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Read this Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice guide to learn all about the Bosses in the game - including boss list, strategy guides, walkthroughs, story mission appearances and more.

All Boss Fight List: Strategies & Appearance
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SPOILERS AHEAD: If you do not want to be spoiled regarding the game's plot points, we suggest you turn back now. Some contents contain spoilers for the game!

All Boss List Per Area

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Who Was The Hardest Boss You've Faced?

List Of All Required Bosses

Click on any of the boss' images below to go to their individual pages, and see how to defeat them in more detail!

Chained OgreChained OgreAn Ogre with a particular weakness to the Flame Vent. The Chained Ogre is a grappler with different grabs and drop attacks.
Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Boss Gyoubu Masataka OniwaGyoubu OniwaGyoubu the Demon rides a horse and is very mobile in the field. The Firecracker Tool can be used to stun his horse
Blazing BullBlazing BullA large bull with flaming horns. It charges uncontrollably and does high damage with its head swings. Can be stunned with the Firecracker Tool
Genichiro AshinaGenichiro AshinaOne of the strongest warriors of the Ashina family, Genichiro is a master of both the sword and the bow. With 3 phases, Genichiro poses a hard challenge.
How To Beat Armored Warrior Boss Fight GuideArmored Warrior Guarding the path to the Senpou Temple Grounds, this boss is unique in that he is unkillable unless you are able to push him off the ledge.
How To Beat Folding Screen MonkeysFolding Screen Monkeys More of a puzzle than a fight, approach each monkey differently in order to successfully kill them.
Long Arm Centipede GiraffeLong Arm Centipede GiraffeThis enemy employs only a few attack patterns but these patterns involve several strikes. Play aggressively to immediately break its posture
Guardian ApeGuardian ApeThe Guardian Ape is willing to die twice to protect the Lotus of the Palace. It moves erratically and with its long arms, has quite a range.
Snake Eyes ShirahagiSnake Eyes ShirahagiBoss that features the same attack pattern as Snake Eyes Shirafuji. Watch out for your surroundings as these feature several environmental hazards such as poisonous areas
Guardian ApeGuardian ApeThe same guardian ape you beat at the Sunken Valley will reappear again, but this time it will call for its wife to fight alongside it.
Mist NobleMist NobleThe Mist Nobles flute is the source of the mysterious fog that surrounds the Hidden Forest. It's a pushover that can be defeated with little to no effort.
How To Beat The Corrupted Monk: Boss Fight GuideCorrupted Monk (Illusion) An apparition of another boss, the Corrupted Monk's illusion is a strong opponent that can continuously swing around its massive spear.
The Great Shinobi OwlThe Great Shinobi Owl
(Immortal Severance Ending)
The Great Shinobi Owl is no pushover, having trained Wolf and it shows. He has a number of combos that not only employs strong sword strikes, but the use of ninja tools as well.
How To Beat The Corrupted Monk: Boss Fight GuideCorrupted Monk The deadly guardian of the Fountainhead Palace, the Corrupted Monk is a force to be reckoned with. Her spear hits hard and she various illusion and terror moves as well.
Old Dragons of the TreeOld Dragons of the TreeThese Dragons are not powerful on their own, but together their poison attack will easily bring down your health. They're easy to deal with through Deathblows
Divine DragonDivine DragonThe fable Divine Dragon dwarfs Sekiro in his fight against it. It has both wind and lightning attacks, and does melee damage by swinging its sword.
Juzou the DrunkardJuzou the Drunkard
(Purification Ending)
Juzou swings hard and can immediately bring down health to half with one hit. He has a series of grabs and perilous attacks, but his most dangerous ability is to spew poison.
Owl - FatherOwl - Father
Owl at his prime is a powerful foe. He's quicker and have a wider range of moves than during the battle at the Ashina Castle. He employs different Shinobi Tools in the battle.
Genichiro Way of TomoeGenichiro, Way of Tomoe
(Immortal Severance Ending)
Although equipped with his own Mortal Blade, Genichiro's moveset hasn't changed in his last appearance. His weakness lies in his posture.
Sword Saint IsshinSword Saint Isshin
(Immortal Severance Ending)
Isshin at the prime of his life. He's extremely quick with a wide variety of attacks. In each of his phases, he will have new moves to throw off players.
EmmaEmma, The Gentle Blade
(Shura Ending)
Emma steps into the fight once you've chosen to side with Owl. She mixes quick strikes with the Ashina Sword Art to throw off player rhythms.
How To Beat Isshin Ashina: Boss Fight GuideIsshin Ashina
(Shura Ending)
Isshin Ashina was known as the master swordsman and even at his frail age, it shows. Slower than his latter counterpart, but his attacks are precise and hits hard.

