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Community Day List - 2020 Events

Pokemon Go | Community Day List - 2020 Events

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Pokemon Go | Community Day List - 2020 Events - GameWith

Learn all there is to know about Pokemon Go's Community Days! Includes a list of Community Day events (up to February 2020), shinies, time frames, featured Pokemon & more!

Pokemon Go What is Community Day

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Latest Community Day Info

Mysterious Community Day Tweet

On February 26th, the official Pokemon Go Twitter account posted a new image related to Community Day. Very little information was provided, but judging from the color, it is being speculated that the event will have something to do with Shadow Pokemon! It also coincides with Pokemon Day, which features tons of other events as well.

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Past Community Day Events

February 2020: Rhyhorn

Rhyhorn - February 2020 Community Day
Check Out Rhyhorn's Stats & Moves Here!

Event Duration:

Northern Hemisphere Feb. 22, 2020, 11:00AM - 2:00PM
Southern Hemisphere Feb. 22, 2020, 3:00PM - 6:00PM

Event Content

Featured PokemonRhyhorn
Special MoveRock Wrecker
Item Bonus- Lure Modules last for 3 hours
- 3x Catch Stardust
- Get up to 10 Sinnoh Stone in GO Battle League

Special Move Is Rock Wrecker

The special move for Rhyhorn Community Day this February 2020 is Rock Wrecker. Evolve Rhydon to Rhyperior up to 1 hour after Community Day ends to get this move!

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April 2019: Bagon

April 2019 Community Day - Bagon
Check Out Bagon's Stats & Moves Here!

Event Duration:

Global Time April 13, 2019, 3:00PM - 6:00PM

Event Content

Featured PokemonBagon
Special MoveTo Be Announced
Item Bonus- Lure Modules last for 3 hours
- 3x Catch Experience

Special Move Note Announced Yet

No special move has been announced yet for April 2019 Community Day. Stay tuned for more information once the special move has been announced.

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March 2019: Treecko

Pokemon GO March Community Day Treecko
Check Out Treecko's Stats & Moves Here!

Event Duration:

Global Time March 23, 2019, 3:00PM - 6:00PM

Event Content

Featured PokemonTreecko
Special MoveFrenzy Plant
Item Bonus- Lure Modules last for 3 hours
- 4x Incubator Effectiveness
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February 2019: Swinub

Pokemon GO February Community Day Swinub
Check Out Swinub's Moves & Stats Here!

Event Duration

Feb 16, 2019, 11:00AM - 2:00PM PST
Europe, Middle East
Africa, India
Feb 16, 2019, 10:00AM - 1:00PM UTC
Asia-PacificFeb 17, 2019, 12:00PM - 3:00PM JST

Event Content

Featured PokemonSwinub
Special Move Ancient Power
Item Bonus- Lure Modules last for 3 hours
- 3x Catch Stardust
- Earn 5 rewards per day from Trainer Battles during Community Day weekend
- Earn up to 5 Sinnoh Stones From Trainer Battles during Community Day
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January 2019: Totodile

Pokemon GO What Is Community Day
Check Out Totodile's Moves & Stats Here!
Duration Sunday, January 13, 2019
Featured PokemonTotodile
Special Move Hydro Cannon
Item Bonus- Lure Modules last for 3 hours
- 4x Incubator effectiveness

January 2019's Community Day featured the Water Pokemon Totodile. Evolving it into Feraligatr will teach it the powerful move "Hydro Cannon". Community Day also boosted Incubator effectiveness!

December 2018: All Past Featured Pokemon

December Community Day

During December, Pokemon featured in previous Community days had higher chances of spawning in the Community Day! You can also let them learn a special move by evolving caught featured Pokemon to their final evolutions!

November 2018: Cyndaquil

Cyndaquil Community Day
Check Out Cyndaquil's Moves & Stats Here!
DurationSunday, November 10, 2018
Featured PokemonCyndaquil
Special MoveBlast Burn
Bonus - XP
- Double Stardust for catches and hatches

November's Community Day features the fire type Pokemon Cyndaquil, and will let you help it learn "Blast Burn"! The Community Day also gives you a bonus of XP and double Catch & Hatch Stardust.

October: Beldum

Beldum Community Day
Check Out Beldum's Moves & Stats Here!
DurationSunday, October 28, 2018
Featured PokemonBeldum
Special MoveMeteor Mash
Bonus - 4x Egg Hatch Speed
- 3 Hour Lure Duration

Beldum is the focus of October's Community Day. Players are given the chance to help it learn "Meteor Mash" while also enjoying a 4x Egg Hatch Speed, and 3 Hour Lures for the duration of Community Day.

September: Chikorita

Chikorita Community Day
Check Out Chikorita's Moves & Stats Here!
DurationSaturday, September 22, 2018
Featured PokemonChikorita
Special MoveFrenzy Plant
Bonus - 2x Catch XP
- 3 Hour Lure Duration

September is the month of Chikorita as more of these Pokemon will appear. The Special Move is "Frenzy Plant", and players can enjoy double Catch XP, and 3 Hour Lures!

