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Check this Story Walkthrough Guide for Xenoblade Chronicles 3. This guide includes walkthrough charts, recommended steps, chapter guides, and how to complete the main story quest!

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1Chapter 2
Chapter 3Chapter 4
Chapter 5Chapter 6
Chapter 7-
All Story Walkthrough

Chapter 1 Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 1 Story Walkthrough Guide

Up To The Departure From Colony 9

  1. Head to the designated location
  2. Battle Ulula (Lv. 4)
  3. Head to Colony 9
  4. Head to the bathing tent and take a bath
  5. Return to the barracks, and get some rest
  6. Pass through Colony 9 Ferronis to get to the Assembly Square
  7. Complete the quest "Preparing for Battle"
  8. Talk to Camilla in the Colony 9 Assembly Square
     → Purchase the Bronze Temple Guard
     → Equip the Bronze Temple Guard to Noah
     → Talk to Roald
     → Check Roald's Collectopaedia Card
     → Collect the specified items (Chewy Radish x 3, Clustrelle x 3, Rich Fish Meat x 2)
     → Register the collected materials onto Roald's Collectopaedia Card
     → Talk to Roald
  9. Leave Colony 9

Up To The Battle with Moebius

  1. Head toward Alfeto Valley
    → Defeat the following enemies along the way
      ・Rood Volff (Lv4) × 4
    → Additionally, battle the following enemies along the way
      ・Drifter Ropl (Lv6)
  2. Level up at the Forward Post Camp, and prepare for battle
  3. Progress to Alfeto Valley
    → Defeat the following enemies along the way:
      ・Agnus Attacker (Lv5) × 2
      ・Agnus Attacker (Lv7)
      ・Avis Achates (Lv6)
  4. Reach the mysterious ether source that crash landed into Alfeto Valley
  5. Defeat the Automaton Sentries (Lv7) x 2
  6. Defeat the Agnus Defender (Lv8), Agnus Attacker (Lv8), Agnus Healer (Lv8)
  7. Defeat the Mysterious Enemy (Lv10)
  8. Defeat Moebius (Lv10)

Journey To Alfeto Valley

  1. (Character shifts to Eunie)
    Return to Colony 9
    → Defeat the Keves Attacker (Lv8) x 3 on the road
  2. (Character shifts to Mio)
    Head to the designated location
  3. Defeat the Agnus Attacker (Lv 8)
  4. Head to Alfeto Valley
  5. (Character shifts to Noah
    Open the container

Chapter 2 Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 2 Walkthrough & Boss Guide

Up To Restoring The Hillside Ferronis Hulk

  1. Follow the path and examine the rocks
  2. Reach the southern Aetia region
  3. Complete the quest "The Hillside Hulk"
     → Head to the location of the Hillside Ferronis Hulk
     → Defeat the Nestrand Crustip (Lv 11) x 5
     → Open the container
     → Check the power compartment
     → Go to the
    Ether Channels and harvest some ether
     → Return to the Ferronis hulk, and insert the ether cylinder
     → Use the Fabricator and open the the two containers
  4. Rest up at the Hillside Ferronis Hulk

Up To Completing The "Riku and Manana" Quest

  1. Set up Classes and Arts for each character
     ※ You can also change their gear
  2. Talk to ShillShill to get the quest "Nopon Register"
  3. Head south of Aetia and test your powers on some Bodom Grebels (Lv 12) x 3
  4. Go south through the Aetia region, and enter the Fornis Region
  5. Go south through the Eagus Wilderness and Reach the Oasis
  6. Complete the quest "Riku and Manana"
     → Cooking is unlocked at the Lake Rezzento Camp
     → Defeat Gyanna Aspar (Lv 16). (This unlocks Chain Attacks)
     → Return to Lake Rezzento Camp. (This unlocks Gem Crafting)
     → Craft and create Gems
     → Equip the Gem

Up To The Moebius K Battle

  1. Go south through the Eagus Wilderness
  2. Escape from the Colony 4 attack
  3. Defeat the Keves Forces (Lv. 15) x 3
  4. Continue to the designated location
  5. Defeat the Silvercoat Ethel (Lv 16) and the Keves Forces (Lv. 15) x 3
  6. Defeat the Consul K (Lv 17). (Interlink is unlocked here)
  7. Defeat Moebius K (Lv 17)

Chapter 3 Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 3 Story Walkthrough

