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Soul Tree Recommended Upgrade in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Includes soul tree overview, best soul tree skill, recommended upgrade, Ouroboros and Interlink, & more!

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What Is Soul Tree

Ouroboros Upgrade System

Ouroboros Upgrade System

In Soul Tree, you can upgrade the Ouroboros Form of each by using SP obtained from battles, etc. Since it can greatly improve the performance during interlinking, upgrade it frequently.

Player Decides To Upgrade Which Soul Tree

The Soul Tree is a system in which players themselves choose what to upgrade from among the branches. This section introduces the upgrade procedure recommended by the Strategy Team, so please use it as a reference when upgrading.

[Common] Recommended Soul Tree Upgrade

Unlock Arts Canceling As Top Priority

Unlock Arts Canceling As Top Priority

Obtaining "Unlock Arts Canceling" allows for a series of Arts to be fired, which in the Ouroboros state action speed becomes noticeably faster. It is by far the best growth factor that any character should take first.

Aim For Talent Enhance Art

The Talent Enhance Art adds a special effect for each character in addition to the 1000% to 1400% Power Multiplier. This is an excellent upgrade, and should be prioritized.

Noah's Recommended Soul Tree Upgrade

Soul Tree Recommended Upgrade

Noah's Soul Tree Recommended Upgrade
[Learn Skill] Omnipresent Blade
[Learn Skill] Satisfying Piercer
[Raise Ability] Unlock Arts Canceling
[Learn Art] Glorious Wing

Skills Obtained Priority

Satisfying PiercerPriority: High
Ignores enemy Defence power when a critical hit occurs. Also adds 30% to the damage bonus
Omnipresent BladePriority: High
Each time a critical hit occurs, the damage dealt and Critical Rate is increased by 10% of the original
Link ForcePriority: Low
Increases damage dealt when a comrade is disabled or dying (small effect)
Opportunity in CrisisPriority: Low
The more heat gauge you have, the more damage you deal.

Satisfying Piercer and Omnipresent Blade are a high priority to acquiring because of their compatibility with the high firepower Arts "Unison Strike". The other two are not versatile and have a low priority because of their limited upgradeability.

Unleash the Glorious Wing

Priority is given to the Glorious Wing, which increases overall firepower; during Interlink, you can use a series of Arts, so it is effective to buff the Glorious Wing first and then alternate between the remaining two Arts.

Recommended Arts- Unison Strike
- Phantom Slash
- Glorious Wing

Mio's Recommended Soul Tree Upgrade

Soul Tree Recommended Upgrade

Mio's Soul Tree Recommended Upgrade
[Learn Skill] Subtle Strike
[Learn Skill] Biting Back
[Enhance Skill] Unlock Arts Canceling
[Raise Ability] Biting Back
[Talent Enhance Art] Resonant Edge

Skills Obtained Priority

Biting BackPriority: High
Attack 100% damage when evading. Each time you evade, the damage dealt is increased by 10% (up to 300%)
Subtle StrikePriority: High
Does 100% Attack force-ignoring damage with a 30% chance to hit
Eyes on the PrizePriority: Low
If you are attacked by a targeted enemy, your evasion rate is increased by 20%
ClearsightPriority: Low
5% chance to evade enemy attacks

Skills that lead to increased firepower should be taken preferentially, and since there is no concept of HP during Interlink, the Evasion Up effect is not as high a priority.

Unlock Full Moon Drop

After Bleed with Jaguar Slash, use Deadly Twister to avoid the enemy and increase firepower while hitting with Arts.

Recommended Arts- Deadly Twister
- Full Moon Drop
- Jaguar Slash

Eunie's Recommended Soul Tree Upgrade

Soul Tree Recommended Upgrade

Eunie's Soul Tree Recommended Upgrade
[Learn Skill] Healing Feathers
[Learn Skill] Unceasing Blessing
[Learn Art] Feather Sanctuary
[Raise Ability] Unlock Arts Canceling
[Talent Enhance Art] Sacred Cannon

Skills Obtained Priority

Wings of HealingPriority: High
When damage is taken, there is a 25% chance that the HP of all all allies around you will recover 100% of their Healing Power
Unceasing BlessingPriority: High
Extends the buff effectiveness time of All Allies by 50%
Shared BlessingPriority: Medium
Increases the damage dealt based on the number of Buffs on Allies (Effect: Small / Max 500%)
Wings of PursuitPriority: Low
Does 60% of Attack damage every second against enemies within a certain range

To maintain the operation as a healer, it is recommended to take healing and buffing skills first, and to take advantage of the buffing effect of Feather Sanctuary.

