, the Shiny versions of Minccino and Cinccino have been implemented in Pokemon GO.

Shiny Pokemon Color Difference

Pokemon Shiny Description
Shiny MinccinoMinccino Body will be light pink.
Shiny CinccinoCinccino Body color is light brown.
Previous Shiny Pokemon Events

Shiny Wurmple Evolution Implemented

Shiny Spawn Date Jan. 17, 2020

During the Egg event in January, the Shiny versions of Wurmple, Cascoon, Silcoon, Beautifly, and Dustox were implemented in the game.

Shiny Pokemon Color Difference

Pokemon Shiny Description
Shiny WurmpleWurmple Body will be purple in color.
Shiny SilcoonSilcoon Body color is orange.
Shiny BeautiflyBeautifly Body & feelers will be yellow.
Shiny CascoonCascoon Body will be green in color.
Shiny DustoxDustox Feelers will be colored yellow.

Shiny Heatran As Raid Boss

Shiny Spawn Date Jan. 8, 2020

Making its way back to the raids, Heatran's Shiny version can be encountered when you defeat it in 5-star raid battles!

Shiny Pokemon Color Difference

Pokemon Shiny Description
Shiny HeatranHeatran Body is lighter red with purple eyes.

Shiny Piplup For January 2020 Community Day

Shiny Spawn Date Jan. 19, 2020

During January 2020's Community Day, Piplup, Prinplup, and Empoleons Shiny versions have been incorporated in Pokemon GO.

Shiny Pokemon Color Difference

Pokemon Shiny Description
Shiny PiplupPiplup Body color is lighter blue.
Shiny PrinplupPrinplup Body color is lighter blue.
Shiny EmpoleonEmpoleon Body color is lighter blue.