Up To Your Departure From Colony 4

  1. Head to the Colony 4 Barracks and rest there
  2. (Character shifts to Ethel)
    Go to Colony 4 command and announce your departure.
  3. Complete the quest, "Helping Out"
     → Listen to the conversations of characters with the「i」icon
     → Talk to the marked NPC
     → Consult at the Colony 4 Outdoor Canteen
  4. Complete the Hero Quest "No Want of Courage"
     → Head to Galghour's Menhir
     → When there, look for the Supply Drops
      (※ Turn on Navigating to make it easier)
     → Defeat the Hunter Volff (Lv 17) x 4
     → Look for the rest of the Supply Drops
     → Return to Colony 4. (This unlocks Ethel)
  5. Rest at the Colony 4 Barracks Tent
  6. Head to the office in Colony 4

Up To The Journey To Colony 30

  1. Go southeast from Ribbi Flats
  2. Complete the quest, "The Kind Right Hand"
     → Defeat the Strange Keves Soldiers (Lv 21), Velites (Lv 19), Equites (Lv 19). (Temporarily unlocks Valdi)
     → Collect the required items
     → Go to Elsie's Spout
     → Follow Valdi's Mini-Levnis
     → Defeat the Incomplete Siege-Lev (Lv 22)
    (Rudy becomes unlocked, wall climb becomes available)
  3. Gather up 4 information about Colony 30
  4. Head to the center of Colony 30

Up To Locating Colony Lambda

  1. Climb the cliff near Elsie's Spout then head south-east. Head to the south-east of the Fornis region
  2. Rest at the Seilas Terrace Camp
  3. Reach the tunnels in the Pentelas region. Progress through the Urayan tunnels
  4. Complete the quest "A Nopon's Counsel"
     → Head to Elevator No. 1
     → Start up Elevator No. 1
     → Use the elevator to get to Mine No. 1
     → Examine the 3 Mineral Deposits
     → Head to the Ruins of Seebu Area, rest there
     → Go south of Ruins of Seebu
     → Defeat Princess Arachno (Lv 26), Savant Arachno (Lv 24) x 5
    (Riku and Manana will be unlocked)
  5. Progress through the Urayan Tunnels
  6. Defeat the Lambda Ferronis (Lv 28)
  7. Defeat Consul J (Lv 29)
  8. Search of Isurd
  9. Head outside Colony Lambda

Chapter 4 Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 4 Walkthrough & Boss Guide

Up To Getting To Colony Tau

  1. Pass through the Great Cotte Falls
  2. Defeat the Umber Drague (Lv 30)
  3. Rest up at the Titan Rock Camp
  4. Pass through the Great Coffee Falls. Descend down the Old Cliffside Way
  5. Complete the Hero Quest "Natural Selection"
     → Defeat 4 Agnus Fighters (Lv 32 & Lv 31)
     → Follow the Mystery Agnian Trail
     → Head to where the mysterious Agnians fled. Explore Colony Tau
     → Defeat the Annon Rhinon (Lv 33) x 3
      (This unlocks Juniper. Unlock Rope Sliding)

Up To Getting To The Castle

  1. Progress through Maktha Wildwood
  2. Complete the quest "Imminent Illusion"
     → Bring down the Mysterious Raider (Lv 34) health by 30%
     → A cutscene will occur
  3. Progress through Maktha Wildwood
  4. Rest up at the Sparkling Pool Camp
  5. Complete the quest "Stolen Provisions"
     → Defeat Eregaa Anlood (Lv 33) x 3
     → Collect 3 Yellowgrove Kelp Mushroom
  6. Return to the Sparkling Pool Camp
  7. Pass through Maktha Wildwood, and reach the Castle
  8. Defeat Ethel's Ferronis (Lv 35) and Cammuravi's Ferronis (Lv 35)
  9. Defeat Moebius O & P (Lv 36)
  10. Reach the castle

Up To The Battle With The Queen Of Keves

  1. Reach the container at the Castle's back entrance
  2. Reach the Annihilator's power core
  3. Defeat Moebius D & J (Lv 42)
  4. Escape from the Castle
  5. Defeat Queen of Keves (Lv 43)
     → An unskippable cutscene will play

Chapter 5 Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 5 Walkthrough & Boss Guide

Up To Navigating The Great Sword

  1. Head to the Cadensia region, and reach the Great Sword. Reach the base of the Great Sword
  2. Follow Shania
  3. Talk to the residential guard, then rest up
  4. Head to the war room
  5. Complete the quest "Castle Access"
     → Talk to Samon, Timna, and Miyori
     → Defeat Planaa Ansel (Lv 42) and Seeth Ansel (Lv 40) x 4
     → Talk to Samon
  6. Return to the Lost Numbers Dorm and head to Sentridge Harbor

Up To Infiltrating The Li Garte Prison Camp

  1. Complete the quest "The Castle Beckons"
     → Head to Vinisog Helm
     → Collect intel on the prison camp
     → At Vinisog Helm Camp, discuss "Li Garte Prison Information"
  2. Rest at the Intel Camp, and prepare to infiltrate the Prison Camp
  3. Infiltrate the Li Garte Prison Camp.

