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How To Beat Isshin Ashina (Shura Ending)

SEKIRO | How To Beat Isshin Ashina (Shura Ending)

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Check out this Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice guide on how to beat Isshin Ashina (Shura Ending). Info includes gameplay tips, recommended Prosthetic Tools & Items, boss moves and attacks.

How To Beat Isshin Ashina: Boss Fight Guide
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Isshin Ashina Location

Isshin Ashina Location
LocationAshina Castle Dojo (at the time of the Shinobi Army attack)
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Memory: Isshin AshinaConfronting this memory in front of a Sculptor's Idol will permanently increase your attack power
Skill: One MindA skill which allows you to unleash a flurry of attacks with god-like speed. Costs Spirit Emblems to use

Recommended Prosthetic Tools & Items

Loaded Axe

The Loaded Axe is great for using against Isshin especially during his fire pillar attack in the second phase. You can use it to interrupt and stagger him during this attack and get some hits in.

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Loaded Shuriken

The sword flick attack which is performed after the use of the fire column attack deals tons of damage. You can use the Shuriken right after the fire column attack to interrupt and possibly cancel the sword flick attack.

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Isshin Ashina Boss Combat Tips

How To Beat Isshin Ashina Video:

Charge Counter After His Vertical Slice Attacks

Charge Counter After His Vertical Slice Attacks

This attack is easily identifiable due to its slow telegraph. You can easily avoid it by dodging to the sides. You can then charge up a thrust attack (hold R1 / RB) which allows you to deal tons of damage when he is vulnerable during this window.

Sword Flick Breaks Your Guard

Sword Flick Breaks Your Guard

Unlike normal attacks, the Sword Flick attack will break through your block and deal massive damage to your HP bar. It is advised that you create distance instead of attempting to block. He will do this throughout the fight on both phases.

Move To Unburnt Area During Fire Attack

Move To Unburnt Area During Fire Attack

The fire pillar attack has a very wide range making it hard to dodge away from. However, you can move to a section of the floor without fire once Isshin starts his slow telegraph for this attack. You can interrupt this attack with your Loaded Axe if you are close to Isshin..

Recover From Burns With Dousing Powder

During the second phase of the fight, Isshin will employ several attacks that feature fire. If you ever get inflicted with the Burn status, you should heal yourself with the Dousing Powder item.

Isshin Ashina Boss Attacks

First Phase Attacks

AttackDetails Of The Attack
Grab (Perilous Attack)Unblockable grab attack. Easy to avoid using a side step
Lateral > Vertical SliceStrong vertical slice attack after a lateral movement
Vertical to Horizontal SliceA vertical slice quickly followed by a horizontal slice attack. Can be countered by dodging, and charging up an attack
Thrust (Perilous Attack)Unblockable attack with narrow range. Use the Mikiri Counter to overcome
Sword FlickA strong attack, but has a slow animation. Can be countered by getting out of range and charging up an attack
Three Consecutive AttacksThree slow consecutive attacks. Can deceive enemies into closing in. Wait for the three attacks to end before approaching

Lateral > Vertical Slice

Lateral > Vertical Slice

There will be a slow telegraph of this attack. After the first movement, dodge to the side and charge up an attack (hold R1 / RB). He will be in a vulnerable position for you to hit once this attack ends.

Vertical To Horizontal Slice

Vertical To Horizontal Slice

Keep distance during this attack. This attack is very fast so wait for it to finish before approaching for a counterattack.

Sword Flick

Sword Flick

It is easy to distinguish from other attacks due to initial sword movement. Stagger him with a charged thrust attack (hold R1 / RB)!

Second Phase Attacks

AttackDetails Of The Attack
Fan of FlamesCreates a wide fan of fire in front of Isshin.
Moving Fire AttackIsshin will step on the floor to create flames that travel along the floor. Since this has a large range, it is best to avoid it by dodging to the side
Vertical to Horizontal Slice (with fire)An attack similar to the vertical to horizontal attack of the first phase. This attack will also conjure flames that can cause burn status and has a wider attack range than the first phase.
Upward Slash > Stomp > Fan of Flames (Perilous Attack) After an upward slash, he stomps the floor and slashes to his left to create a fan of flames. Jump backwards to evade the perilous attack
Fire Pillars > Rush After conjuring pillars of flames, Isshin will rush at you and perform a fast slashing combo. It is best to jump or dodge away from this attack

Fan of Flames

Fire Column > Sword Flick

After slashing his sword downwards and stomping the ground, he slices his sword to create a fan of flames in front of Isshin. Avoid getting burnt else you will receive a burn status and damage you over time. You can disrupt subsequent attacks with quick strikes at his back.

When Attacked Near

While Isshin prepares for this attack, you can interrupt the attack with a strike from the Loaded Axe.

When Attacked From Afar

Since the pillars come from the floor, move sideways or back to avoid the fan of flames. Subsequent attacks can be interrupted with a shuriken.

Moving Fire Attack

Moving Fire Attack

After stomping on the floor, he strikes his sword down on the floor and swings it up to throw a straight flame right at you. The attack is very linear so dodge to the side to avoid this attack, however, the width flame is not as thin as it looks, so dodge further as needed.

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