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All Item List

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Check out this Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice guide to learn about the game's items (Snapseed, Divine Confetti, Gourd Seed, Treasure Carp Scales, Rot Essence, Snapseed), effects, consumables & currency.

All Items List

All Items List

All Items & Effects

All Quick Items List

Item NameDescription & Effect
Healing GourdHealing GourdA gourd filled with Vitality-restoring medicine. Resting refills the Gourd
Withered Red GourdWithered Red Gourd Reduces Burn buildup, and slightly increases burn resistance. It cannot heal Burn status abnormality however. Refills upon rest. Purchase from Pot Noble for 2 Treasure Carp Scales
Mottled Purple GourdMottled Purple Gourd Reduces "Terror" status buildup, and increases Terror resistance. Refills upon rest. Purchase from Exiled Memorial Mob at Mibu Village for 1800 Sen
Green Mossy Gourd Green Mossy Gourd Reduces "Poison" status buildup, and increases Poison resistance. Does not heal poison status. Refills upon rest. Purchase from Toxic Memorial Mob at Sunkey Valley - Bodhisattva Valley for 1800 Sen
Divine Grass A secret medicine that fully restores Vitality and cures all status abnormalities
Rice Rice Gradually recovers Vitality for a time
Sweet Rice Ball Slowly grants medium Vitality recovery and constant Posture recovery over time
Ceremonial TantoCeremonial Tanto Converts Vitality into Spirit Emblems
PelletPelletMedicine Pelltes that slowly restore Vitality
DragonDragon's Blood DropletUsing it will slightly increase Resurrective Power.
Offer this drop to the Sculptor's Idol with the Recovery Charm in hand to heal all afflicted with Dragonrot
Bundled Jizo StatueBundled Jizo StatueRestre a node of Resurrective Power
Antidote PowderAntidote PowderHeals status abnormality "Poison," and temporarily increases Poison resistance
Contact MedicineContact MedicineA weak "Poison" status abnormality is inflicted upon consumption. All other forms of poison will become ineffective
Dousing PowderDousing PowderHeals the "Burn" status abnormality, and for a time decreases Burn buildup
Ministry Dousing PowderMinistry Dousing Powder Slightly more effective than regular dousing powder, it heals "Burn" status, reduces Burn buildup, and reduces damage from incoming Burn attacks
Pacifying AgentPacifying AgentReduced "Terror" buildup and increases Terror resistance for a time
Eel LiverEel LiverGreatly reduces the amount of damage received from lightning attacks, as well as the "Shock" status abnormality
GokanGokan's Spiritfall Consume Spirit Emblems to reduce Posture damage taken for a time
AkoAko's SugarBoosts Attack Power for a time
UngoUngo's SugarTemporarily reduces Vitality damage taken from physical attacks
GokanGokan's SugarReduces Posture damage taken for a time
GachiinGachiin's SugarSuppresses sound and presence for a time, making the user harder to detect
Yashariku Yashariku's Sugar Halves max Vitality and Posture, while granting a large Attack Power Boost
Mibu Balloon of WealthMibu Balloon of WealthAcquire more coin for a period of time
Mibu Balloon of SoulMibu Balloon of SoulAcquire more Resurrective Power for a time
Mibu Possession BalloonMibu Possession BalloonHave a higher chance of obtaining items
Divine ConfettiDivine ConfettiConfetti imbued with a divine blessing made for driving away apparitions
Red LumpRed LumpConsume to gain red-eyes and reduce flinching from enemy attacks, but also prohibits the use of Resurrection
Ceramic ShardCeramic ShardThrow it at an enemy to draw their attention
Fistful of AshFistful of AshThrow it at an enemy to temporarily distract them
OilOilEnemies doused in oil are easily set alight, causing them to take additional Vitality damage from fire attacks
Snap SeedSnap SeedUseful for breaking the effect of illusion techniques
Nightjar MonocularNightjar MonocularA bamboo tube used to see distant objects
Light Coin PurseLight Coin PurseA purse filled with a small amount of sen. The sen in this purse is not lost upon death
Heavy Coin PurseHeavy Coin PurseA purse filled with a large amount of sen. The sen in this purse is not lost upon death
Homeward IdolHomeward IdolReturns the user to the last visited Sculptor's Idol or the Dilapidated Temple. Can be used repeatedly.

All Key Items List

SPOILERS AHEAD: If you do not want to be spoiled regarding the game's plot points, we suggest you turn back now. Some contents below contain spoilers for the game!