Normal Vs. Shiny Pokemon Color Difference

Normal Shiny
Bulbasaur IconBulbasaur Shiny Bulbasaur
Ivysaur IconIvysaur Shiny Ivysaur
Venusaur IconVenusaur Shiny Venusaur
Charmander IconCharmander Shiny Charmander
Charmeleon IconCharmeleon Shiny Charmeleon
Charizard Icon Charizard Shiny Charizard
Squirtle IconSquirtle Shiny Squirtle
Wartortle IconWartortle Shiny Wartortle
Blastoise IconBlastoise Shiny Blastoise
Shiny CaterpieCaterpie Shiny Caterpie
Shiny MetapodMetapod Shiny Metapod
Shiny ButterfreeButterfree Shiny Butterfree
Shiny PidgeyPidgey Shiny Pidgey
Shiny PidgeottoPidgeotto Shiny Pidgeotto
Shiny PidgeotPidgeot Shiny Pidgeot
Shiny RattataRattata Shiny Rattata
Shiny Alolan RattataAlolan Rattata Shiny Alolan Rattata
Shiny RaticateRaticate Shiny Raticate
Shiny Alolan RaticateAlolan Raticate Shiny Alolan Raticate
Shiny EkansEkans Shiny Ekans
Shiny ArbokArbok Shiny Arbok
Shiny PikachuPikachu Shiny Pikachu
Shiny RaichuRaichu Shiny Raichu
Shiny Alolan RaichuAlolan Raichu Shiny Alolan Raichu
Shiny SandshrewSandshrew Shiny Sandshrew
Shiny Alolan SandshrewAlolan Sandshrew Shiny Alolan Sandshrew
Shiny SandslashSandslash Shiny Sandslash
Shiny Alolan SandslashAlolan Sandslash Shiny Alolan Sandslash
Shiny NidoranNidoran ♀ Shiny Nidoran
Shiny NidorinaNidorina Shiny Nidorina
Shiny NidoqueenNidoqueen Shiny Nidoqueen
Shiny NidoranNidoran ♂ Shiny Nidoran
Shiny NidorinoNidorino Shiny Nidorino
Shiny NidokingNidoking Shiny Nidoking
Shiny ClefairyClefairy Shiny Clefairy
Shiny ClefableClefable Shiny Clefable
Shiny Alolan VulpixAlolan Vulpix Shiny Alolan Vulpix
Shiny Alolan NinetailsAlolan Ninetails Shiny Alolan Ninetails
Shiny JigglypuffJigglypuff Shiny Jigglypuff
Shiny WigglytuffWigglytuff Shiny Wigglytuff
Shiny ZubatZubat Shiny Zubat
Shiny GolbatGolbat Shiny Golbat
Shiny OddishOddish Shiny Oddish
Shiny GloomGloom Shiny Gloom
Shiny VileplumeVileplume Shiny Vileplume
Shiny DiglettDiglett Shiny Diglett
Shiny Alolan DiglettAlolan Diglett Shiny Alolan Diglett
Shiny DugtrioDugtrio Shiny Dugtrio
Shiny Alolan DugtrioAlolan Dugtrio Shiny Alolan Dugtrio
Shiny MeowthMeowth Shiny Meowth
Shiny Alolan MeowthAlolan Meowth Shiny Alolan Meowth
Shiny PersianPersian Shiny Persian
Shiny Alolan PersianAlolan Persian Shiny Alolan Persian
Shiny PsyduckPsyduck Shiny Psyduck
Shiny GolduckGolduck Shiny Golduck
Shiny MankeyMankey Shiny Mankey
Shiny PrimeapePrimeape Shiny Primeape
Shiny GrowlitheGrowlithe Shiny Growlithe
Shiny ArcanineArcanine Shiny Arcanine
Shiny PoliwagPoliwag Shiny Poliwag
Shiny PoliwhirlPoliwhirl Shiny Poliwhirl
Shiny PoliwrathPoliwrath Shiny Poliwrath
Shiny MachopMachop Shiny Machop
Shiny MachokeMachoke Shiny Machoke
Shiny MachampMachamp Shiny Machamp
Shiny TentacoolTentacool Shiny Tentacool
Shiny TentacruelTentacruel Shiny Tentacruel
Shiny GeodudeGeodude Shiny Geodude
Shiny Alolan GeodudeAlolan Geodude Shiny Alolan Geodude
Shiny GravelerGraveler Shiny Graveler
Shiny Alolan GravelerAlolan Graveler Shiny Alolan Graveler
Shiny GolemGolem Shiny Golem
Shiny Alolan Golem Alolan Golem Shiny Alolan Golem
Shiny PonytaPonyta Shiny Ponyta
Shiny RapidashRapidash Shiny Rapidash
Shiny MagnemiteMagnemite Shiny Magnemite
Shiny MagnetonMagneton Shiny Magneton
Shiny FarfetchdFarfetch'd Shiny Farfetchd
Shiny SeelSeel Shiny Seel
Shiny DewgongDewgong Shiny Dewgong
Shiny GrimerGrimer Shiny Grimer
Shiny Alolan GrimerAlolan Grimer Shiny Alolan Grimer
Shiny MukMuk Shiny Muk
Shiny Alolan MukAlolan Muk Shiny Alolan Muk
Shiny ShellderShellder Shiny Shellder
