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Deoxys (Attack Form) EX Raid Battle - Strategies & Tips

Pokemon Go
Deoxys (Attack Form) EX Raid Battle - Strategies & Tips

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Check out the Deoxys (Attack Form) Raid in Pokemon Go! Find out the best strategy to defeat and capture Deoxys (Attack Form), including weaknesses, required levels, and more!

Pokemon Go, Deoxys (Attack Form) EX Raid - Tips, Guides & Strategies

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Deoxys Attack Form EX Raid Happening Now!

Deoxys Attack Form EX Raid Happening Now!

The Deoxys EX Raid has switched from its normal form, into its attack form, and can be challenged now! However, unlike normal Raids, you need to be invited to participate in this type of Raid!

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Best Pokemon To Use Against Deoxys

* Ranking is based on the DPS, ease of use, and durability of Pokemon that are types which are very effective against Deoxys (Attack Form).

(※) Legacy Move - cannot be learned at the moment

▶Check Out Legacy Moves Here

RankPokemonRecommended MovesetCombo DPS
1WeavileWeavileFeint Attack
Foul Play
Dark Pulse
4MewtwoMewtwoPsycho Cut
Shadow Ball(※)
Foul Play
6GengarGengarShadow Claw(※)
Shadow Ball
Shadow Ball
Shadow Ball
9RayquazaRayquazaDragon Tail
10AlakazamAlakazamPsycho Cut
Shadow Ball
Stone Edge
12MetagrossMetagrossBullet Punch
Meteor Mash(※)
13ScizorScizorFury Cutter
14DragoniteDragoniteDragon Tail
15SalamenceSalamenceDragon Tail
Draco Meteor

Strategy When Fighting Deoxys

Deoxys Is A Psychic Type

Pokemon Go, Deoxys (Attack Form) EX Raid - Tips, Guides & Strategies

Deoxys is a Psychic type Pokemon, meaning that it is weak to bug and ghost type Pokemon and moves. Keep this in mind when choosing which Pokemon to use when battling Deoxys!

Different Type Of Deoxys Not Necessarily Changes Type

Even if Deoxys has turned into its attack form, the type is still the same. This means that even if the base stats are now different, you will still be able to use and exploit the same weaknesses that the normal form had.

Deoxys Type Weaknesses & Strengths

x 2.56None
x 1.6Fire IconIce IconFlying Icon
x 0.625Fighting IconPsychic Icon
x 0.39None
x 0.244None
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Recommended Number Of Players

Recommended Players When Fighting

Only One Person Needed

Since the Attack Form of Deoxys has low health, a properly leveled player can beat it one-on-one. However, it is recommended that you be at least level 30 before going up against Deoxys,

3-5 People To Ensure Win

If you are not able to win against it alone yet, it is recommended to have at around 3-5 people to fight against it!

IV & CP Reference Chart

Normal CPWeather To BoostBoosted CP
1474Pokemon Go, Deoxys (Attack Form) EX Raid - Tips, Guides & StrategiesWindy1842
Check Out Deoxys CP & IV Chart Here

100% IV at CP 1474

The maximum CP that you can get from capturing an Attack Form Deoxys is at CP 1474. This means that if you catch a Deoxys at 1474 CP, then it IVs are at 100%.

Check Out Individual Values Here

Windy Weather Boosts CP 1842

When the weather is windy, it will boost the Attack Form Deoxys's CP to 1842.

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