List Of All Optional Bosses

Click on any of the boss' images below to go to their individual pages, and see how to defeat them in more detail!

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Boss General Naomori KawaradaGeneral Naomori KawaradaGeneral Naomori is a swordsman who does damaging strikes. Defeating him will require you to parry his attacks and break his posture.
General Tenzen YamauchiGeneral Tenzen YamauchiA powerful swordsman, General Tenzen is capable of delivering strong strikes one after the other.
How To Beat Shihekichi Of The Red GuardShigekichi of the Red Guard Appearing at the end of the game, Shigekichi is towering warrior who douses his sword with flames, and can breathe fire. Avoid his flame attacks and focus on parrying his slashes when not in flames
General MatsumotoGeneral MatsumotoSimilar to Gen. Tenzen, Gen. Matsumoto is also a powerful swordsman whose single strike can inflict high damage if it hits.
Jinsuke SazeJinsuke SazeA master of the Ashina Sword Art, Jinsuke Saze's strikes are swift as they are powerful. Stay on the defensive and focus on parrying his attacks.
Lone Shadow VilehandLone Shadow Vilehand
(After Shinobi Invasion)
The Lone Shadow Vilehand appears in the same area as Jinzuke Saze after the Shinobi Invasion. Along with intense combos, he also has poison attacks.
Seven Ashina Spears - Shume Masaji OniwaSeven Ashina Spears - Shume Masaji Oniwa
(After Interior Ministry Invasion)
One of the Ashina Spears, Shume is devastating with his sphear, having a wide range and high damage. Defeating him requires a balance of offense and defense.
Demon of HatredDemon of Hatred
(After Main Story)
A demon that plagues the Ashina is imbued with flames of hatred. It's nibble with a series of flame-based long-range attacks and close-range melee attacks.
Ashina Elite - Ujinari MizuoAshina Elite - Ujinari MizuoAnother of Ashina's master swordsmen, Ujinari's eyes glow red to show how much stronger he is to the others. Although this also notes his weakness to flames.
Shinobi Hunter Enshin Of MisenShinobi Hunter Enshin of MisenThe Shinobi Hunter will test your ability to do Mikiri Counters with perilous thrust attacks one after the other.
How To Beat Lady Butterfly: Boss Fight GuideLady ButterflyA kunoichi versed in hand-to-hand combat and illusion techniques. She has a secret phase that is only revealed upon defeating her once.
Lone Shadow Masanaga the Spear-BearerLone Shadow Masanaga the Spear-Bearer
Lone Shadow Masanaga has the ability to call dogs to fight with him. On his own, he is a strong melee fighter with a series of kick combos.
Snake Eyes ShirafujiSnake Eyes ShirafujiShirafuji is a hard hitter both in melee and in range. She uses her weapon to hit enemies and shoot them when needed.
Tokujiro The GluttonTokujiro The GluttonTokujiro has almost the same moveset as Jizou the Drunkard, down to his ability to spew Poison. He is however protected by monkeys instead of bandits
ORin of the WaterO'Rin of the Water O'Rin of the Water elegantly glides as she attacks with a series of quick sword strikes. She can easily close distance with a quick dash that ends with an attack.
Seven Ashina Spears Shikibu Toshikatsu YamauchiSeven Ashina Spears - Shikibu Toshikatsu YamauchiAnother one of the Ashina Spears, Yamauchi is very aggressive with his spear. With his wide range and at a tiny area, fighting him is a big challenge.
Lone Shadow LongswordsmanLone Shadow LongswordsmanLone Shadow Longswordsman is a master of the sword, capable of dealing out slashes and strikes one after the other.
How To Beat Long-Arm Centipede Sen Long Arm Centipede Sen 'un An optional boss found in the Temple Grounds, this boss unleashes a barrage of swipes. Parry all his attacks to deal significant posture damage!
Sakura Bull of the PalaceSakura Bull of the PalaceThe Sakura Bull of Palace looks beautiful, but it is deadly. It charges continuously with no stopping.
Okami Leader ShizouOkami Leader ShizouThis Okami is the reason why the lake cannot be swam in. Her lightning attacks are devastating at long-range, but in short-range combat, she is easy work.
Great Colored CarpGreat Colored CarpThe Great Colored Carp is not fought, rather you will need special bait to defeat it.