Shiny CloysterCloyster Shiny Cloyster
Shiny GastlyGastly Shiny Gastly
Shiny HaunterHaunter Shiny Haunter
Shiny GengarGengar Shiny Gengar
Shiny OnixOnix Shiny Onix
Shiny DrowzeeDrowzee Shiny Drowzee
Shiny HypnoHypno Shiny Hypno
Shiny KrabbyKrabby Shiny Krabby
Shiny KinglerKingler Shiny Kingler
Shiny Alolan ExeggutorAlolan Exeggutor Shiny Alolan Exeggutor
Shiny CuboneCubone Shiny Cubone
Shiny MarowakMarowak Shiny Marowak
Shiny Alolan MarowakAlolan Marowak Shiny Alolan Marowak
Shiny LickitungLickitung Shiny Lickitung
Shiny KoffingKoffing Shiny Koffing
Shiny WeezingWeezing Shiny Weezing
Shiny ChanseyChansey Shiny Chansey
Shiny KangaskhanKangaskhan Shiny Kangaskhan
Shiny HorseaHorsea Shiny Horsea
Shiny SeadraSeadra Shiny Seadra
Shiny Mr MimeMr. Mime Shiny Mr Mime
Shiny ScytherScyther Shiny Scyther
Shiny JynxJynx Shiny Jynx
Shiny ElectabuzzElectabuzz Shiny Electabuzz
Shiny MagmarMagmar Shiny Magmar
Shiny PinsirPinsir Shiny Pinsir
Shiny TaurosTauros Shiny Tauros
Shiny MagikarpMagikarp Shiny Magikarp
Shiny GyaradosGyarados Shiny Gyarados
Shiny LaprasLapras Shiny Lapras
Shiny EeveeEevee Shiny Eevee
Shiny VaporeonVaporeon Shiny Vaporeon
Shiny JolteonJolteon Shiny Jolteon
Shiny FlareonFlareon Shiny Flareon
Shiny OmanyteOmanyte Shiny Omanyte
Shiny OmastarOmastar Shiny Omastar
Shiny KabutoKabuto Shiny Kabuto
Shiny KabutopsKabutops Shiny Kabutops
Shiny AerodactylAerodactyl Shiny Aerodactyl
Shiny ArticunoArticuno Shiny Articuno
Shiny ZapdosZapdos Shiny Zapdos
Shiny MoltresMoltres Shiny Moltres
Shiny DratiniDratini Shiny Dratini
Shiny DragonairDragonair Shiny Dragonair
Shiny DragoniteDragonite Shiny Dragonite
Shiny MewtwoMewtwo Shiny Mewtwo
Shiny ChikoritaChikorita Shiny Chikorita
Shiny BayleefBayleef Shiny Bayleef
Shiny MeganiumMeganium Shiny Meganium
Shiny CyndaquilCyndaquil Shiny Cyndaquil
Shiny QuilavaQuilava Shiny Quilava
Shiny TyphlosionTyphlosion Shiny Typhlosion
Shiny TotodileTotodile Shiny Totodile
Shiny CroconawCroconaw Shiny Croconaw
Shiny FeraligatrFeraligatr Shiny Feraligatr
Shiny SentretSentret Shiny Sentret
Shiny FurretFurret Shiny Furret
Shiny CrobatCrobat Shiny Crobat
Shiny PichuPichu Shiny Pichu
Shiny CleffaCleffa Shiny Cleffa
Shiny IgglybuffIgglybuff Shiny Igglybuff
Shiny TogepiTogepi Shiny Togepi
Shiny TogeticTogetic Shiny Togetic
Shiny NatuNatu Shiny Natu
Shiny XatuXatu Shiny Xatu
Shiny MareepMareep Shiny Mareep
Shiny FlaaffyFlaaffy Shiny Flaaffy
Shiny AmpharosAmpharos Shiny Ampharos
Shiny BellossomBellossom Shiny Bellossom
Shiny MarillMarill Shiny Marill
Shiny AzumarillAzumarill Shiny Azumarill
Shiny SudowoodoSudowoodo Shiny Sudowoodo
Shiny PolitoedPolitoed Shiny Politoed
Shiny AipomAipom Shiny Aipom
Shiny SunkernSunkern Shiny Sunkern
Shiny SunfloraSunflora Shiny Sunflora
Shiny YanmaYanma Shiny Yanma
Shiny EspeonEspeon Shiny Espeon
Shiny UmbreonUmbreon Shiny Umbreon
Shiny MurkrowMurkrow Shiny Murkrow
Shiny MisdreavusMisdreavus Shiny Misdreavus
Shiny WobbuffetWobbuffet Shiny Wobbuffet
Shiny PinecoPineco Shiny Pineco
Shiny ForretressForretress Shiny Forretress
Shiny GligarGligar Shiny Gligar
Shiny SteelixSteelix Shiny Steelix
Shiny SnubbullSnubbull Shiny Snubbull
Shiny GranbullGranbull Shiny Granbull
Shiny ScizorScizor Shiny Scizor
Shiny ShuckleShuckle Shiny Shuckle
Shiny SneaselSneasel Shiny Sneasel
Shiny SwinubSwinub Shiny Swinub
Shiny PiloswinePiloswine Shiny Piloswine
Shiny DelibirdDelibird Shiny Delibird
Shiny SkarmorySkarmory Shiny Skarmory
Shiny HoundourHoundour Shiny Houndour
Shiny HoundoomHoundoom Shiny Houndoom
