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Check out what is the Pokemon Go Plus! Find out its functions, what you can do with it, & more in this guide!

Pokemon Go, How To Use Pokemon Go Plus

Pokemon Go Accessories

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What Is Pokemon Go Plus?

Play Pokemon Go Without Using Your Smartphone

SOURCE: Official Youtube Video

Pokemon Go Plus is an accessory which you can connect to your phone which will allow you to play the game without using your smartphone! This is a helpful tool to use so that the game does not eat lots of battery!

Pokemon Go Plus Information

Release DateSeptember 16, 2016
PlatformsiOS / Android
SizeLength 46mm x Width 33mm x Height 17.5mm
Weight13g (with batteries)

Pokemon Go Plus Features

  • 1. Capture Pokemon with Pokeballs
  • 2. Alerts you to Pokemon appearing while you walk
  • 3. Allows you to put down Lures in Poke Stops
  • 4. Lets you spin Poke Stops and collect items
  • 5. Tracks your distance traveled even if your phone is asleep
  • 6. Helps you hatch your eggs

Pokemon Go Plus Only Uses Pokeballs

The Pokemon Go Plus will only allow you to throw Pokeballs at wild Pokemon. It does not allow you to equip Great Balls, and Ultra Balls when attempting to catch a Pokemon.

Chance To Let Stronger Pokemon Escape

Since the Pokemon Go Plus does not also allow you to use Berries when capturing Pokemon, there is a chance that stronger Pokemon will be able to escape! Be careful and take note of which Pokemon appear while you walk!

May Be Difficult To Find

Since the Pokemon Go Plus has been released for a few years now, it may be very difficult for you to find. There may be less stores that sell it, so consider yourself lucky if you find one!

Light Colors & Effects

Light Color & Effects List

Light ColorEffect
Pokemon Go, How To Use Pokemon Go PlusBlueApproaching a Pokestop (flashing & 2 vibrations)
Broken connection (slow flashing)
Pokemon Go, How To Use Pokemon Go PlusYellowNew Pokemon appears
Pokemon Go, How To Use Pokemon Go PlusGreenRegistered Pokemon appears
Pokemon Go, How To Use Pokemon Go PlusWhiteCapturing Pokemon (several vibrations)
Bag is full (flashing + long vibration)
Pokemon Go, How To Use Pokemon Go PlusRedCapture failed (2 flashes)
Pokemon ran away (3 flashes)
Rainbow ColoredPokemon captured
Items collected from Pokestop

Pokemon Go Plus Works Even With No Ball

Even if you run out of Pokeballs, the Pokemon Go Plus will still notify you if a Pokemon appears while you're walking. Pushing the button without any Pokeballs will result in a No Capture.

Collect Lots Of Pokeballs From Pokestops

To ensure that you have enough Pokeballs while you walk, make sure to visit lots of Pokestops and collect the items! This will stock you up with lots of Pokeballs! Alternatively, you can use your smartphone to equip a different.

Who Should Use Pokemon Go Plus?

Players Who Want To Catch Lots Of Pokemon

Pokemon Go, How To Use Pokemon Go Plus

The Pokemon Go Plus is recommended for trainers who want to capture a lot of Pokemon while exploring. It is also useful for trainers who want to level up fast by capturing lots of Pokemon and evolving them!

Check Out How To Level Up Fast Here

Players Who Want To Hatch Lots Of Eggs

Pokemon Go, How To Use Pokemon Go Plus

The Pokemon Go Plus will track your number of steps, which in turn, allows you to hatch lots of eggs! Players who aim to hatch lots of eggs will find the Pokemon Go Plus very useful!

Players Who Want To Earn Candies From Their Buddy

Pokemon Go, How To Use Pokemon Go Plus

Trainers who would like to earn more candies for a specific Pokemon should set that Pokemon as their buddy. Pokemon Go Plus will track the distance they travel and give them more candies to help them level up their Pokemon!

Pokemon Go Plus Batteries

Use For 100 Days Straight From The Box

According to the manual of the Pokemon Go Plus, you will be able to use it for 100 days on its initial charge. However, since usage varies from person-to-person, it is recommended to change the battery once per 3 months.

Get Notified When The Battery Is Low

Pokemon Go, How To Use Pokemon Go Plus

When the battery is running low on the Pokemon Go Plus, a notification icon of the accessory will be displayed within the game. When this icon shows up, it is best to ready your new set of batteries!

How To Connect Pokemon Go Plus

Connect via Pokemon Go On Your Phone

Pokemon Go, How To Use Pokemon Go Plus

You will be able to set up a connection with the Pokemon Go Plus accessory via the game on your phone. It is a wireless connection that lets you play even when another app is open or when the phone is asleep.

How To Connect Pokemon Go Plus

  • Step 1: Turn on your device's Bluetooth
  • Step 2: Open your game & tap Pokemon Go Plus in the settings menu
  • Step 3: From the available devices, tap on your Pokemon Go Plus
  • Step 4: Your device will vibrate when the connection is made and icon is shown

If Pokemon Go Plus does not appear in available devices, press the button on your Pokemon Go Plus to make it show up on available devices.

Track Your Actions Using Notifications

Pokemon Go, How To Use Pokemon Go Plus

You will be able to confirm and track your actions and progress by turning on notifications in the settings. This will let you see what Pokemon you've caught, and which Pokestops you've visited!

Turn On Pokestop Notifications

Pokemon Go, How To Use Pokemon Go Plus

In Ver 0.41.2, the game has introduced notifications that allow you to select which notifications will be displayed. Turning on the Pokestop, will let you collect items from the area even when a Pokemon is nearby.

Pokemon Go Plus Only Pairs With One Account

The Pokemon Go Plus will only let you use one account when it is paired. If you want to use another account on the accessory, make sure to disconnect it from its original pairing!

Troubleshooting Pokemon Go Plus

Pokemon Go, How To Use Pokemon Go Plus

If you are having problems connecting your Pokemon Go Plus to your game, here are some things you can do to fix the problem.

Fixing Connectivity Issues

Check If Your Bluetooth Connection Is On

Double check to see if your phone's bluetooth connection is turned on. Since Pokemon Go Plus pairs to your smartphone via bluetooth, this option needs to be turned on.

Try To Change Batteries

Another solution when encountering this problem is that the battery for your Pokemon Go Plus is out of charge. Try replacing your batteries to see if the problem persists.

Periodic Loss Of Connection

Disconnection After 1 Hour

After an hour of not pressing the button, the Pokemon Go Plus will disconnect from your phone. You will need to manually reconnect the Go Plus in order for you to continue using it.

Disconnection If The Devices Are Far Away

The Pokemon Go Plus will also disconnect from your phone if they are too far apart. Try to keep your Go Plus and phone in close proximity to each other in order for a continuous connection.

Pokemon Go Plus Not Connecting At All

If you cannot connect your Go Plus to your phone after trying these solutions, try to restart your phone's bluetooth and game, then try to connect the Go Plus again.

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