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Raise Trainer Level (TL) Fast & Efficiently: Guide & Tips

Pokemon Go | Raise Trainer Level (TL) Fast & Efficiently: Guide & Tips

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Pokemon Go | Raise Trainer Level (TL) Fast & Efficiently: Guide & Tips - GameWith

Read this Pokemon GO guide to know how to raise your Trainer Level (TL) fast and efficiently. Know the best methods and ways to earn XP, list of receivable XP, and more!

Pokemon GO How To Raise Trainer Level Fast & Efficiently: Guide & Tips
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Table of Contents

How To Efficiently Raise Trainer Level (TL) Fast

Table of Contents

Use Lucky Eggs

Pokemon GO Shop Item List

Lucky Eggs double the XP you can earn within 30 minutes. When you use Lucky Eggs during raids, evolving Pokemon, or hatching eggs, you can raise your Trainer Level very fast.

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Recommended Time To Use Lucky Eggs

Action Normal XP Earned XP Earned W/ Lucky Egg
Before Evolving Pokemon 500 XP 1,000 XP
High Level Raid ★4 5,000 XP
★5 10,000 XP
★4 10,000 XP
★5 20,000 XP
Spin New Poke Stop 250 XP 500 XP

Use Pokemon Evolution Marathon

Collect Pokemon & Evolve Them All At Once

Pokemon GO How To Raise Trainer Level Fast & Efficiently: Guide & Tips

▲Players can earn up to 40,000 XP when they do the Pokemon evolution marathon.

You can earn 500 XP when evolving Pokemon. You can raise your Trainer Level fast by collecting a lot of Pokemon, using a Lucky Egg, then evolving all these Pokemon in one go.

Evolve Pokemon That Cost Less Candy

Pokemon Go, How To Earn XP And Level Up Fast

Pokemon such as Pidgey, Caterpie, Whismur, etc. all cost less to evolve. Be sure to use these Pokemon during the evolution marathon to gain a lot of XP in order to raise your Trainer Level fast.

Spin Ringed Poke Stop

Pokemon GO How To Raise Trainer Level Fast & Efficiently: Guide & Tips

When you see a Poke Stop that has a white ring around it, it means you've never visited or turned it. You earn 250 XP if you spin Poke Stops that you haven't turned yet.

Earn 500 XP If You Use Lucky Eggs

You can earn 500 XP when you spin unturned Poke Stops while using Lucky Eggs. When you're in a new place, use a Lucky Egg & spin as many unturned Poke Stops as you can to earn a lot of XP!

Defeat A Raid Boss

Raid Battle Guide: Tips & Tricks

Defeating raid bosses in Pokemon Go will give you good amounts of XP. The higher the level of the raid, the more XP you'll earn.

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Lucky Eggs Also Affect Raid XP

If you use a Lucky Egg and defeat the raid boss before the Lucky Egg runs out, it'll double the XP you get! If you defeat a 5-Star raid boss, you can get up to 20,000 XP!

Increase Friendship Levels

Pokemon GO How To Raise Trainer Level Fast & Efficiently: Guide & Tips

Every time you gain a new level of friendship with your Pokemon GO friends, you'll earn XP. You can earn 100,000 XP when you become best friends with someone in-game!

Friend Level XP Earned
Best Friend 100,000 XP
Ultra Friend 50,000 XP
Good Friend 10,000 XP
Friend 3,000 XP
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Get Daily Bonuses

Earn 1000 XP Every Day

Pokemon GO How To Raise Trainer Level Fast & Efficiently: Guide & Tips

You can easily earn 1000 XP every day by turning a Poke Stop and making your first Pokemon catch of the day! Each action earns you 500 XP each. This way, you can earn XP every single day.

Earn 4000 XP After 7 Days

Pokemon GO How To Raise Trainer Level Fast & Efficiently: Guide & Tips

If you continuously spin Poke Stops and catch Pokemon for 7 days, you get a total of 4000 XP on the 7th day - 2000 XP for spinning a Poke Stop & 2000 XP for making your 1st catch of the day.

Catch New Pokemon

Pokemon Go, How To Earn XP And Level Up Fast

Catching new Pokemon that haven't been registered to your Pokedex will grant you 600 XP. Plus you get bonuses if you make a Curved Ball Throw or an Excellent Throw!

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Hatch Eggs

January 2019 Adventure Sync Hatchathon Event

Hatching Pokemon eggs is also one way to earn XP. Every 1 km gives you 100 XP, so if you hatch a 10 km egg, you can earn up to 1000 XP.

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List Of XP Earned Per Action

XP Earned When Catching Pokemon

Action XP Earned
Capture Pokemon 100 XP
Capture Pokemon
(Daily Bonus - 1st Day)
500 XP
Capture Pokemon
(Daily Bonus - 7th Day)
2,000 XP
Capture New Pokemon 500 XP
Evolve A Pokemon 500 XP
Capture 100 of Same Pokemon 100 XP

XP Earned When Throwing PokeBalls

Action XP Earned
Curveball 10 XP
Nice Throw 10 XP
Great Throw 50 XP
Excellent Throw 100 XP
First Throw 50 XP

XP Earned Via Friends & Gifts

Action XP Earned
Send Gift 200 XP
Become Best Friends 100,000 XP
Become Ultra Friends 50,000 XP
Become Good Friends 10,000 XP
Become Friends 3,000 XP

XP Earned With Poke Stops

Action XP Earned
Spin Normal Poke Stop 50XP
Spin Unturned Poke Stop 250 XP
Additional Bonus XP 100 XP
Daily Bonus (1st Day) 500 XP
Daily Bonus (7th Day) 2,000 XP

XP Earned When Hatching Eggs

Action XP Earned
2 km Eggs 200 XP
5 km Eggs 500 XP
10 km Eggs 1000 XP

XP Earned In Gym Battles

Action XP Earned
Battle In A Gym 100 XP
Defeat Gym 50 XP
Defeat Opponent Pokemon 100 XP

XP Earned In Raid Battles

Action XP Earned
Beat ★5 Raid Boss 10,000 XP
Beat ★4 Raid Boss 5,000 XP
Beat ★3 Raid Boss 4,000 XP
Beat ★2 Raid Boss 3,500 XP
Beat ★1 Raid Boss 3,000 XP

About Trainer Level (TL) Limit

Trainer Level (TL) Maximum is 40

Pokemon GO How To Raise Trainer Level Fast & Efficiently: Guide & Tips

A player can raise their Trainer Level to a maximum of 40. Previously, maximum limits were 30 and 35. Starting from Trainer Level 30, the XP needed to level up increases drastically so use efficient methods to level up fast!

XP Needed To Raise Trainer Level (TL)
Trainer Level Require XP
30 500,000 XP
31 500,000 XP
32 750,000 XP
33 1,000,000 XP
34 1,250,000 XP
35 1,500,000 XP
36 2,000,000 XP
37 2,500,000 XP
38 3,000,000 XP
39 5,000,000 XP
40 -

Level 40 Release Reset XP Values

When Level 40 was released in Pokemon GO, the total XP values were reset. It's likely that these may be reset if the game continues to raise the maximum limit in the future.

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