Up To Escaping The Castle

  1. Search for Ghondor
     → Defeat Ghondor (Lv 47), Oggy (Lv 45), Aggy (Lv 45)
  2. Return to Cell No. 1 then rest up. Head to the Central Cell
  3. Complete the quest "First Day of Prison"
     → Collect the specified items
     → Talk to the Prison Guard
  4. Return to Cell No. 1 then rest up. Head to the Central Cell
  5. Complete the quest "Second Day of Prison"
     → Look for an enraged Feris, Battle the Basreek Feris (Lv 47)
     → Follow the trail of Feris Pawprints
     → Defeat the Basreek Feris (Lv 47)
     → Talk to the Prison Guard
  6. Head to the Central Cell
  7. Return to Cell No. 1 and rest up. Head to the Central Cell
  8. Complete the Quest "Third Day of Prison"
     → Defeat Kaalm Garaffa x 3
  9. Defeat the Agnian Guards x 9
  10. Rendezvous with Ghondor at Watchtower No. 1
    (Temporarily adds Ghondor to the party)
  11. Defeat the Agnian Guards x 12
  12. Reach the West Gate
     → Defeat the Agnus Vanguard Elite (Lv 48), Agnus Skirmisher (Lv 47), Agnus Medic (Lv 47), Agnus Scout (Lv 47)
  13. Defeat Gyrinus (Lv 48)
  14. Defeat Moebius M (Lv 49)
  15. Defeat Moebius M (Lv 49) again
  16. Defeat Moebius N (Lv 50)
  17. Find a way to escape the castle
     → Talk to everyone and check the cell again
     → A cutscene will play

Chapter 6 Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 6 Walkthrough & Boss Guide

Up To The Return To The Castle

  1. Make your way to the shining light
  2. Defeat Moebius N (Lv 50)
  3. Defeat the Queen of Agnus (Lv 50)
  4. Head to the marked location and talk to Mio
    (Unlocks Ghondo and Mio's Special Talent Art)
  5. Pass through the West Perimeter Gat and reach Hope's Rest. Return to the Castle
  6. Rest up at the Station Breakroom
  7. Select a hairstyle for Mio
    (This will change Mio's look going forward)
  8. Interact with the "?" at Ascension Grounds and talk to Adenine. Going Home will start.
    ※By Clearing the quest, you can go back to City Interior.

Up To Cloudkeep

  1. Head for Captocorn Peak, where the Cloudkeep and Colony Omega are
  2. Complete the Hero Quest "Side Story: Mio"
     → Head to Colony Omega
     → Rest up at Tsang Camp and return to Colony Omega. Head for the Colony Omega Flame Clock
     → Defeat Agnus Keeves soldiers
     → Defeat Mwamba (Lv 53), Hackt (Lv 53), Glorysong Miyabi (Lv 53), and Smoldering Cammuravi (Lv 53)
     → Defeat Moebius Y (Lv 54)
      (Unlocks Miyabi. Class Rank limit unlocked for Zephyr)
  3. Go through Captocorn Peak, and reach Cloudkeep
  4. Progress through the Cloudkeep to meet the true queen
  5. Defeat Moebius J (Lv 54) and Moebius D (Lv 54)
  6. Defeat Moebius D & J (Lv 55)

Chapter 7 Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 7 Walkthrough & Boss Guide

Up To The Journey To Fairview Cape

  1. Join Nia and head to the Cloudkeep's entrance. Talk to Samson
  2. Head to Sentridge Harbor
  3. Complete the quest "The Ultimate Vessel"
     → Get Origin metal from Cloudkeep
     → Get Origin metal from Everblight Plain & Cape Arcaphor
     → Get Origin metal from Zain's Talon & Low Maktha Wildwood
     → Complete the quest "Side Story: Noah"
      - Head to Fourth Ixia Bridge. Head to the marked location
      - Defeat Consul Crys (Lv 60)
      - Defeat Consul Crys (Lv 61)
      (Class Rank Limit break for Swordfighter)
     → Talk to Samson
  4. Head to Fairview Cape in the Eythia Sea

Until The Ending Of The Main Story

  1. Reach the nucleus of Origin
  2. Defeat N (Lv 68)
  3. Defeat N (Lv 68) again
  4. Head to the next destination. Continue until your battle with Moebius Y (Lv 70)
  5. Defeat Z (Lv 72)
  6. Defeat Z∞ (Lv 75)
     → Defeat X∞ (Lv 75)
     → Defeat Y∞ (Lv 75)
     → Defeat Z∞ (Lv 75)
  7. This is the ending of the Main Story

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