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Class Rank - How To Unlock Limit

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Learn Class Rank - how to unlock limit in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (XC3)! The guide includes how to earn CP, increase Class Rank to 10 and 20, how to limit break & cap, & more!

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Class Rank - How To Unlock Limit

ClassesHow To Unlock


Unlocked in Chapter 7 of the Main Story and clear Side Story: Noah.


Unlocked in Chapter 6 of the Main Story and clear Side Story: Mio.

Medic Gunner

Listen to the information in the City.
Discuss Fortune Clovers and complete Side Story: Eunie.



※ All quests can be accepted in Ascension Grounds

Progress in the story until Chapter 6 and the quest info shows Return To Castle.
Skip travel to Ascension Grounds and gather information about The Sea. Put Riku & Manana in the team then skip travel to Inlet Camp
Discuss The Sea to accept and complete Side Story: Taion.
Notable Quest Details:
Go to Clearwater Shelf Area and get information about Ishurd's Request.
Discuss Ishurd's Request and follow the quest navigation.
Fight 3 Boss Monsters on the way and head to Lost Colony.
Collect the following items:
・Fluid Cranker x5
・Monochromagnetite x3
・Cube Chip x3
・Ether Cylinder x9
Fight the last boss to complete.

Heavy Guard


※ All quests can be accepted in Cadensia Region, Full

Reach Chapter 5 The Castle Beckons in the Main Story. (From this quest, it will immediately become available but it is okay to progress further.)
Gather Info on Curious About Training. Then skip travel to Sword March - Full Elevator Landing (Located beside the elevator).
Discuss Curious About Training at the rest spot and start Side Story: Lanz.
Follow the path and defeat the bosses that you will encounter.
This is pretty long but several locations and landmarks will be unlocked as you progress.



※ All quests can be accepted in the City Interior

Gather information in the City Interior for Ghondor's Grumblings. Discuss Ghondor's Grumblings on any rest spot. Make sure to have Ghondor in your party and complete Side Story: Sena.

Flash Fencer


※ All quests can be accepted in Aetia Region, Upper

Complete Side Story: Mio that occurs in Chapter 6, then clear A Twist Of Fate Hero Quest that occurs in Colony Omega in Aetia Region.
Raise Seraph Class to Rank 10 with any character. Go to the back room of Colony Omega with Cammuravi in your party.
A cutscene will play and you must answer Yes.
The Class Rank limits for Seraph and Flash Fencer will be unlocked.

War Medic


※ All quests can be accepted in Fornis Region

Complete the construction of Colony 30 Repapa up to phase 5 and raise the War Medic Class Rank to 10.
Complete I'm a Mechanic that occurs in Colony 30 when Valdi is included in the party.
Real Perpetrator needs to be finished which can be acquired in Colony 30.

Guardian Commander


※ All quests can be accepted in Aetia Region, Full

Discuss Lean Times at Colony 9 then finish the Lean Times quest.
Discuss Colony 9's Situation and complete Forgotten Supplies quest.
Discuss Colony 9 Food Issues and then finish A Difficult Transition quest
Discuss Kite Gone Missing, then finish the For Colony 9 quest
Raise Guardian Commander Class Rank to 10, then finish the Reasons to Evolve quest.



Teach joins after completing Going Beyond Power Hero Quest in Chapter 3.
Discuss Request From Teach and finish the quest Teach's Teachers.
Discuss Live Combat Training at Colony Gamma Noticeboard then discuss Tutors: Sena & Eunie.
Complete Live Combat Training quest and confirm Theoretical Knowledge at Colony Gamma Noticeboard.
Discuss Tutor: Taion and then complete Theoretical Knowledge.
Confirm A Lesson in Off-Seering at Colony Gamma Noticeboard.
Discuss Tutor: Off-Seer and complete A Lesson in Off-Seering quest.
Talk to Namuki at the building behind Gamma Canteen. After that, discuss Namuki.
Complete the Research Procedures quest then confirm Extracurricular Lesson at Colony Gamma Noticeboard.
Discuss Tutor: Mio, then complete Extracurricular Lesson.
Raise Thaumaturge Class Rank 10 while Teach is in the party.
Go to Colony Gamma and find the question mark. This will unlock Teach's ascension quest Shadow of Enmity.