List Of All Apparition Bosses

Click on any of the boss' images below to go to their individual pages, and see how to defeat them in more detail!

HeadlessHeadlessA supernatural foe that inflicts terror throughout its fight. The use of Divine Confetti is required to take it down. Appears in 5 different locations.
Shichimen WarriorShichimen Warrior This apparition warrior uses projectiles and beam attacks to inflict terror. Use a Divine Confetti and get up close and watch out for his attacks. Appears in 3 different locations.

Boss Overview

Chained Ogre

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Boss Chained Ogre

One of the hardest enemy in the opening part of the game, and the first monstrous enemy. It is recommended to get Fire Vent before fighting against him.

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General Tenzen Yamauchi

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Boss General Tenzen Yamauchi

General Tenezen Yamauchi is protected by his soldiers. Make sure to make a situation where you can fight against Tenzen alone.

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Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Boss Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa

Gyoubu Oniwa is a gatekeeper of the castle gate, boasting his mobility and variety of attacks with his horse. Use the Grappling Hook and get him down from the close distance.

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Shinobi Hunter Enshin of Misen

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Boss Shinobi Hunter Enshin of Misen

Enshin is a specialist of using a spear. Clear the surrounding enemies first and do 1 vs 1.

Check How To Beat Shinobi Hunter Enshin of Misen

Juzou the Drunkard

Juzou The Drunkard

Juzou may be slow, but his attacks can do massive damage! He can also poison you with a green mist! Clear out surrounding enemies before engaging him!

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Lady Butterfly

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Boss Lady Butterfly

Lady Butterfly is a master of illusions! She can summon a horde of illusions to focus fire on you. Dodge often and pick your attacks.

Check Out How To Beat Lady Butterfly

Blazing Bull

Blazing Bull

Blazing Bull is a massive bull equipped with fiery horns. Dodge to the sides and quickly strike to avoid getting hit by this massive beast! Make sure to equip Firecrackers for this fight!

Check Out How To Beat Blazing Bull

Corrupted Monk

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Boss Corrupted Monk

A boss that changes attack pattern as his HP nodes diminishes. Watch out for his spinning attacks, and take advantage of his slow recovery.

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Genichro Ashina

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Genichiro Ashina

There is a cutscene after the first game play, where Genichiro abducts the heir and cut his arm away. In the end part of the game, we expect Genichiro may appear as one of the strongest bosses in the game.

Divine Dragon

Divine Dragon

The Divine Dragon is by far the largest of the enemies Sekiro will ever fight. The mystical being procures wind attacks with every swing of its sword. The only way to beat it is to redirect the lightning it shoots back to it.

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Demon of Hatred

Demon of Hatred

The remnants of a fallen friend, the Demon of Hatred is a powerhouse with high damage long-range and short-range attacks. Other than its physical attacks, it puts players at a corner with its fire-imbued moves.

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Great Shinobi - Owl

Great Shinobi - Owl

Sekiro's foster father is a force to be reckoned with as he employs the very same Shinobi techniques that Sekiro uses. From smoke bombs to firecrackers, he will use them to distract Sekiro and take a swing at him.

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Isshin Ashina (Shura Ending)

How To Beat Isshin Ashina: Boss Fight Guide

In the Shura ending route, Isshin Ashina acts as the final boss. He uses flame attacks together with quick sword attacks, however some of his attacks are slow to recover, giving an opportunity for a counter attack. Equip your Loaded Shuriken and Loaded Axe to interrupt his attacks.

Isshin Ashina (Shura Ending)

Sword Saint, Isshin Ashina

How To Beat Sword Saint Isshin Ashina: Boss Fight Guide

Acts as the final boss for the Return, Purification, and Immortal Severance Endings. A really challenging fight with four phases. Requires mastery of the Mikiri Counter and proper dodging, as well as the Lighting Reversal in order to defeat him.

Sword Saint Isshin Ashina

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