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Pokemon Go | Starter Tips & Guide For Pokemon GO Beginners

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Read this Pokemon GO beginner's guide about the game! Find out what you need to know about the game, settings, starter Pokemon, catching your first Pokemon, & more!

Pokemon GO Beginner
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Table of Contents

Step 1: Adjust Settings Before You Start

Access Settings From Poke Ball Menu

Pokemon GO Beginner Guide & Tips

You can access the settings of the game by pressing the Poke Ball in the lower part of the main screen of the game. Then, locate the Settings button on the upper right part of the screen.

Activate "Battery Saver" To Prolong Battery Life

Pokemon GO Beginner Guide & Tips

Before playing Pokemon GO, go to your settings tab and turn on "Battery Saver". This darkens your screen when you lower your mobile - saving & prolonging your battery's life so you can play the game longer!

Turn On Adventure Sync To Track Steps

Pokemon GO Beginner Guide & Tips

Available at level 5, Adventure Sync will help the game track your distance and steps even when it is idle. Turn this on to help your buddy Pokemon gather more Candies or track steps to hatch eggs faster.

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Turn Off AR+ To Make Catching Easier

Pokemon GO Beginner Guide & Tips

You can turn off the AR+ mode in the game! This will make it easier to determine the distance of the Pokemon in order to make better, more accurate Poke Ball throws!

Step 2: Choosing Your Starter Pokemon

Pokemon Go, Starter Tips & Guide For Pokemon GO Beginners

Choose Between Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander

When you first create an account in Pokemon GO, you get to catch your first Pokemon! You can choose between the 3 starter Pokemon from the Kanto Region.

Catch Pikachu As First Pokemon

You can actually get Pikachu as your first Pokemon. Available only in certain regions, continuously walking around and not choosing between the first 3 Starter Pokemon will make Pikachu show up.

Pokemon Choice Doesn't Make A Difference

There is no difference when you choose between any of these first Pokemon. Choice should be made according to player preference!

Don't Reset/Reroll, Farm XP Instead

Deleting your account to reset/reroll won't allow you to use the same nickname or e-mail address! Instead, it's encouraged to farm XP instead & get a higher trainer level to get stronger versions of the starter Pokemon.

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Step 3: Catching Your First Pokemon

Visit & Spin Poke Stops Or Gyms For Poke Balls

Pokemon GO Beginner Guide & Tips

In Pokemon GO, you need Poke Balls to capture Pokemon. You can get items by visiting Gyms & Poke Stops - spin them to receive items!

Better Poke Balls = Better Capture Chance

Pokemon GO Beginner Guide & Tips

Using better Poke Balls such as the Great Ball or Ultra Ball will increase your chances of capturing a desired Pokemon. Stock up on these so you can capture rare Pokemon more easily.

Walk Around To Spawn Pokemon

Pokemon GO Beginner Guide & Tips

The most basic way to spawn and catch Pokemon is to walk around the area! Simply walking around will make Pokemon appear for you to encounter them.

Increase Spawn Rate With Lures & Incense

Pokemon GO Beginner Guide & Tips

Items such as Lures and Incense increase the spawn rate of a Pokemon. Lures are dropped onto Poke Stops to draw Pokemon near them while Incense lures Pokemon near you when you are walking around.

Learn Efficient Catch Methods

Pokemon GO Beginner Guide & Tips

Using better Poke Balls, items such as Razz Berries, making excellent throws, and earning medals for a certain type of Pokemon all increase your chances of catching a Pokemon. Keep these in mind to catch Pokemon more efficiently.

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Step 4: Raise Trainer Level

Higher Trainer Level Spawns Higher CP Pokemon

Pokemon GO Beginner Guide & Tips

Raising your trainer level will allow you to capture more powerful Pokemon and will spawn Pokemon that has higher CP or Combat Power. These numbers determine their performance in battle!

