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Pokemon Go | Legacy Moves List

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Learn about Legacy Moves in Pokemon Go! Find out what is a Legacy Move and which moves are considered Legacy Moves in the game.

Pokemon Go, Legacy Moves List
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Legacy Move List

Legacy Moves Table

PokemonFast Legacy MoveCharged Legacy Move
Venusaur IconVenusaur-Frenzy Plant
Charmeleon IconCharmeleonScratch-
Charizard IconCharizardEmber
Wing Attack
Blastoise IconBlastoise-Hydro Cannon
Butterfree IconButterfreeBug Bite-
Beedrill IconBeedrillBug Bite-
Pidgeot IconPidgeotWing AttackAir Cutter
Spearow IconSpearow-Twister
Fearow IconFearow-Twister
Ekans IconEkans-Gunk Shot
Pikachu IconPikachu-Thunder
Raichu IconRaichu-Thunder Shock
Sandshrew IconSandshrew-Rock Tomb
Nidoking IconNidokingFury Cutter-
Clefable IconClefablePound-
Ninetales IconNinetalesEmberFire Blast
Jigglypuff IconJigglypuff-Body Slam
Play Rough
Zubat IconZubat-Sludge Bomb
Golbat IconGolbat-Ominous Wind
Parasect IconParasectBug Bite-
Venomoth IconVenomothBug BitePoison Fang
Diglett IconDiglettMud Shot-
Dugtrio IconDugtrioMud Shot-
Meowth IconMeowth-Body Slam
Persian IconPersian-Night Slash
Primeape IconPrimeapeKarate ChopCross Chop
Arcanine IconArcanineBiteFlamethrower
Poliwhirl IconPoliwhirl-Scald
Poliwrath IconPoliwrathMud ShotSubmission
Alakazam IconAlakazam-Psychic
Dazzling Gleam
Machop IconMachopLow Kick-
Machoke IconMachoke-Cross Chop
Machamp IconMachampKarate ChopCross Chop
Stone Edge
Weepinbell IconWeepinbellRazor Leaf-
Graveler IconGravelerMud ShotRock Slide
Golem IconGolemMud ShotAncient Power
Ponyta IconPonyta-Fire Blast
Rapidash IconRapidashEmber-
Magneton IconMagnetonThunder ShockDischarge
Doduo IconDoduo-Swift
Dodrio IconDodrio-Air Cutter
Seel IconSeelWater GunAqua Jet
Dewgong IconDewgongIce ShardIcy Wind
Aqua Jet
Grimer IconGrimerAcid-
Muk IconMukAcid
Cloyster IconCloyster-Icy Wind
Gastly IconGastlySucker PunchOminous Wind
Haunter IconHaunterLickShadow Ball
Gengar IconGengarShadow Claw
Sludge Wave
Dark Pulse
Onix IconOnix-Iron Head
Rock Slide
Hypno IconHypno-Psyshock
Shadow Ball
Kingler IconKinglerMud Shot-
Voltorb IconVoltorb-Signal Beam
Electrode IconElectrodeTackle-
Exeggutor IconExeggutorConfusion
Zen Headbutt
Hitmonlee IconHitmonlee-Stomp
Brick Break
Hitmonchan IconHitmonchanRock SmashBrick Break
Koffing IconKoffingAcid-
Weezing IconWeezingAcid-
Rhydon IconRhydon-Megahorn
Chansey IconChansey-Psybeam
Tangela IconTangela-Power Whip
Kangaskhan IconKangaskhan-Brick Break
Seadra IconSeadra-Blizzard
Seaking IconSeakingPoison JabIcy Wind
Drill Run
Staryu IconStaryuQuick Attack-
Starmie IconStarmie-Psybeam
Scyther IconScytherSteel WingBug Buzz
Jynx IconJynxPoundIce Punch
Pinsir IconPinsirFury CutterSubmission
Gyarados IconGyaradosDragon Breath
Dragon Tail
Dragon Pulse
Lapras IconLaprasIce ShardDragon Pulse
Ice Beam
Eevee IconEevee-Body Slam
Last Resort
Flareon IconFlareon-Heat Wave
Last Resort
Vaporeon IconVaporeon-Last Resort
Espeon IconEspeon-Last Resort
Umbreon IconUmbreon-Last Resort
Porygon IconPorygonQuick Attack
Zen Headbutt
Signal Beam
Omanyte IconOmanyte-Brine
Rock Tomb
Omastar IconOmastarRock ThrowRock Slide
Kabutops IconKabutopsFury Cutter-
Snorlax IconSnorlax-Body Slam
Zapdos IconZapdosThunder ShockDischarge
Moltres IconMoltresEmberSky Attack
Dragonite IconDragoniteDragon BreathDragon Pulse
Dragon Claw
Draco Meteor
Mew IconMew-Dragon Pulse
Mewtwo IconMewtwo-Shadow Ball
Hyper Beam
Meganium IconMeganium-Frenzy Plant
Typhlosion IconTyphlosion-Blast Burn
Feraligatr IconFeraligatrWater Gun-
Pichu IconPichuQuick Attack-
Cleffa IconCleffa-Body Slam
Igglybuff IconIgglybuff-Body Slam
Togepi IconTogepiZen Headbutt-
Togetic IconTogeticSteel Wing
Zen Headbutt
Politoed IconPolitoed-Earthquake
Ampharos IconAmpharos-Dragon Pulse
Kingdra IconKIngdraWater Gun-
Elekid IconElekid-Thunderbolt
Smoochum IconSmoochumFrost Breath-
Magby IconMagby-Flamethrower
Suicune IconSuicuneHidden Power-
Tyranitar IconTyranitarSmack Down-
Blaziken IconBlaziken-Stone Edge
Shedinja IconShedinjaBite-
Metagross IconMetagross-Meteor Mash

What Is A Legacy Move?

Moves That Were Removed From The Game

Legacy Moves are powerful moves for a specific Pokemon that have been removed from the game due to an update, making them unobtainable today. It is unclear whether these moves will be put back in a future update.

Moves Still Learned By Pokemon

Pokemon Go, Legacy Moves List

Despite the fact that some of these moves are unobtainable to their specific Pokemon, Pokemon that have learned the move before the update will retain the move. This makes them highly sought after for their rare movesets!

Extremely Powerful Against Specific Pokemon

Legacy moves can be extremely strong against specific Pokemon, depending on their Type and opponent's weaknesses. It would be wise to keep these rare moves in your lineup, just in case!

Gengar's Legacy Move - Shadow Claw

Pokemon Go, Legacy Moves List

Gengar's Shadow Claw is a legacy move that is extremely effective against Mewtwo. Psychic Types are weak against Ghost moves and Gengar's Shadow Claw matches with his Type, getting an attack boost & becoming super effective against Mewtwo.

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Charizard's Legacy Move - Air Slash

Pokemon Go, Legacy Moves List

The legacy move "Air Slash" matches perfectly with Charizard's Type, giving it a small boost in attack when used. It is a great move to bring down Pokemon weak to Air Type attacks.

Check Out Charizard's Stats & Moves Here!

Machamp's Legacy Move - Karate Chop / Cross Chop

Pokemon Go, Legacy Moves List

Machamp's Fighting Type legacy moves such as "Karate Chop" and "Cross Chop" are very powerful against Normal Types. These moves can easily take down Blisseys that are left guarding an opposing team's gym.

Check Out Machamp's Stats & Moves Here!
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