Item NameDescription & Effect
KusabimaruKusabimaruA katana given by Kuro, the Divine Heir.
Shinobi ProstheticShinobi ProstheticThe artificial arm of a shinobi, passed down by the Sculptor
Mortal BladeMortal Blade An odachi capable of slaying the undying. It's crimison blade will take the life of any who dares draw it
Lotus of the PalaceLotus of the Palace One of the incense ingredients sought by the Divine Heir for Immortal Severance
DragonDragon's Tallly BoardA tally board carved from a large piece of jade. Increases the stocks that can be purchased in merchant's shops.
Ashina SakeAshina SakeA bottle of Ashina sake given by Emma
Monkey BoozeMonkey BoozeAlcohol created by dew pooled in a hollow tree
Ashina Esoteric TextAshina Esoteric TextA compendium of the Ashina Sword Style. Allows one to learn "Ashina Style" skills
Senpou Esoteric TextSenpou Esoteric TextA book of secrets that grants the ability to learn "Senpou Style" Skills
Mushin Esoteric TextMushin Esoteric TextA unique text of the legendary Ashina Mushin Compound style
Anti-air Deathblow TextAnti-air Deathblow TextCompendium on the Shinobi Martial Art, "Anti-air Deathblow"
Fragrant Flower NoteFragrant Flower NoteA note from Kuro, written by Takeru, former Heir of the Dragon's Heritage
TomoeTomoe's NoteA note written in Tomoe's soft handwriting.
PagePage's DiaryAn old diary entry written by Takeru's page
OkamiOkami's Ancient TextAn old note left by the Okami clan, who sought to reach the divine realm
Black ScrollBlack ScrollAn old text describing a black Mortal Blade
Holy Chapter DragonHoly Chapter: Dragon's ReturnSacred passage on a path to enlightenment
Gun Fort Shrine KeyGun Fort Shrine KeyThe key to a shrine deep within the gun fort
Secret Passage KeySecret Passage KeyThe key to the secret passage that leads out of Ashina Castle
Sakura DropletSakura DropletIncreases Resurrective Power, allowing one additional resurrection
Young LordYoung Lord's Bell CharmA bell charm received from an old woman, who asked that it be offered to Buddha
Unrefined SakeUnrefined SakeA bottle of cloudy, unrefined sake. Sake is a drink meant for sharing
Shinobi Esoteric TextShinobi Esoteric TextGrants the ability to learn "Shinobi Style" skills
Prosthetic Esoteric TextProsthetic Esoteric TextGrants the ability to learn "Prosthetic Style" skills
Immortal Severance TextImmortal Severance TextA book from Kuro on the art of severing ties with the Dragon's Heritage
Ornamental LetterOrnamental LetterA letter thrown in a well
Rat DescriptionRat DescriptionA description of the "rats" that have snuck into Ashina
SurgeonSurgeon's Bloody LetterA worn and bloodstained letter from Dosaku, the surgeon in the Abandoned Dungeon
Flame Barrel MemoFlame Barrel MemoA tattered note written by Anayama
Hidden Temple KeyHidden Temple KeyThe key to the Hidden Temple in the Hirata Estate, given by the Owl
Gatehouse KeyGatehouse KeyThe key to a samurai gatehouse located in the Ashina Reservoir
Prayer BeadPrayer BeadOffering 4 of them at a Sculptor's Idol will increase Vitality and Posture
Prayer NecklacePrayer NecklaceIncreases Maximum Vitality and Posture
RemnantRemnant Battle memory that increases Attack Power
Recovery CharmRecovery CharmA Dragonrot Recovery Charm created by Emma
Rot EssenceRot Essence Indicates which NPC has Dragonrot. Lessens chance of receiving Unseen Aid
Treasure Carp SaleTreasure Carp SaleA sparkling scale from a Treasure Carp

All Upgrade Materials List

Item NameDescription & Effect
Scrap IronScrap IronWidely used for basic reinforcement, it can serve as a base material for Prosthetic Tool upgrades
Scrap MagnetiteScrap MagnetiteBase material commonly used in Prosthetic Tool upgrades of intermediate and higher rank
Black GunpowderBlack GunpowderMaterial used in alchemical Prosthetic Tool upgrade, including those of an explosive and occultic nature
Yellow GunpowderYellow Gunpowder Material used to upgrade Prosthetic Tools
Lump of Fat WaxLump of Fat WaxCan be used for intermediate and higher Occultic upgrades for Prosthetic Tools
Adamantite ScrapAdamantite ScrapBase material commonly used in advanced Prosthetic Tool upgrades
Fulminated MercuryFulminated MercuryUsed in explosive Prosthetic Tool upgrades of advanced rank
Lump of Grave WaxLump of Grave WaxUsed for occultic Prosthetic Tool upgrades of an advanced nature
Lapis LazuliLapis LazuliUsed to fully upgrade a Prosthetic Tool to its limit. Will also unlock the Lazuline Upgrade trophy when used.

Items Overview

Use Consumables That Help In Combat

Use Consumables That Help In Combat

In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Sekiro can use various items to help in battle, such as boosting defense, restoring health, and increasing the amount of posture damage you can deal on enemies.

How & Where To Find Items

How & Where To Find Items

Items can be obtained from as drops from enemies, or purchasable from Merchants with the in-game currency Sen.

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Upgrade Tools & Attributes With Special Items

Upgrade Tools & Attributes With Special Items

Certain items can be used to upgrade Sekiro's tools and even his physical attributes such as health & posture, so always be on the lookout for these items!

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