Shiny KingdraKingdra Shiny Kingdra
Shiny StantlerStantler Shiny Stantler
Shiny SmoochumSmoochum Shiny Smoochum
Shiny ElekidElekid Shiny Elekid
Shiny MagbyMagby Shiny Magby
Shiny BlisseyBlissey Shiny Blissey
Shiny RaikouRaikou Shiny Raikou
Shiny EnteiEntei Shiny Entei
Shiny SuicuneSuicune Shiny Suicune
Shiny LarvitarLarvitar Shiny Larvitar
Shiny PupitarPupitar Shiny Pupitar
Shiny TyranitarTyranitar Shiny Tyranitar
Shiny LugiaLugia Shiny Lugia
Shiny Ho-ohHo-oh Shiny Ho-oh
Shiny TreeckoTreecko Shiny Treecko
Shiny GrovyleGrovyle Shiny Grovyle
Shiny SceptileSceptile Shiny Sceptile
Shiny TorchicTorchic Shiny Torchic
Shiny CombuskenCombusken Shiny Combusken
Shiny BlazikenBlaziken Shiny Blaziken
Shiny MudkipMudkip Shiny Mudkip
Shiny MarshtompMarshtomp Shiny Marshtomp
Shiny SwampertSwampert Shiny Swampert
Shiny PoochyenaPoochyena Shiny Poochyena
Shiny MightyenaMightyena Shiny Mightyena
Shiny ZigzagoonZigzagoon Shiny Zigzagoon
Shiny LinooneLinoone Shiny Linoone
Shiny WurmpleWurmple Shiny Wurmple
Shiny SilcoonSilcoon Shiny Silcoon
Shiny BeautiflyBeautifly Shiny Beautifly
Shiny CascoonCascoon Shiny Cascoon
Shiny DustoxDustox Shiny Dustox
Shiny LotadLotad Shiny Lotad
Shiny LombreLombre Shiny Lombre
Shiny LudicoloLudicolo Shiny Ludicolo
Shiny TaillowTaillow Shiny Taillow
Shiny SwellowSwellow Shiny Swellow
Shiny WingullWingull Shiny Wingull
Shiny PelipperPelipper Shiny Pelipper
Shiny RaltsRalts Shiny Ralts
Shiny KirliaKirlia Shiny Kirlia
Shiny GardevoirGardevoir Shiny Gardevoir
Shiny SlakothSlakoth Shiny Slakoth
Shiny VigorothVigoroth Shiny Vigoroth
Shiny SlakingSlaking Shiny Slaking
Shiny MakuhitaMakuhita Shiny Makuhita
Shiny HariyamaHariyama Shiny Hariyama
Shiny AzurillAzurill Shiny Azurill
Shiny SableyeSableye Shiny Sableye
Shiny MawileMawile Shiny Mawile
Shiny AronAron Shiny Aron
Shiny LaironLairon Shiny Lairon
Shiny AggronAggron Shiny Aggron
Shiny MedititeMeditite Shiny Meditite
Shiny MedichamMedicham Shiny Medicham
Shiny ElectrikeElectrike Shiny Electrike
Shiny ManectricManectric Shiny Manectric
Shiny PluslePlusle Shiny Plusle
Shiny MinunMinun Shiny Minun
Shiny RoseliaRoselia Shiny Roselia
Shiny CarvanhaCarvanha Shiny Carvanha
Shiny SharpedoSharpedo Shiny Sharpedo
Shiny WailmerWailmer Shiny Wailmer
Shiny WailordWailord Shiny Wailord
Shiny SpoinkSpoink Shiny Spoink
Shiny GrumpigGrumpig Shiny Grumpig
Shiny SpindaSpinda Shiny Spinda
Shiny TrapinchTrapinch Shiny Trapinch
Shiny VibravaVibrava Shiny Vibrava
Shiny FlygonFlygon Shiny Flygon
Shiny SwabluSwablu Shiny Swablu
Shiny AltariaAltaria Shiny Altaria
Shiny ZangooseZangoose Shiny Zangoose
Shiny SeviperSeviper Shiny Seviper
Shiny LunatoneLunatone Shiny Lunatone
Shiny SolrockSolrock Shiny Solrock
Shiny BarboachBarboach Shiny Barboach
Shiny WhiscashWhiscash Shiny Whiscash
Shiny LileepLileep Shiny Lileep
Shiny CradilyCradily Shiny Cradily
Shiny AnorithAnorith Shiny Anorith
Shiny ArmaldoArmaldo Shiny Armaldo
Shiny FeebasFeebas Shiny Feebas
Shiny MiloticMilotic Shiny Milotic
Shiny CastformCastform Shiny Castform
Shiny ShuppetShuppet Shiny Shuppet
Shiny BanetteBanette Shiny Banette
Shiny DuskullDuskull Shiny Duskull
Shiny DusclopsDusclops Shiny Dusclops
Shiny AbsolAbsol Shiny Absol
Shiny WynautWynaut Shiny Wynaut
Shiny SnoruntSnorunt Shiny Snorunt
Shiny GlalieGlalie Shiny Glalie
Shiny ClamperlClamperl Shiny Clamperl
Shiny HuntailHuntail Shiny Huntail
Shiny GorebyssGorebyss Shiny Gorebyss
Shiny LuvdiscLuvdisc Shiny Luvdisc
Shiny BagonBagon Shiny Bagon
Shiny ShelgonShelgon Shiny Shelgon
