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Check out this Story Chapter 1 guide for Xenoblade Chronicles 3. See walkthrough chart of Part 1, key storyline points, locations, combat guide, objective, & rewards for Chapter 1!

※This article contains spoilers regarding the story of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Read at your own risk.

Table Of Contents

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Chapter 7-
All Story Walkthrough

Up To The Departure From Colony 9 - Walkthrough

Walkthrough Chart
  1. Head to the designated location
  2. Battle Ulula (Lv. 4)
  3. Head to Colony 9
  4. Head to the bathing tent and take a bath
  5. Return to the barracks, and get some rest
  6. Pass through Colony 9 Ferronis to get to the Assembly Square
  7. Complete the quest "Preparing for Battle"
     → Talk to Camilla in the Colony 9 Assembly Square
     → Purchase the Bronze Temple Guard
     → Equip the Bronze Temple Guard to Noah
     → Talk to Roald
     → Check Roald's Collectopaedia Card
     → Collect the specified items (Chewy Radish x 3, Clustrelle x 3, Rich Fish Meat x 2)
     → Register the collected materials onto Roald's Collectopaedia Card
     → Talk to Roald
  8. Leave Colony 9

How To Read The Map

Given that you will be traversing a vast field, understanding the map is crucial. Let's examine the icons that are shown on the map. By clicking the R stick or the X button and choosing Menu > Map, you may view the map.

Summary Of Icons On The Map
DestinationPoint to the next destination.
It is recommended to display the route guide to the destination with ZL + Y as it will be easier to reach.
LandmarkLandmarkSpots that can be used as Skip Travel locations by discovering.
EXP and other items can be obtained upon discovery.
Rest PointRest PointA place where actions such as Level Up with Bonus EXP, Saving, and in some places Cooking can be done.
It can also be utilized for Skip Travel as well as Landmark.
Secret AreasIt is a hard-to-find Landmark, often found in intricate corridors, hidden passages, and after difficult areas.
Accessory ShopAccessory ShopAccessories store that can be utilized in town and other places. In some cases, there are conditions for release, such as doing certain Quests.
ContainerTreasure chests containing items.
They can be found all over the field, so open as many as you can when you find them.
Soldeir HusksThe corpse of a soldier who had been in Affiliation with each Colony and sent by Noah or Mio as a departed person will have the effect of deepening the Affinity between the Affiliation Colony and the Colony.
Ether ChannelsA place to collect Ether to Cylinders.
Ether is used to Restart Ferronis Hulk in the field, etc., so you should collect it when you see it.
Access PointBoxes are placed on cliffs and other points where, when examined, ladders can be lowered to create shortcuts.
Quest Occurrence LocationAn icon indicating where the quest is occurring.
SkirmishesWhen you approach the icon, you can choose which side you will join, and if you choose, you will be engaged in battle. Depending on your choice, you will be rewarded with EXP or Nopon Coins.
Supply DropsDuring the map search, the screen will shake and supplies for that position will be provided nearby, and you can focus on that direction by pressing the ZR button.
Collect as much as possible because valuable items can be obtained.

Advance Towards The Destination Mark

Quests and story destinations appears as a ! mark on the map. If there's a specific quest that does not have directions, you may manually use Natural Selection in the Map to get there. Once the Natural Selection is pinned in the map, you'll be able to locate the distance to the specific location as you travel.

Summary Of ! Mark Types

Type Of ! MarkDetails
Main Story
Hero Quest

Navigate Is Recommended When Traveling

Navigate function

The Navigate feature can be activate with the ZL+Y buttons. It will show you the route towards your next quest objective, making it easier to get to that location. This is great to use when you feel lost!

Useful Systems Guide

Learn The Basics Of Combat

Auto Attack Is The Basic Attack

Auto Attack Is The Basic Attack

Basic attacks are performed automatically when drawing your weapon with the A button while close to an enemy. A gauge will build up while auto attacking, and when full, will allow players to control the character!

Some Actions Are Manually Activated

A ButtonAttacking (Initiates attacks)
Press and hold the A button
(While Sword is drawn)
Cancels attack
A Button
(While Sword is drawn)
Talent Arts
X, Y, B ButtonArts
L, R ButtonSwitch targets

Arts & Talent Arts

Arts & Talent Arts

Arts are combat techniques that can be used when the Auto Attack gauge is full. Once used, they cannot be used again until they come off their cooldowns.

Talent Arts are more powerful than Arts. The gauge to use them accumulates when you perform a move that's in line with the character's Class. For example, Noah's B Button art "Thrust Edge" will accumulate the Talent Arts gauge when he attacks from the enemy's back.

Battle System & Combat Mechanics Guide

Find Landmarks Whenever Possible

Find Landmarks Whenever Possible

Can Raise The Level Of The Character

XP can also be gotten from discovering landmarks, not just in combat! You can then use the XP you find to level up your character later on.

Leveling Guide

Unlocks Fast Travel Between Landmarks

Once visited, a landmark becomes available to be traveled to or used as fast travel with the use of the Skip Travel feature. It's recommended to explore the map and look for landmarks to make traveling easier.

