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How to Get the Return Ending - Procedure Walkthrough
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How to Get the Return Ending - Procedure Walkthrough

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Check out this Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice guide and walkthrough to get the Return Ending. This includes how to get the Serpent Visceras & the Frozen Tears for the ending!

How to Get the Return Ending - Tips & Walkthrough
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Table of Contents

Return Ending Walkthrough & Summary

How to Get the Frozen Tears - Walkthrough

1Head to the Temple Grounds in Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo
2Dive down the pond with a Waterfall near the idol. Loot the Holy Chapter: Infested from underwater
3Travel to the Inner Sanctum and talk to the Divine Child
4Give her the Holy Chapter: Infested
5Request for rice then rest at the Sculptor's Idol
6Keep requesting for rice until she asks for a Persimmon
7Acquire a Persimmon and give it to the Divine Child
8Head to Kuro's Room & give the rice to Divine Heir
9Rest, then talk to Kuro to receive the Sticky Rice Ball
10Go to the Hall of Illusions either by using the Bell at the Main Hall or the the light in the Inner Sanctum
11Talk to the Divine Heir
12Go to the Main Hall and open the door
13Exit then follow the path to the right until you get to a cave
14Continue down the cave until you find a cliff
15Jump down and travel via the waterway there
16Double jump to get to the above platform
17Take the Holy Chapter: Dragon's Return at the end of the platform
18Travel back to the Divine Child and give her the Holy Chapter: Dragon's Return
19Acquire the Dried Serpent Viscera and Fresh Serpent Viscera
20Feed them to the Divine Child then rest
21Continue on with the story. Stop right before final fight in Ashina Reservoir
22Travel back to the Inner Sanctum and talk to the Divine Child to get the Frozen Tears

6. Keep Requesting for Rice - Tips

Travel to Another Area to Trigger the Harvest

Travel to Another Area to Trigger the Harvest

If the Divine Child keeps on saying that the harvest is not yet ready, travel somewhere else. Either travel away to another area or progress the main story a bit more to trigger the bounty.

7. Acquire a Persimmon - Tips

Get the Persimmon from Shugendo Memorial Mob

Get the Persimmon from Shugendo Memorial Mob

The easiest way to get to a Persimmon is by simply buying it from the Memorial Mob in Shugendo. From the Shugendo Sculptor's Idol, grapple to right side of the cliff and continue traversing the cliff to get to the Memorial Mob.

14~17. Getting the Holy Chapter: Dragon's Return - Tips

Area is Full of Fire Throwing Enemies

Area is Full of Fire Throwing Enemies

Inside the cave are the failed experiments of the monks that will throw fire bombs at Sekiro once they spot him. When traversing through the cave, ensure that you have enough gourds to survive the fire damage.

How to Get the Dried Serpent Viscera

How to Get the Dried Serpent Viscera - Walkthrough

1From the Bohdhisstva Valley Sculptor's Idol
2Jump down towards the valley of poison pools where the old lady is facing. Use the tree trunks to get down safely
3Traverse through the poison pools via the tree trunks and the Buddha statues
4Go to where a Memorial Mob is within the poison pool valley
5Drop down the valley next to the Memorial Mob
6Keep going through the cave until you see an item wedged under rocks
7Crouch down in front in and pass through to the other side
8At the very end of of the area, jump up to the platform with a path that leads to a single item on the ground
9Crouch then move forward until you get to a wall you can hug to hide from the serpent
10Head towards the left of the wall and jump down
11Move forward then jump up to other side
12Deal an Assassination Deathblow on the Monkey then use the Puppeteer Ninjutsu on it
13While the Great Serpent is distracted, grapple to the point under it then rush inside the temple there
14Take the Dried Serpent Viscera from the statue

6. ~ 10. Traversing through the Cave - Tips

Defeat Lizards as Quickly Possible

Defeat Lizards as Quickly Possible

Prioritize taking out the Lizards inside the cave as quickly as possible as they spew poison. Getting ganged up by them will easily fill up your Poison Meter and give you continuous Poison damage.

Don't Stick Too Closely to the Walls


Enemies lie in wait in the very walls of the cave. They will burst out to grab or stab you with their spear. When you get a Perilous Attack symbol, quickly move away from the wall as an attack will be launched.

7. Crouch Down and Pass Through - Tips

Do Not Strike the Serpent

Do Not Strike the Serpent

While going through the cave, the Snake's body will be in reach. Do not attack it as doing so will cause the Serpent to wiggle around and make it harder for you to go through the cave until it calms down again.

How to Get the Fresh Serpent Viscera

How to Get the Fresh Serpent Viscera - Walkthrough

1Head to Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo and jump down the path below
2Move towards the left until you see a monk standing in front of a broken bridge
3Grapple to the tree trunk there and drop down the area below
4Crouch and approach the rat there. Deal an Assassination Deathblow and use the Puppeteer Ninjutsu
5Head back to the main path and keep moving forward through the area
6Get past the monks and into the temple. Exit to the other side where the Old Lady sits next to pinwheels
7Go up the very top of the giant tree a few steps away from the Old Lady
8Look up to find the kite. Grapple to it to get the other side of the ravine
9Facing the mountain, head to the right end of the cliff and jump
10Grapple across via the tree trunks until you reach another cliff
11Enter the cave and head down to get to the Sunken Valley Cavern
12Head out the other end of the cave until you get to a cliff with a wooden plank
13Walk the plank and look down to find the sleeping Giant Serpent
14Jump and deal a Deathblow on it as you go down to get the Fresh Serpent Viscera

8. Look Up to Find the Kite - Tips

No Time Limit for the Kite

No Time Limit for the Kite

The kite held by the rat will stay up as long as you don't leave the area or rest at a Sculptor's Idol. This makes it easier for you as you can take down as you go through Senpou Temple again.

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