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Chapter 2 Walkthrough guide for Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Learn how to unlock all Chapter 2 quests: Hillside Hulk, Moebius K, Riku & Manana, and how to defeat the Boss in this guide!

※This article contains spoilers for the story.

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Chapter 7-
All Story Walkthrough

The Hillside Hulk Walkthrough Chart

Strategy Chart
  1. Go along the road and check the rock
  2. Reach the southern Aetia region.
  3. Complete the Quest "The Hillside Hulk"
     → Head to the Hillside Ferronis Hulk
     → Secure the area by defeating Nestrand Crustip (Lv 11) x 5
     →Check the container
     → Check the power compartment of the Hillside Hulk
     →Go to the ether channel and harvest some ether.
     →Return to the Ferronis Hulk and insert the ether cylinder
     →Use the fabricator and open the 2 containers.
  4. Use the Rest Spot in the Hillside Ferronis Hulk

Collect Ether


Collect Ether Once You Find Them

Ether Channels are green energy lights that sprout from the field. Here, Ether can be collected in cylinders. Ether cylinders can be used in a variety of situations, so make it a habit to collect Ether once you find them.

How To Use The Ether Cylinder

  • Rebooting Ferronis Hulks
  • Gem Crafting
etc. Ether Channels & Cylinders Guide

Manufacture Items With Fabricators

Item production at the Fabricator

No Need To Rush To Use The Fabricator

Each Ferronis Hulk has a Fabricator nearby that can be used to manufacture collectibles by spending G. There's no need to rush to use the fabricator because you could always return via skip travel.

Riku and Manana Walkthrough Chart

Strategy Chart
  1. Set each character's class and arts.
     ※Also reconfigure the accessories.
  2. Talk to Shillshill and receive Quest "Nopon Register".
  3. Defeat the Boss Bodom Grebels (Lv 12) x 3
  4. Follow the destination
  5. Reach the Oasis
  6. Complete the Quest "Riku and Manana"
     →Cook up a meal at the Lake Rezzento Camp (Unlocks Cooking)
     → Defeat Gyanna Aspar(Lv16) (Unlocks Chain Attacks)
     →Return to the Lake Rezzento Camp (Unlocks Gem Crafts)
     →Craft and create a Gem
     →Equip Gems

Notes On Class Change

Notes on Class Change

Change Class Upon Reaching Rank 10

At the beginning of the game, you can only raise your class rank to 10, you're able to change classes until the rank reaches 10. After you reached class rank 10, the class experience you gain will be wasted if you do not change classes.

Class Rank Cap - How To Unlock Limit

Pay Attention To The Balance of The Party

Pay attention to the ratio of attackers, defenders, and healers in your party. The recommendation is a combination of two attackers, two defenders and two healers. If the party is unbalanced, it will be difficult to win the battle due to poor damage control.

Best Arts For Each Roles & Art Guide

Accept Orders From Nopon Register

Accept Orders From Nopon Register

Talk to Shillshill at "The Hillside Hulk" rest stop to receive the Quest "Nopon Register" Nopon Register requires talking to Nopon at various locations, so it is recommended to receive the order early in the game and steadily complete the requirements. The Nopon Register is a list of all the Nopon's names and addresses.

About Cooking

Increases Experience & Rewards For A Limited Time

Increased experience & rewards for a certain time

Cooking and eating food could temporarily increase the EXP and rewards you receive from winning battles. Foods can be made by materials or Nopon Coins, but Nopon Coins are quite rare and better used for other purpose. So don't use Nopon coins to create foods.

Cooking Guide & Recipe List

Helps Manana To Create New Dishes

 Ordering and Eating food enables Manana in creating new dishes that will provide new status effects

Some rest spots are canteens where you can order food. Doing so will help Manana come up with new recipes that will offer new status effects so make sure to order whenever there's a nearby canteen in the rest spots.

How The Chain Attack Works

How The Chain Attack Works

The Strongest Attack In Xenoblade 3

A Chain Attack is a special powerful technique that allows party members to take turns strategically performing Arts. You can gain an EXP bonus when you defeated an enemy with Chain Attack so it is recommended to finish boss battles & unique enemies with Chain Attacks.

Activated With Fully Charged Chain Gauge

Activated With Fully Charged Chain Gauge

Chain Attack is a special move that is unleashed in coordination with party members. It can be activated by pressing the + button when the Chain Gauge on the right side of the screen is filled. The Chain Gauge as you perform combos, cancel into Arts and achieve Role Actions.

First, Select A Chain Order

Select Chain Order

First, choose whose order you will follow out of the 3 characters displayed on the screen. You can make your choice after checking the completion bonuses you get for accomplishing each order.

The Goal Is To Get TP Above 100%

goal is to get TP above 100%

The goal in executing the chain order is to achieve at least 100% tactical points (TP). In addition to the numbers shown above each character, bonus TP is added for the same class, same role, etc. as the order.

Make Good Use Of Chain Special Attacks For Each Role

Understanding the chain special attack for each role will help you raise TP more efficiently. The recommendation is to attack with the attacker first, then with the healer when it is about to exceed 99%, and then use the defender to complete the order when it reaches 99%.