Traversal Skills - How To Unlock

Battle Of Moebius - Walkthrough

Walkthrough Chart
  1. Head toward Alfeto Valley
    → Defeat the following enemies along the way
     ・Rood Volff (Lv4) × 4
    → Additionally, battle the following enemies along the way
     ・Drifter Ropl (Lv6)
  2. Level up at the Forward Post Camp, and prepare for battle
  3. Progress through Alfeto Valley
    → Defeat the following enemies along the way:
     ・ Agnus Attacker (Lv5) × 2
     ・Agnus Attacker (Lv7)
     ・Avis Achates (Lv6)
  4. Reach the mysterious ether source that crash landed into Alfeto Valley
  5. Defeat the Automaton Sentries (Lv7) x 2
  6. Defeat the Agnus Defender (Lv8), Agnus Attacker (Lv8), Agnus Healer (Lv8)
  7. Defeat the Mysterious Enemy (Lv10)
  8. Defeat Moebius (Lv10)

Enemies Guide

Normal Monster
Normal Monster
Normal Enemies
Elite Monsters
Elite Monsters
Tougher enemies but at the same level
Unique Monster
Unique Monster
Powerful enemies at the same level
Lucky Monster
Lucky Monster
Toughness is the same, but you get better rewards

Elite and Unique Monsters give higher EXP and materials when you defeat them. If you want to level up fast, defeat these enemies. If you want materials, defeat lucky monsters. There is no need to fight normal enemies.

Unique Monsters List

Level Up At The Rest Area!

Bonus EXP earned from discovering landmarks can be used to level up at rest areas. It is easy to forget to level up at rest areas, so make it a habit to level up every time you arrive at a rest spot.

Rest Spot Guide - Locations & Things To Do

Journey To Alfeto Valley - Walkthrough

Walkthrough Chart
  1. (Character shifts to Eunie)
    Return to Colony 9
    → Defeat the Keves Attacker (Lv8) x 3 on the road
  2. (Character shifts to Mio)
    Head to the designated location
  3. Defeat the Agnus Attacker (Lv 8)
  4. Head to Alfeto Valley
  5. (Character shifts to Noah)
    Open the container

You Wouldn't Be Able To Return To Colony 9 For Awhile

Once you leave Alfeto Valley, you would not be able to return to Colony 9 for a long time. It is recommended to properly search the area before heading to Alfeto Valley.

Aetia Region MapAll Quests List

Eunie (Healer) Playstyle

Eunie (Healer) Playstyle

Support Allies Provide Buffs, Healing

Eunie is a Healer class that excels in support her party. Her offensive power is low, but she can increase her ally's strength and provide healing to her team.

Use Eunie To Stun Enemies

Noah will down the enemy, while Lanz will break so stun the enemy while they are in the broken state with Myopic Screen. Stunned enemies will be immobile and cannot attack for a while, giving you a chance to concentrate on attacking them.

Combo Guide - Effects & Combos Explained

Mio (Defender) Playstyle

Mio (Defender) Playstyle

Take The Full Blunt Of Enemy Attacks

Mio is a Defender who excels in protecting their allies from enemy attacks. Use the Butterfly Blade to collect aggro from enemies and direct the targets of enemy attacks towards Mio. If you cannot manage the aggro well, you will soon find yourself in danger of a party wipe.

Agnus Arts And Talent Arts

Agnus Arts And Talent Arts

Gauge Builds Up With Attacks

Unlike the Kevesi Arts we have used so far, Agnus Arts gauge is built up with attacks. Arts are charged up when using Auto Attacks, while Talent Arts are accumulated while using Arts.

Best Arts For Each Character & Art Guide

Take Advantage Of Cancel Attacks

By activating an Art at the moment an Auto Attack hits, a Cancel Attack will occur. If the Cancel Attack succeeds, the Talent Arts gauge builds up faster and more powerful attacks can be launched in a short time.

Cancel Attack Guide

Difference Between Kevesi Arts abd Agnus Arts

ArtsAccumulates over timeAccumulates with Auto Attacks
Talent ArtsAccumulates through Role ActionsAccumulates through Arts
Chapter 2 Walkthrough & Boss Guide

List Of Quests That Can Be Accepted In One Episode

QuestRecommended Level
Conditions and Rewards
Preparing For BattleRecommended Lv:Lv3
Occurs during Lv3 story progress
[Reward Item]
Supplies in the WindRecommended Lv:Lv4
Talk to Pollux in Yzana Plains, Aetia Region
*Appears in Colony 9 as the story progresses.
[Reward Item]
Farewell MelodyRecommended Lv:Lv5
Talk to Pollux in Yzana Plains, Aetia Region
*Appears in Colony 9 as the story progresses.
[Reward Item]
Friendly SupportRecommended Lv:Lv5
Talk to Pollux in Yzana Plains, Aetia Region
*Appears in Colony 9 as the story progresses.
[Reward Item]
All Quests List

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