Obtain Feather Sanctuary

It is recommended to use Typhoon Field and Feather Sanctuary to heal and buff repeatedly. It is a good idea to set up Liberty Wing, which revives everyone, in case of emergency.

Recommended Arts・Typhoon Field
・Feather Sanctuary
・Liberty Wing

Taion's Recommended Soul Tree Upgrade

Soul Tree Recommended Upgrade

Taion's Soul Tree Recommended Upgrade
[Learn Skill] Unceasing Curse
[Learn Skill] Shared Curse
[Raise Ability] Unlock Arts Canceling
[Talent Enhance Art] Eightfold Divide

Skills Obtained Priority

Unceasing CursePriority: High
Extends all enemies' Debuff lifetime by 50%
Shared CursePriority: High
Increases damage dealt based on the number of Debuffs on all enemies (Effect: Small / Max 500%)
EclipsePriority: Medium
Debuff resistance of all enemies is reduced by 30%
Strength SapperPriority: Low
when Art hits, has a 5% chance of reducing enemy recharging to 0

Since the basic strategy is to debuff the enemy and inflict damage, make it a priority to learn skills that extend the duration of debuff effects and increase damage inflicted on enemies.

Unlock Body Double & Fleeting Form

We recommend using Fleeting Form to regenerate while using Spirit Raven and Body Double to heal and give debuff repeatedly. The firepower increase by granting Debuff is excellent, but it is also recommended to be able to play the role of a healer.

Recommended Arts・Spirit Raven
・Body Double
・Fleeting Form

Lanz's Recommended Soul Tree Upgrade

Soul Tree Recommended Upgrade

Lanz's Soul Tree Recommended Upgrade
[Enhance Art] Titan Fists
[Learn Skill] Absolute Barrier
[Enhance Skill] Steady Advance
[Raise Ability] Unlocks Arts Cancel
[Enhance Skill] Hefty Protection
[Talent Enhance Art] Winning Rush

Skills Obtained Priority

Hefty ProtectionPriority: High
Allies within a certain radius take 20% less damage
Steady AdvancePriority: High
50% resistance to com[bos and reactions while in Arts
Strength in AdversityPriority: Medium
Increases damage based on the number of enemies targeting you (small effect, up to 300%)
ReflectionPriority: Low
Reflects enemy attacks with a 5% chance

Lanz recommends developing abilities related to Defense. Since he is originally used in the role of buying aggro in Defender, he should be able to operate in the same way during Interlink.

Unlock Titan Fists

Basically, the best way is to use Burning Rain to gather aggro while using Ray of Punishment to provide firepower. Against guarding enemies, it is recommended to use Titan Fists, which has an unguardable debuff.

Recommended Arts・Ray of Punishment
・Burning Rain
・Titan Fists

Sena's Recommended Soul Tree Upgrade

Soul Tree Recommended Upgrade

Sena's Soul Tree Recommended Upgrade
[Learn Skill] Merciless Pummeling
[Enhance Skill] Unlock Arts Canceling
[Enhance Skill] Merciless Pummeling
[Learn Art] Hellbound
[Learn Skill] Explosive Spirit
[Talent Enhance Art] Hammer Revolution

Skills Obtained Priority

Explosive SpiritPriority: High
Each time you perform a Combo Reaction, the damage dealt is increased by 30% (max 500%)
Merciless PummelingPriority: High
Whenever a Knockback or Blowdown is dealt, there is a 50% chance of dealing additional damage
Extreme PursuitPriority: Low
Increases damage dealt to enemies in combo state (small effect)
Utterly CrushingPriority: Low
Disables enemy's guard and has 60% chance to inflict Break if disabled

With Explosive Spirit to increase firepower, use Reaction-effect Arts to generate damage. However, against high-level unique monsters, combos and reactions often do not work, so there are few effective situations.

Unleash Hellbound

Hellbound is an Ether attack, so it is very useful when using Class "Royal Summoner"; Blowdown effect works well with Skills; For Physical Attack attackers, it is recommended to employ Dino Upper instead.

Recommended Arts・Hellbound(orDino Upper)
・Mortal Bullet
・Flame Nova

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