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Pokemon CP Limit Also Increases

A higher trainer level will also increase the CP limit of any Pokemon you currently have in your inventory. It's best to raise your trainer level to power up Pokemon to be stronger.

Get Better Items At Higher Trainer Level

When you raise your trainer level, the chances of getting higher level items will increase when you visit Poke Stops and Gyms.

Raise Trainer Level To Level 5

How To Raise Pokemon CP: Power Up Guide & Tips

Raising a trainer level to 5 will open up a whole world in Pokemon GO. You'll gain access to Adventure Sync, Gym Battles, and choosing your Pokemon GO team!

Adventure Sync Option Is Available In Settings

Adventure Sync tracks your distance and steps when the game is idle! This option becomes available in your settings once you hit trainer level 5.

Access Gym Battles At This Level

Pokemon GO TOP Page

You can start battling other player's Pokemon at gyms when you reach level 5! This lets you defeat a gym, gain territory for your team, and put down your own Pokemon to collect coins to spend in the shop.

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Choosing Teams In-Game Becomes Available

Pokemon GO TOP Page

At level 5, you'll be prompted to choose between 3 teams - Valor, Mystic, and Instinct. Choosing your team determines which gyms you can attack & defend!

Step 5: Pick Which Pokemon To Raise

Pokemon GO Beginner Guide & Tips

When choosing which Pokemon to raise, focus on three things - move set, IV (Individual Values), and CP limit. A good combination of these 3 factors will give you Pokemon strong in battle.

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Choose Pokemon With Good Moves

Pokemon GO Beginner Guide & Tips

Even if you catch the same Pokemon, they can have different move sets. Choose those that are powerful so that this Pokemon can be effective in battle.

Raise Pokemon With High IVs

IV or Individual Values are an unseen set of numbers that indicate the capacity of your Pokemon's growth. Raising Pokemon with higher IVs provides a higher limit in statistics when powering them up.

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Pick Pokemon With Higher CP Limit

Pokemon GO Beginner Guide & Tips

Some Pokemon naturally have higher CP limits than others & the higher evolution forms usually have a higher CP limit than their base forms. Focus on raising Pokemon with a higher range of CP to make them stronger.

Step 6: Making Pokemon Stronger

Evolve Or Power Up To Strengthen Pokemon

Pokemon GO Beginner Guide & Tips

There are two distinct ways to make your Pokemon stronger - evolving them or powering them up. Evolving Pokemon means transforming them into a more powerful version while powering up a Pokemon means increasing their CP.

Stardust & Pokemon Candy Are Needed

How To Raise Pokemon CP: Power Up Guide & Tips

You need a lot of Stardust and Pokemon Candy to evolve or power up your Pokemon. These can be gathered by playing the game, capturing & transferring Pokemon, hatching eggs, and more!

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Evolve & Power Up A Variety Of Pokemon

You'll be needing a variety of powerful Pokemon to win gym & raid battles in this game! Raise, evolve, and power up Pokemon of different Types to make sure you have a powerful contender in every battle.

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Step 7: Fighting Gym & Raid Battles

Gym Battle Guide: Tips & Tricks

Once you've raised enough powerful Pokemon, you can challenge gym battles & raid battles more confidently!

Battle Other Player Pokemon In Gym Battles

Gym Battle Guide: Tips & Tricks

In gym battles, you'll be able to fight against the Pokemon of other players! You can battle up to 6 defending Pokemon and when you defeat a gym, you can take possession of it for your team's territory.

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Drop Pokemon & Get Coins

Defeating a gym allows you to leave a defending Pokemon. The longer they stay guarding the gym, the more coins they'll earn! You can use these coins in the Shop to buy lures, Poke Balls, bag upgrades, & more!

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Capture Legendary Or Rare Pokemon In Raids

Raid Battle Guide: Tips & Tricks

Gyms also play host to raid battles! These feature legendary or rare Pokemon that you have to battle. Once you defeat these Pokemon, you get a chance to capture them!

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