August: Eevee

Eevee Community Day
Check Out Eevee's Moves & Stats Here!
DurationSaturday - Sunday, August 11 - 12, 2018
Featured PokemonEevee
Special MoveLast Resort
Bonus - 3x Stardust When Catching
- 3 Hour Lures

Eevee is the star of August's community day. Players will have the ability to help Eevee's caught on the day the move "Last Resort" while also getting 3x Catch Stardust, and 3 Hour Lures.

July: Squirtle

Squirtle Community Day
Check Out Squirtle's Moves & Stats Here!
DurationSaturday, August 4, 2018
Featured Pokemon Squirtle
Special MoveHydro Cannon
Bonus - 1/4 Egg Hatching Distance
- 3 Hour Lure Duration

The water type Pokemon Squirtle will more likely appear on July's Community Day, and can learn the Special Move "Hydro Cannon". Other Bonuses such as 1/4 Egg Hatching Distance & 3 Hour Lures are present.

June: Larvitar

Larvitar Community Day
Check Out Larvitar's Moves & Stats Here!
DurationSaturday, June 16, 2018
Featured PokemonLarvitar
Special MoveSmack Down (When evolved to Tyranitar)
Bonus - 3x Catch XP
- 3 Hour Lure Duration

Larvitar is June's featured Pokemon and can learn the move "Smack Down" when it is evolved into Tyranitar on the same day. Players can also enjoy the 3x Catch XP and 3 Hour Lure bonuses.

May: Charmander

Charmander Community Day
Check Out Charmander's Moves & Stats Here!
DurationSunday, May 19, 2018
Featured PokemonCharmander
Special MoveBlast Burn (When evolved to Charizard)
Bonus - 3x Catch Stardust
- 3 Hour Lure Duration

Charmander appears more frequently during May's community day. It can learn the move "Blast Burn" when evolved to Charizard and players get bonuses of 3x Catch Stardust, and 3 Hour Lures during the event.

April: Mareep

Mareep Community Day
Check Out Mareep's Moves & Stats Here!
DurationSunday, April 15, 2018
Featured PokemonMareep
Special MoveDragon Pulse (When evolved to Ampharos)
Bonus - 1/4 Egg Hatching Distance

Mareep is featured on April's Community Day, and can learn the move "Dragon Pulse" when it is evolved to Ampharos on the same day! There is also 1/4 Egg Hatching Distance bonus!

March: Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur Community Day
Check Out Bulbasaur's Moves & Stats Here!
DurationSunday, March 25, 2018
Featured PokemonBulbasaur
Special MoveFrenzy Plant (When evolved to Venusaur)
Bonus - 3x XP

Bulbasaur spawns more often on March's Community Day and can learn the move "Frenzy Plant" when evolved to Venusaur. There is also a 3x XP Bonus during this Community Day!

February: Dratini

Dratini Community Day
Check Out Dratini's Moves & Stats Here!
DurationSaturday, February 24, 2018
Featured PokemonDratini
Special MoveDraco Meteor (When evolved to Dragonite)
Bonus - 3x Catch Stardust

February's featured Pokemon is Dratini, and evolving it to Dragonite on the same day will allow it to learn the move Draco Meteor! Players can also enjoy the 3x Catch Stardust Bonus during the event!

January: Pikachu

Pikachu Community Day
Check Out Pikachu's Moves & Stats Here!
DurationSaturday, January 20, 2018
Featured PokemonPikachu
Special MoveSurf
Bonus - 2x XP
- 3 Hour Lure Duration

Pikachu is January's featured Pokemon, and can learn the move "Surf" to counter ground and rock type Pokemon! Double XP and 3 Hour Lure bonuses are also present!

What Happens During Community Days?

Specific Pokemon Will Spawn More

Pokemon Go What is Community Day

During Community Days, a featured Pokemon will have a higher spawn rate during the stated time of day! It's a good time to catch that Pokemon and hoard candies.

Evolving Specific Pokemon will Unlock Special Moves

Pokemon Go What is Community Day

Community Day featured Pokemon unlock a special move when they're evolved to their final evolution during the day! You have until an hour after the event to evolve them and get the special move.

Extended / Improved Effect for Items

Pokemon Go What is Community Day

Specific items will also have extended or improved effects during Community Days. Items often taking part in Community Day include Lures, Incubators, and Lucky Eggs.

What is a Community Day?

Limited Time Monthly Events for Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go What is Community Day

Community Days are special events in Pokemon Go where certain Pokemon have a higher chance of spawning in the world for a few hours! It is only held once every month so watch out for them!

Different Schedule per Region

Community Days start and end at different times per region. Community Day announcements usually list the specific times per region so be sure to check them out.

Announced in Advance in the Pokemon Go App

Pokemon Go What is Community Day

You can find announcements of Community Days in the Pokemon Go app's news section. The announcements will include the feature Pokemon, the schedule, and other details on the event!

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