Riku and Manana
Order Acqua Pazza a la City at the Michiba Canteen in City Interior. Learn the recipe for Cerise-Caprice Acqua Pazza.Raise Yunsmith Class Rank to 10 with Riku & Manana in your partythen head to the Inlet Camp rest spot in Cadensia Region, Full. The Yumsmith Ascension Quest, Culinary Repertoire, will be unlocked.

Full Metal Jaguar

Discuss Gray's Autonomy in the City Interior after completing Chapter 5.
Complete the Lovebirds quest at the City Interior then raise Full Metal Jaguar Class Rank to 10. Approach the question mark that will appear in the City Interior with Gray in your party and this will unlock Gray's Ascension Quest: Payback for Treason.



※ All quests can be accepted in Pentelas Region

Complete the Unwavering Resolve Hero Quest to unlock Isurd.
Ask for Information at Colony Lambda in Pentelas Region, then discuss Colony Lambda's Canteen.
After this, complete Lambda's Problem and then discuss Auto-Lev Situation.
Complete the Restart quest first then the Securing Supplies quest after.
Discuss Colony Lambda Defense then complete the New Developments quest.
Raise Strategios Class Rank to 10, then go to Colony Lambda and approach the question mark with Isurd in your party. This will unlock Isurd's Ascension Quest: Effervescent Heart.


Include Juniper to the party since it is a requirement to finish Learning From Lambda, which can be unlocked in Colony Tau.
Once completed, follow the '?' mark that appears in Colony Tau and interact with it to start the Survivors Hero Quest.
Gather 4 Twineturf found in High Maktha Wildwood then report to Consul U in Colony Tau.
Prepare to battle four Lvl 48 Tau-Riding Monsters and defeat Lvl 50 Moebius U that will appear afterward.
Defeating the boss will complete the Survivors Hero Quest and increase the rank limit for Stalker Hero Class to level 20.

Lone Exile

After completing Three Ravens at War, raise the Class Rank of Lone Exile to 10 with Ashera in your party.
Look for the '?' mark at the Old Kana Battlefield in Fornis Region.
This will require you to progress the story until it unlocks. Complete the quest A Deep-Seated Scar.



※ All quests can be accepted in Fornis Region

Complete Her Reasons Quest then have Alexandria in your party and get information and discuss Colony Iota Goods to unlock and clear Enemies and Allies quest in Colony Iota.
Next, register Collectopaedia and send 15 Colony Iota Goods, then get infoormation and discuss Goods in Storage to unlock Scant Supplies quest.
Finish the quest then increase Incursor Class Rank to 10; proceed to '?' mark in Colony Iota to accept Inescapable Past.
Completing the quest will unlock the limit break for Incursor. By then, you can increase the rank further to 20.

Lost Vanguard

Include Monica to the party. This is important as a mark will appear in the City when she is in the party.
Head to the Memorial Hall in the City Interior and a short cutscene will play, prompting the start of the Promise to the Future Hero Quest.
Head to Michiba Canteen in the City then look for Garrett at the City to further update the quest.
Go to Corne Island located at the Erythia Sea and follow the path to the Antol Pit.
Prepare to battle the Anti-Candidate Antols Lvl 61.
Defeat the boss to complete the Promise to the Future Hero Quest and unlock the rank limit break for Lost Vanguard Class, which can be increased further to 20.


Clear Transparent Dreams which can be accepted at Conchrock Beach, Unease which can be accepted at Colony Mu, and To Face Forward which can be accepted at Colony Mu (all quest acceptances in Cadensia Region).
Finally, go to Colony Mu again and approach the '?' mark to start A Farewell Reset Hero Quest. After completing this quest, Signifer Class will be awakened.
For Unease and To Face Forward, Fiona should be in the party to be able to make the said quests happen.


※ All quests can be accepted in Aetia Region

Cook Manana's Battle Soup to acquire new information.
Once done, discuss Manana's Cooking at the rest spot to unlock My Memories Hero Quest. Follow the path and investigate the handprint at Melnath Shoulder, around Melnath's Pass, Lower.
Get ready to battle the Memorial Ropl Lvl 62.
Continue following the path to the second handprint located around the Great Cotte Falls and defeat the 3 Memorial Rhogul Lvl 62.
Check the final handprint location in the Syra Hovering Reefs around the Hovering Reef 2.
To finish the handprint investigation, defeat the final boss Memorial Ekidno Lv 62, and complete the Hero Quest.
This unlocks the Soulhacker Class Rank limit break which can further increase the Rank to 20.