RoleChain Special Attack
AttackerFirst Blood
TP increases if a attacker attacks at first.
HealerPoint Limit
TP stops at 99% if a healer attacks.
DefendersBack in Action
If a defender breaks 100% TP, the character with the highest TP will be revived.

Conditions For Continuing Chain Attack

Chain Attack brings the party back together.

Chain Attack can be continued if two conditions are met: "there are party members who can act" and "the chain gauge is not empty". The number of party members to be revived depends on the TP value.

TPNumber of People To Be Revived
~99%End of Chain Attack
100%~149%1 Character Revived (Cool)
150%~199%2 Character Revived(Bravo)
200%~3 Character Revived(Amazing)
Chain Attack Guide & Tips

Equip Gems To Strengthen Members

Equip gems to strengthen members

One Can Be Created And All Party Members Can Equip It

When a Gem is created, everyone in the party can equip it. Since everyone in the party can have the benefit, you should create and equip Gem as much as you can. Here is the recommendation of Gems for each role in the early stages of the game.

Recommended Gem For All Classes

Steady StrikerSteady StrikerThe interval between auto-attacks is reduced by 15%.
(40% at maximum upgrade)

Recommended Gems For Each Roles

RoleRecommended Gems
AttackerAttackerYellowEmpowered ComboRedAnalyze WeaknessRedSteelcleaver
GreenDisperse BloodlustGreenLifesaving ExpertiseGreenSwelling Blessing
GreenDisperse BloodlustGreenLifesaving ExpertiseRedSwelling Scourge
BlueTailwindBlueBrimming SpiritBlueSteel Protection
BlueBrimming SpiritBlueSteel ProtectionBlueUltimate Counter
Best Gem For Each Roles

Create With Materials As Possible As You Can

Gems can be created with materials + Ether Cylinders or Nopon Coins. Even if they can be easily created by using Nopon Coins when the materials are not enough, but since Nopon Coins are rare, it is best to think twice about using them casually in the early stages of the game.

Gem Crafting Guide & Tips

Moebius K Battle Walkthrough Chart

Strategy Chart
  1. Go south through the Eagus Wilderness
  2. Check the rock at the end of the road to escape from the attack of Colony 4.
  3. Defeat Keves Sniper(Lv 15), Keves Blaster (Lv 15), Keves Soldier (Lv 15)
  4. Head to destination
  5. Defeat Silvercoat Ethel (lvl 16), Keves Sniper (lvl 15), Keves Rescuer (lvl 15) and Keves Blocker (lvl 15)
  6. Defeat Consul K (Lv. 17) (Unlocks Interlinking)
  7. Defeat Moebius K (Lv 17)

Interlink To Create A Powerful Form

Interlink to create a powerful form

Press The + Button When The Gauge Is Up To Activate

Press The + Button When The Gauge Is Up To Activate

Interlink can be activated when the "Interlink" on the left side of the screen lights up. The gauge ranges from Lv. 0 to Lv. 3, but it is good to use it at Lv. 0 or Lv. 1 since it is difficult to raise the level in the beginning. The level of Interlink is raised by using Fusion Arts.

Fusion Arts Guide - How To Use

Forcibly Cancelled When Heat Gauge Builds Up

When the heat gauge, which gradually increases during interlinking, fills up, the interlink state will be forcibly released. You can also cancel Interlink by pressing the ↓ button, even it is barely used.

Ouroboros & Interlink - Levels & How To Use

Upgrade Ouroboros With Soul Tree

Noah's Soul Tree Recommended Upgrade

Ouroboros Form can be upgraded with Soul Tree, and SP required to upgrade Soul Tree can be obtained from battles, etc. Please refer to the following article for the recommendation of how to upgrade Soul Tree.

Soul Tree - Recommended Upgrade.

Chapter 2 Boss Battle Strategy

Silvercoat Ethel Walkthrough Chart


Silvercoat Ethel Battle Key Strategy Points

Silvercoat Ethel is Lv 16, but there are also other three Keves that are Lv 15 in the area, so use the LR button to target on Lv 15 enemies (especially the Healer, Keves Blocker) and defeat them first before taking on the boss Silvercoat Ethel.

Consul K Battle Key Strategy Points

Consul K Battle

Focus on Consul K's Body

Consul K fights by summoning Keves Blocker (Lv 15); it could be summoned again and again even if you defeat it, therefore it is best to focus attacks on Consul K itself.

Moebius Battle Key Strategy Points

Moebius Battle

Utilize Interlink And Chain Attack

Use the Interlink and Chain Attack that you have learned so far to fight. If you find that you are losing the battle, you should review the battle system or change your equipments such as Gems.

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Available Quests During Chapter 2

QuestsRecommended Lvl / Order Conditions & Rewards
The Hillside HulkRecommended Lvl: Lvl. 10
Ordered during story
[Reward Items]
Riku and MananaRecommended Lvl: Lv. 12
Ordered during story
[Reward Items]
Collapsed TraderponRecommended Lvl: Lv. 13
Talk to Panepane in Fornis Region Menno Arch
[Reward Items]
Nopon Coin (Silver) ×3
Nopon RegisterRecommended Lvl: Lv. 55
Talk to Shillshill of The Hillside Hulk in Aetia Region
[Reward Items]
Nopon Coin (Silver) ×7

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