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Pokemon Legends: Arceus Announced

Coming Early 2022

Legends Arceus
Release DateEarly 2022
DevicesNintendo Switch / Switch Lite

The newest game in the Pokemon franchise has been announced: Pokemon Legends Arceus is set to hit the Nintendo Switch in early 2022.

Open World - A Series First

Legends: Arceus marks the Pokemon franchise's first entry into the Open World genre. The game will feature gameplay that combines both action and RPG!

Official Trailer

Diamond and Pearl Remake Confirmed

Diamond Pearl

In addition to the announcement of Pokemon Legend Arceus, the long-awaited Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes were finally confirmed! These games will be coming out before Legends Arceus, so make sure to read up on them as well!

Read More About The Diamond & Pearl Remakes Here

Pokemon Legends Arceus Setting: Old Sinnoh

Sinnoh Region

Pokemon Legends Arceus finds its setting in the Sinnoh region of days long past. This older Sinnoh region seems to also have a slightly different ecosystem.

Main Character Outfits Are Retro Too

The age in which the game is directly reflected in the way the main character dresses - you can see how both male and female outfits have a somewhat older aesthetic to them.

Mark On Clothes Is The Professor's Mark?

ClothingProfessor's Room
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Professor's Room
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The mark seen on the clothing of the main character strongly resembles that of a flag found in the room of the professor (also shown in the trailer). It's likely that you'll be receiving both your outfit and your starter Pokemon from the professor at the outset of the game!

Pokemon Legends Arceus Starter Pokemon

Rowlet, Cindaquil, Oshawott


The three starter Pokemon available in Legends: Arceus will be Rowlet, Cynadquil, and Oshawott! Starters from Generations 2, 5, and 7 are getting representation in this newest entry, which is quite exciting.

The Tale of Arceus

The Creator of the World: Arceus


Unsurprising as it's name is in the title of the game, Arceus will feature heavily in the game's main story. What role will this most legendary of all legendaries have to play in the story?

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - The Point Of Our Adventure

Completing The Sinnoh Pokedex

Catching Pokemon

The goal of our character in Legends: Arceus is apparently to complete the entire Sinnoh Pokedex! Interestingly enough, even in this time period it appears humans were capable of using Pokeball technology to catch Pokemon!

Pokeball Designs Are Old-School Too


Compared to the modern balls we're used to, it seems you'll be using somewhat older variants in Legends: Arceus. Perhaps their features and abilities will differ slightly from the ones we know?

Use The Village As Your Base Of Operations


It seems that we'll be using a central village hub as our main "base" while we head out and explore the world. There are plenty of buildings and signs here that suggest there will be key facilities for us to avail ourselves of.

Battle With Wild Pokemon

Wild Pokemon

It'll be possible to fight against wild Pokemon in Legends: Arceus! Given what we've seen so far, it doesn't seem like the battle system has changed dramatically.

Pokemon Legends Arceus - Pokemon Which Appear

The below are all the Pokemon we were able to confirm from official videos so far. It definitely seems that Sinnoh Pokemon are the most common here.

Pokemon Confirmed So Far

Pokemon Seen In The Wild Or In Battles

PikachuPikachu RhyhornRhyhorn Spheal IconSpheal SealeoSealeo
TurtwigTurtwig ChimcharChimchar PiplupPiplup StarlyStarly
StaraviaStaravia BidoofBidoof ShinxShinx BudewBudew
ChinglingChingling BronzorBronzor GarchompGarchomp RioluRiolu
LucarioLucario GalladeGallade

Starter Pokemon

CyndaquilCyndaquil OshawottOshawott RowletRowlet

Legendary / Mythical Pokemon


Pokemon Legends Arceus - Main Character Actions

Can Do A Forward Somersault


Given that this game will be primarily open world, it's only natural for our character to have a more movement options. From the videos seen so far we were able to confirm you'll be able to do forward somersaults! This will no doubt help when exploring the vast Sinnoh region.

Pokemon Legends Arceus - Capturing Wild Pokemon

Throw A Ball Directly

Throwing A Ball

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, it looks like we'll be able to catch Pokemon with a Pokeball directly on the field! This is a departure from previous games, where you could only do so in battles.

Stealth Around To Avoid Detection?


We see images of the player crouching and hiding behind grass to approach their target. Perhaps getting the jump on a wild Pokemon will be necessary to capture them, or at least increase your chances?

Pokemon Legends Arceus - No PvP or Trading?

A Single Player Game

Pokemon Legends Arceus is primarily a single player game, according to information released so far. We don't know exactly what to expect as it's quite early, but it looks like there won't be PvP combat or trading with other players.

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