Martial Artist

With Ghondor in the party, go to the Ascension Grounds in Agnus Castle then do the Knowing Your Family Awakening Quest and complete it.


Have Miyabi in your party and go to the '?' mark near Michiba Canteen in City, which will let you start Happiness Hero Quest.
After completing the quest, Troubadour will be awakened.



※ All quests can be accepted in Aetia Region

Go through Captocorn Peak to reach the Cloudkeep and start A Twist of Fate Hero Quest.
Head to the Module Warehouse and follow the trail of somebody's tracks.
A cutscene will play and the question "Do you want to grow Ethel?" will be prompted.
Choose "Yes" to proceed.
This unlocks the Class Rank limit for Seraph & Flash Fencer.

Machine Assassin


※ All quests can be accepted in Ascension Grounds

Complete the Acknowledging Feelings quest then go to the '?' mark that appears in the Central Cell in Li Garte Prison Camp to unlock the Invincible Bond Hero Quest.
Talk to No. 6 to get more information then head to the Great Cotte Falls within Colony Lambda to talk to the Lamdda Soldier who will refer you to Whitby.
Talk to Whitby about the incident and he will instruct you to speak with Sergeant Tonya who's been assigned to the investigation.
Once you talk to Tonya, find Maxie in Colony 4 within the time limit to learn more.
Locate the site of the attack in the Dannagh Desert area.
Check out the Levnis Wreckage in Fetos Sandgarden in the Dannagh Desert.
Follow the trail to trace the Clock Energy.
Head towards the Ecto Hollow Depths and prepare to battle No.13 Lvl 70.
Chase down No.13 and collect 1 Snow-White Mythrice.
Follow the path back to Li Garte Prison Camp to complete the Invincible BondHero Quest and raise the max rank of Machine Assassin Class to 20.



※ All quests can be accepted in Aetia Region

Discuss Nia's Memories at the rest spot to unlock the Grasping My Future Hero Quest.
Once accepted, follow the mark that heads to The Cavity.
The Hero Quest will be completed after the cutscene and Lifesage Class Rank limit will be unlocked and you can increase the rank further to 20.

Royal Summoner


※ All quests can be accepted in Colony 9

Clear Grasping My Future and raise the Royal Summoner Class Rank to 10 then proceed to Keves Throne Room to unlock From Atop Her Throne.
Start with Colony 9's Backup.
Go to the Colony 9 Rescue Tent and talk to Kurt.
Head to Alfeto Valley Mouth Area and talk to Anita & two other Colony 9 Soldiers before heading back to the Colony 9 Rescue Tent.
After finishing, proceed with the Friction With Agnus quest and head to Ascencion Grounds then talk to Nia.
Go to the Hovering Reef 6 and battle with the Annihilationist Unit to finish the Friction With Agnus quest.
Once cleared, you can proceed with the The City Pep Talk by heading to the War Room in the City to discuss new information.
After discussing, go to Centrilo Parade then proceed to the Mitia Lookout and follow the path that leads to Taleb.
Once you cleared Colony 9's Backup, Friction With Agnus, & The City Pep Talk, head back to the Throne Room in the Keves Castle to complete the From Atop Her Throne Hero Quest and increase Royal Summoner Class rank to level 20.

Class Rank - How To Increase & Raise

Farm CP For Class Rank

Defeat Monsters Especially Elite & Unique

To increase the Class Rank, you need to accumulate CP, which is used for raising the Class Rank. Since you can get CP in the same way as EXP, defeat monsters with Chain Attack Overkill to accumulate CP. Defeating elite & unique can give you more CP than regular ones.

Leveling Guide - How To Farm Exp Fast

CP Differs For Each Class

The compatibility between characters & classes is ranked from S to D, with S being the most compatible, and better compatibility increases the CP you can get. On the other hand, having low compatibility decreases the CP you can earn. With that said, consider the compatibility of the characters & classes to be able to acquire the maximum CP available.

Complete Ascension Quest To Unlocked Class Rank

Initially, you can raise the Class Rank up to 10, and to be able to increase it further to 20, it is required to finish the Ascension Quest which enables you to improve a specific class afterward.

Ascension Quest Walkthrough

Raise the Class Rank to 10 of the desired Class
Complete the required Ascension Quest such as finishing specific quests & story progress
Organize Heroes for the Class
The Ascension Quest appears when all requirements are met
You can now raise the Class Rank up to 20 once you completed the Ascension Quest

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