Shiny SalamenceSalamence Shiny Salamence
Shiny BeldumBeldum Shiny Beldum
Shiny MetangMetang Shiny Metang
Shiny MetagrossMetagross Shiny Metagross
Shiny RegirockRegirock Shiny Regirock
Shiny RegiceRegice Shiny Regice
Shiny RegisteelRegisteel Shiny Registeel
Shiny LatiasLatias Shiny Latias
Shiny LatiosLatios Shiny Latios
Shiny KyogreKyogre Shiny Kyogre
Shiny GroudonGroudon Shiny Groudon
Shiny RayquazaRayquaza Shiny Rayquaza
Shiny TurtwigTurtwig Shiny Turtwig
Shiny GrotleGrotle Shiny Grotle
Shiny TorterraTorterra Shiny Torterra
Shiny ChimcharChimchar Shiny Chimchar
Shiny MonfernoMonferno Shiny Monferno
Shiny InfernapeInfernape Shiny Infernape
Shiny PiplupPiplup Shiny Piplup
Shiny PrinplupPrinplup Shiny Prinplup
Shiny EmpoleonEmpoleon Shiny Empoleon
Shiny ShinxShinx Shiny Shinx
Shiny LuxioLuxio Shiny Luxio
Shiny LuxrayLuxray Shiny Luxray
Shiny BudewBudew Shiny Budew
Shiny RoseradeRoserade Shiny Roserade
Burmy Icon Plant Cloak Burmy (Plant Cloak) Shiny Burmy Plant Cloak
Burmy Icon Sandy Cloak Burmy (Sandy Cloak) Shiny Burmy Sandy Cloak
Burmy Icon Trash Cloak Burmy (Trash Cloak) Shiny Burmy Trash Cloak
Wormadam Icon Plant Cloak Wormadam (Plant Cloak) Shiny Wormadam Plant Cloak
Wormadam Icon Sandy Cloak Wormadam (Sandy Cloak) Shiny Wormadam Sandy Cloak
Wormadam Icon Trash Cloak Wormadam (Trash Cloak) Shiny Wormadam Trash Cloak
Mothim Icon Mothim Shiny Mothim
Ambipom Icon Ambipom Shiny Ambipom
Shiny DrifloonDrifloon Shiny Drifloon
Shiny DrifblimDrifblim Shiny Drifblim
Shiny BunearyBuneary Shiny Buneary
Shiny LopunnyLopunny Shiny Lopunny
Shiny MismagiusMismagius Shiny Mismagius
Shiny HonchkrowHonchkrow Shiny Honchkrow
Shiny BronzorBronzor Shiny Bronzor
Shiny BronzongBronzong Shiny Bronzong
Bonsly Icon Bonsly Shiny Bonsly
Mime Jr IconMime Jr. Shiny Mime Jr
Happiny Icon Happiny Shiny Happiny
Gible IconGible Shiny Gible
Gabite Icon Gabite Shiny Gabite
Garchomp Icon Garchomp Shiny Garchomp
Shiny RioluRiolu Shiny Riolu
Shiny LucarioLucario Shiny Lucario
Hippopotas Icon Hippotas Shiny Hippopotas
Hippowdon Icon Hippowdon Shiny Hippowdon
Shiny SnoverSnover Shiny Snover
Shiny AbomasnowAbomasnow Shiny Abomasnow
Shiny WeavileWeavile Shiny Weavile
Magnezone IconMagnezone Shiny Magnezone
Lickilicky Icon Lickilicky Shiny Lickilicky
Shiny ElectivireElectivire Shiny Electivire
Shiny MagmortarMagmortar Shiny Magmortar
Shiny TogekissTogekiss Shiny Togekiss
Yanmega Icon Yanmega Shiny Yanmega
Leafeon IconLeafeon Shiny Leafeon
Glaceon IconGlaceon Shiny Glaceon
Shiny GliscorGliscor Shiny Gliscor
Mamoswine Icon Mamoswine Shiny Mamoswine
Gallade Icon Gallade Shiny Gallade
Shiny DusknoirDusknoir Shiny Dusknoir
Shiny FroslassFroslass Shiny Froslass
Shiny HeatranHeatran Shiny Heatran
Shiny Giratina Altered FormeGiratina (Altered Forme) Shiny Giratina Altered Forme
Shiny CresseliaCresselia Shiny Cresselia
Patrat Icon Patrat Shiny Patrat
Watchog Icon Watchog Shiny Watchog
Lillipup Icon Lillipup Shiny Lillipup
Herdier Icon Herdier Shiny Herdier
Stoutland Icon Stoutland Shiny Stoutland
Yamask Icon Yamask Shiny Yamask
Cosfragigus Icon Cosfragigus Shiny Cosfragigus
Minccino Icon Minccino Shiny Minccino
Cinccino Icon Ciccino Shiny Cinccino
Klink Icon Klink Shiny Klink
Klang Icon Klang Shiny Klang
Klinklang Icon Klinklang Shiny Klinklang
Shiny MeltanMeltan Shiny Meltan
Shiny MelmetalMelmetal Shiny Melmetal

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Anonymous 1

Pidgey is missing in the shinies list - I have one...

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