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Chapter 5 Walkthrough guide for Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Learn how to unlock all Chapter 5 quests: Castle Access, The Castle Beckons, First Day of Prison, Second Day of Prison, Third Day of Prison, and how to defeat the Boss in this guide!

※This article contains spoilers for the story.

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The City Walkthrough Chart

Strategy Chart
  1. Head to the Cadensia region, and reach the Great Sword.
  2. Follow Shania
  3. Talk to the residential guard, then rest up.
  4. Head to the war room
  5. Complete the quest "Castle Access"
     →Talk to Samon, Timna, and Miyori
     →Defeat Planaa Ansel (Lv 42) and Seeth Ansel (Lv 40) x 4
     →Talk to Samon
  6. Return to the Lost Numbers Dorm and head to Sentridge Harbor.

Just Fight when You are with Shania

Follow Shania

If you move away from Shania, Shania will stay where she is. Shania will not follow up if you try to run away from battles when targeted by an enemy, so it is better to just defeat the enemy you encounter when you are with her.

Travel by Skip Travel is Recommended

In the quest "Castle Access", you have to go back and forth to the destination over and over again. It is more efficient to use Skip Travel to get from a nearby landmark to a destination than to travel on foot.

Up to the Infiltration of Prison

Strategy Chart
  1. Complete the quest "The Castle Beckons"
     →Head to Vinisog Helm and meet up with the soldiers from the Lost Numbers.
     →Collect intel of Prison Camp from 2 places
     →At Vinisog Helm Camp, discuss "Li Garte Prison Information"
  2. Rest at the Inlet Camp, and prepare to infiltrate the Prison Camp
  3. Infiltrate the Li Garte Prison Camp.

The Locations of Keys for Thurbin Island Gate

Where to find the 1st Key

lockation of south gate key

The "South Gate Key" is right the left of the closed gate. If you pick it up and check the gate, the gate will open.

Where to find the 2nd Key

lockation of north gate key

There are 2 sheds lined up. The "North Gate Key" is on the desk in the left shed.

Where to find the 3rd Key

lockation of front gate key

Stand against the closed gate, the "Front Gate Key" is on the fort on your left.

Get the Legacy of the Seven

Legacy of the Seven

There is a powerful accessory in Cadensia Region

You can find "Mercurii Ring" in Cadensia Region, which is one of the Legacy of the Seven. It can unprecedentedly rise Critical Rate 60%. Don't miss it. Once you get into the Prison, you can't get this item anymore till you are able to move freely in Chapter 6.

How to get Mercurii Ring

Reduce MapEnlarge Map
Reduce Map
Enlarge Map

To access the shoals where the ring is, you have to jump from the rope as shown in the video. You might have to do it over and over again since it is difficult to land on the position you aimed due to inertia. If you fail, use Skip Travel to start over from the landmark nearby.

The Prison Walkthrough Chart

Strategy Chart
  1. Search for Ghondor
     →Defeat Ghondor (Lv 47), Oggy (Lv 45), Aggy (Lv 45)
  2. Return to Cell No. 1 then rest up. Head to the Central Cell.
  3. Complete the quest "First Day of Prison"
     →Collect the specified items
     →Talk to the Prison Guard
  4. Head to the Central Cell
  5. Complete the quest "Second Day of Prison"
     →Look for an enraged Feris, Battle the Basreek Feris (Lv 47)(*A event occurs during the process)
     →Follow the trail of Feris Pawprints
     →Defeat the Basreek Feris (Lv 47)
     →Talk to the Prison Guard
     →Bring your evidence of defeat back and talk to the Guard.
  6. Head to the Central Cell
  7. Return to Cell No. 1 and rest up. Head to the Central Cell
  8. Complete the Quest "Third Day of Prison"
     →Defeat Kaalm Garaffa x 3
  9. Defeat the Agnian Guards x 9
  10. Rendezvous with Ghondor at Watchtower No. 1
  11. Defeat the Agnian Guards x 12
  12. Reach the West Gate
     →Defeat the Agnus Vanguard Elite (Lv 48), Agnus Skirmisher (Lv 47), Agnus Medic (Lv 47), Agnus Scout (Lv 47)
  13. Defeat Gyrinus (Lv 48)
  14. Defeat Moebius M (Lv 49)
  15. Defeat Moebius M (Lv 49) again
  16. Defeat Moebius N (Lv 50)
  17. Find a way to escape the castle
     →Talk to everyone and check the cell again
     →A cutscene will play

Strong Enemies Keep Showing Up

Near the end of Chapter 5, a series of battles with powerful boss monsters awaits you. However, if you understand the battle system well, it will not be very difficult. If you are unsure about the battle system, let's review it again.

Battle System & Combat Mechanics Guide

Chapter 5 Boss Battle Strategy

Hints of Battle Against Moebius M

Watch Out the Bind Debuff

Watch Out the Bind Debuff

Mobius M's "Dominion Flower" has a bind effect that disables traget's moves for a certain time. You can get out of the bind state faster by shaking the left stick rapidly and hitting the right button repeatedly.

Your Allies Might Defect to Mobius M


The "Eclipse Soul" activated by Mobius M will cause your member to temporarily take Mobius M's side and begin attacking the allies. The manipulated character is unalbe to use and the paired Interlink will also not work.

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