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How To Beat Demon of Hatred: Boss Fight Guide

How To Beat Demon of Hatred: Boss Fight Guide

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Find out how to defeat the Demon of Hatred boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in this guide. This includes his battle moves, gameplay and combat tips.

How To Beat Demon of Hatred: Boss Fight Guide
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Table of Contents

Demon of Hatred Location

Demon of Hatred Location
LocationAshina Outskirts
(After Invasion)
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Memory: Demon of HatredPermanently increase Attack Power
Lapis LazuliPrecious azure lazulite, used for the highest of Prosthetic Tool upgrades.

Malcontent Whistle

Malcontent Whistle

Using the Malcontent Whistle on the Demon of Hatred will halt his attacks and leave him vulnerable to your strikes for a few seconds. Take note that you can only play the Whistle thrice during the fight before it becomes useless.

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Demon of Hatred Video Guide

Demon of Hatred Boss Fight Tips

Defeat the Demon of Hatred by Lowering Its Health

Defeat the Demon of Hatred by Lowering Its Health

Without lowering the Demon of Hatred's health, you won't be able to bring its Posture Meter down enough to Deathblow. Lowering the health of the Demon of Hatred also adds Posture Damage to it.

Don't Swing Wildly, Control Your Attacks


Although you need to quickly lower the health of the Demon of Hatred, remember to control your attacks. Continuously swinging will lock you into an animation that could prevent you from blocking when the Demon of Hatred attacks.

Becomes More Powerful the Lower its HP Node

Becomes More Powerful the Lower its HP Node

The more HP Nodes you take down, the Demon of Hatred seemingly becomes more powerful with stronger attacks and new moves. Its moveset becomes deadlier the closer it is to being defeated.

Stay Under Demon of Hatred as Much as Possible

Stay Under Demon of Hatred as Much as Possible

The Demon of Hatred's weakness is its underbelly. From there, you won't be hit by most of its attacks and could keep striking to deal damage against it.

Attacks with its Fire Arm Cannot be Parried

Attacks with its Fire Arm Cannot be Parried

Sekiro is vulnerable to the fire arm of the Demon of Hatred and will receive full damage from it when trying to parry. Blocking is a better alternative because although you still get damage, it will be lower.

Fire Arm Adds to Burn Meter with Every Contact

Even when blocking the fire arm, Sekiro will still receive damage from it and add to his burn meter. It the burn meter completely fills up, the player will suffer from continuous fire damage.

Demon of Hatred Can Be Staggered

Demon of Hatred can be Staggered

There will be moments where you can stagger the Demon of Hatred in the middle of its attacks, successfully stopping it. When it is staggered, hack away, but ensure to guard immediately when it gets back up.

Demon of Hatred - Boss Moves & Abilities

Arm SwingThe Demon of Hatred swings its arm in an arc in front of it
Single Stomp A powerful single stomp attack
Double StompIt stomps both its feet in succession. Less powerful than the single stomp
HeadbuttBangs its head to the ground. Can do multiple ones in succession
Launch AttackThe Demon of Hatred will launch itself to close the gap and strike Sekiro
Fire Arm Swing ComboSwipes its fire arm twice then does a foot stomp. Ends with another fire arm swing
Perilous Belly FlopThe Demon of Hatred jumps up in the air and lands powerfully back in the ground, releasing fire around it that burns and throws off players
Perilous ChargePlants an arm on the ground and does a powerful charge. Will do two consecutive ones at 3rd phase
Ranged Fire BallThrows multiple fireballs. Can do 2 in succession
Vertical Fire ColumnCreates a column of fire that spreads vertically. Will have a wider and longer range starting in 2nd Phase
Homing Fireball
(2nd Phase)
Summons multiple fireballs that will track Sekiro
Perilous Fire Arm Sweep
(3rd Phase)
Sweeps its arms multiple times. A wide ring of fire will appear, trapping Sekiro

Non-Fire Arm Melee Attacks can be Parried

Non-Fire Arm Melee Attacks can be Parried

The Demon of Hatred's stomps and arm swings can be parried and blocked. They each have a windup animation that will cue you in when it's about to use them.

Keep Running to Escape Homing Fireballs

The Homing Fireballs are relentless and will follow you until they come in contact with something else. Keep running to escape then and have them hit the ground instead.

Time your Jump, then Grapple for Perilous Belly Flop

Time your Jump, then Grapple for Perilous Belly Flop

The Belly Flop has a specific timing to successfully dodge it. When the Demon of Hatred jumps in the air, run a bit away from it, then jump when it's close to hitting the ground. It's crucial for you to grapple to the Demon of Hatred to prevent the air from throwing you away.

Jump to Dodge Perilous Charge

Jump to Dodge Perilous Charge

The Perilous Charge can easily catch you if you try to dodge to the side. You can easily escape the attack by simply jumping up as soon as the Perilous symbol is shown.

Stay Away or Keep Jumping from Perilous Arm Swings

Stay Away or Keep Jumping from Perilous Arm Swings

The multiple arm swings are a bit harder to time and since they're done in succession, you can easily get caught in it. You can choose to stay away from its range or keep jumping when you find yourself in the middle of it.

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