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Mio is a playable character in Xenoblade Chronicle 3. See best builds, class, arts, skills, recommend soul tree, Ouroboros form, and voice actor (CV) for Mio !

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Mio - Initial Class And Ascension

Recommended Class And Arts For Early Game

Starting ClassRole
Recommended Arts
・Wide Slash
・Glow Ring
・Butterfly Blade
All Classes List - How To Change Class?

How To Unlock Mio's Class Rank Limit & Ascension Quest

QuestSide Story: Mio
Unlock Requirements Can be unlocked while progressing in the story of Chapter 6.
RewardsZephyr's Class Rank limit is raised to 20.
Class Rank - How To Unlock Limit

Mio - Recommended Arts & Classes

Mio - Recommended Arts & Classes

Recommended Classes And Arts Through Story Progress

AvailabilityClassArts To Equip
Chapter 2Zephyr iconZephyrX: Wide Slash
Y: Glow Ring
B: Butterfly Blade
Chapter 2Heavy GuardHeavy GuardX: Bull Rush
Y: Uppercut Slash
B: Crash Out
Chapter 3Guardian CommanderGuardian CommanderX: Shield Bash
Y: Noble Taunt
B: Falcon Swoop
Chapter 4Lone ExileLone ExileX: Jaws of Death
Y: Gale Slash
B: Demon Slayer
Chapter 6TroubadourTroubadour
※For Master Arts acquisition
X: Twin Moons
Y: Autumn Rain
B: Ring o' Roses
Chapter 6Tactician iconTactician
※For Master Skills acquisition
X: Stormy Skies
Y: Avenging Eagle
B: Hazy Figure

▼ Check Out Mio's Change Class Order Chart

Best Classes For Each Character

Recommended Master Skills

Recommended SkillsClass
[Inevitable Evitability]
Master at Rank 15
Evade enemy attacks with a 10% chance.
Tactician iconTactician
[Protector's Pride]
Master at Rank 5
Increases recharging speed by 40% when a non-defender is targeted.
Guardian CommanderGuardian Commander
Master at Rank 15
All Allies' hit and evasion rates are increased by 20% of the original. Effects do not stack.

Recommended Master Arts

Recommended ArtsClass
[Wide Slash]
Master at Rank 1
Magnification: 360% / Recovery: 5 times
Attack evasion during Arts.
[Glow Ring]
Master at Rank 10
Magnification: 310% / Recovery: 5 times
Target Lock.
[Crash Out]
Master at Rank 10
Magnification: 340% / Recovery: 14 seconds
100% increase in aggro gain.
Heavy GuardHeavy Guard
[Shield Bash]
Master at Rank 10
Magnification: 235% / Recovery: 26 seconds
Topple effect.
Guardian CommanderGuardian Commander
[Soaring Tempest]
Master at Rank 10
Magnification: 260% / Recovery 23 seconds
Launch effect.
Lone ExileLone Exile
[Ring o' Roses]
Master at Rank 10
Recovery: 4 times
Fast Recharge of Arts.
Master Arts List

Mio - Best Build

Make sure to upgrade Mio's weapon!

Generic Type Build

ArtsX: Wide Slash
Y: Glow Ring
B: Butterfly Blade
Master Arts▲: Shield Bash
▶: Soaring Tempest
▼: Crash out
Master SkillsInevitable Evitability
Protector's Pride
GemsBrimming Spirit
Ultimate Counter
AccessoriesLegendary Biter
Iovis Rings
Fraternal Badge
Best Accessories List

Mio - Class Change Order And Arts Summary

This is the shortest chart for making Mio's Best Build.

Summary Of Class Change Order and Arts

1. Zephyr
X: Wide Slash
Y: Glow Ring
B: Butterfly Blade
2. Swordfighter
▲: Wide Slash
X: Air Slash
Y: Sword Strike
B: Edge Thrust
3. Heavy Guard
▲: Glow Ring
X: Bull Rush
Y: Uppercut Slash
B: Crash Out
4. Guardian Commander
▲: Wide Slash
▶: Glow Ring
X: Shield Bash
Y: Noble Taunt
B: Falcon Swoop
5. Lone Exile
▲: Wide Slash
▶: Glow Ring
X: Jaws of Death
Y: Gale Slash
B: Demon Slayer
6. Troubadour
▲: Multi Blast
▶: Shadow Eye
▼: Myopic Screen
X: Twin Moons
Y: Autumn Rain
B: Ring o' Roses
7. Heavy Guard [Final Form - Endurance Type]
▲: Hidden Thorn
▶: Ground Beat
▼: Cross Impact
X: Jackal Claw
Y: Destructive Charge
B: Impulse Wave
8. Tactician
▲: Multi Blast
▶: Shadow Eye
▼: Myopic Screen
X: Stormy Skies
Y: Overfall
B: Hazy Figure
9. Zephyr [Final Form - Evasive Type, Recommended at Level 90+ ]
▲: Shield Bash
▶: Soaring Tempest
▼: Crash Out
X: Wide Slash
Y: Glow Ring
B: Butterfly Blade

Other Things To Upgrade

※Click the word to get more information.

Weapon UpgradeUniting the Seven Nopons Location Summary
AccessoriesLegendary Biter
Iovis Rings
Lunae Rings
Fraternal Badge
Class AscensionGuardian Commander [Reasons to Evolve]
Lone Exile [A Deep-Seated Scar]
Troubadour [Happiness]
Heavy Guard [Side Story: Lanz]
Tactician [Side Story: Taion]

Mio - Interlink (Ouroboros) Data And Soul Tree Recommended Path

Recommended Arts

Arts And Effect
XDeadly Twister
Magnification: 185% / One Target / Evasion during Arts
YFull Moon Drop
Magnification: 260% / One Target / Break effect (Level 3 for all)
BRadiant Toroidal
Magnification: 390% / AOE around User / Target Lock

Recommended Soul Link

Soul LinkEffect
Satisfying Piercer Ignores the enemy's Defense when a critical hit occurs. Add 50% to the damage bonus.
Increase Critical Rate Add 15% to Critical Rate.

Soul Tree Recommended Path

Unlock Arts Canceling As Your Top Priority

Unlocking Arts Canceling will allow you to use Arts and another Arts repeatedly in 0 seconds, dramatically increasing the damage dealt by Ouroboros. It is recommended to unlock it as a top priority, as it will make the battle much easier.

Soul Link And EffectRecommendation
[Unlock Arts Canceling]
Arts can now be Canceled by Arts.
[Talent Art Upgrade]
Upgrade power from 1000% to 1400%
Evades attacks and instantly kills dying enemies except for bosses and uniques.

Mio - Which Hairstyle Is Better?

Choose According To Your Taste!

There is a scene in the story where Mio's hairstyle is chosen, but whichever one is chosen does not affect the subsequent development of the story. It's okay to choose one completely based on preference.

You Can Change It Anytime

Open the menu and go to System > Options > Game Settings > Mio's Haircut Selection to change the hairstyle at any time.

Mio - Voice Actor & Profile

Mio - Voice Actor & Profile
Voice Actor (CV)Japanese: Minami Tsuda
English: Aimee-Ffion Edwards
Affiliation: Colony Gamma (Agnus)
Agnus' Departures
She has a serious and gentle personality and is trusted by her friends, but she is a type who keeps her own problems to herself.
She is in the top class in Agility, and is able to use her twin Toroidal weapons at will.
*Quoted from the official site.

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There's two separate errors I found on this page:

One, the Heavy Guard build for the Final Form - Endurance Type seems to have moves of the Martial Arist, not usre what supposed to be there.

Two, Mio's Soul Tree pic is missing.

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