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Check out this wiki guide for Pokemon Legends Arceus! Learn about confirmed content in Pokemon Legends Arceus, trailer, release date, & starters!

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Latest News & Updates - Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Latest News & Update

Latest English Trailer

360° View of Hisui

Pokemon Lists - Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Pokemon Lists

Confirmed Pokemon

Pokemon Seen In The Wild Or In Battles

PikachuPikachu RhyhornRhyhorn Spheal IconSpheal SealeoSealeo
TurtwigTurtwig ChimcharChimchar PiplupPiplup StarlyStarly
StaraviaStaravia BidoofBidoof ShinxShinx BudewBudew
ChinglingChingling BronzorBronzor GarchompGarchomp RioluRiolu
LucarioLucario GalladeGallade

Starter Pokemon

CyndaquilCyndaquil OshawottOshawott RowletRowlet

Legendary / Mythical Pokemon


Useful Guides - Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Useful Guides
Useful Guides
Battle SystemBattle System-

Release Date - Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Released On January 28, 2022

Legends Arceus
Release DateJanuary 28, 2022
DevicesNintendo Switch / Switch Lite

The newest game in the Pokemon franchise has been announced: Pokemon Legends Arceus is set release on Nintendo Switch on January 28, 2022.

What Is Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Open World: A Series First

Legends: Arceus marks the Pokemon franchise's first entry into the Open World genre. The game will feature gameplay that combines both action and RPG!

Set In Old Sinnoh, Hisui Region

Sinnoh Region

Pokemon Legends Arceus finds its setting in the Sinnoh region of days long past. During this time, it is called Hisui Region.

Main Character Outfits Are Retro Too

The age in which the game is directly reflected in the way the main character dresses - you can see how both male and female outfits have a somewhat older aesthetic to them.

The mark seen on the clothing of the main character strongly resembles that of a flag found in the room of the professor (also shown in the trailer). It's likely that you'll be receiving both your outfit and your starter Pokemon from the professor at the outset of the game!

Feature The Tale of Arceus


Unsurprising as its name is in the title of the game, Arceus will feature heavily in the game's main story. What role will this most legendary of all legendaries have to play in the story?

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