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Lanz - Best Class & Build
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Lanz - Best Class & Build

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Lanz is a playable character in Xenoblade Chronicle 3. See best builds, class, arts, skills, recommend soul tree, Ouroboros form, and voice actor (CV) for Lanz!

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Lanz - Recommended Arts & Classes


Recommended Arts For Early Game

Starting ClassRole
Heavy Guard
Heavy Guard
Recommended Arts
・Bull Rush
・Crash Out
・Uppercut Slash
Best Arts For Each Character

Recommended Classes

Heavy GuardHeavy Guard・You can get Aggro 100% x 2 with two types of Arts
・Skills that reduces the damage of allies is excellent
・Can be unlocked close to Rank 20 as the story progresses.
Guardian CommanderGuardian Commander・Great because of Skills that can help dying ally is very useful
・Easily grabs aggro with Taunt Arts
All Classes List - How To Unlock

Lanz - Best Build

※Written are general builds that considers even post-game contents.
※Unlocking Awakening Quests were NOT considered in this build.

ClassHeavy GuardHeavy Guard
ArtsX: Bull Rush
Y: Crash Out
B: Uppercut Slash
Master ArtsX: Wide Slash
Y: Glow Ring
B: Ring o' Roses
Master SkillsNatural Selection
Protector's Pride
GemsBrimming Spirit
Steel Protection
Steady Striker or Ultimate Counter
Accessories Legendary Biter
Fratarnal Badge
※HP-increasing Accessories

Lanz - Soul Tree Recommended Path

Prioritize To Unlock Arts Canceling

Arts Canceling

The moment you Unlock Arts Canceling, you are able to utilize Arts in succession. This enables you to hasten the use of Ouroboros. This should be a priority no matter what character.

Also Prioritize Talent Art Upgrade

The Talent Art Upgrade adds a special effect for each character in addition to the 1000%-1400% power multiplier. Prioritizing Talent Art Upgrade provides great improvement to your capabilities in combat.

Skills Acquisition Priority

Hefty Protection Priority: High
Reduces damage taken by allies in a fixed radius by 20%
Steady Advance Priority: High
Grants 100% resistance to combos and reactions while Art is active.
Strength in Adversity Priority: Mid
Grants a small increase to damage dealt the more enemies target you (up to a maximum of 300%).
Reflection Priority: Low
5% chance to reflect enemy attack.

Lanz is recommended to be the frontier of the party during combat. It is also ideal to use the same tactic during Interlink being the Defender that gets the Aggro of the enemies.

Utilizing Titan Fists

Get the Aggro of the enemies with Burning Rain and if the enemy guards, it is recommended to use Titan Fists, which applies the Shackle Blocking debuff.

Recommend Arts・Ray of Punishment
・Burning Rain
・Titan Fists

Lanz - Interlink (Ouroboros) Data

Ouroboros Overview


※Difficulty = Difficulty of player control.

Ray of Punishment
Sudden Impact
Burning Rain
Titan Fists
Talent Arts Winning Rush

Ouroboros Master Skills

Steady Advance Grants 100% resistance to combos and reactions while Art is active.
Reflection 5% chance to reflect enemy attack.
Hefty Protection Reduces damage taken by allies in a fixed radius by 20%
Strength in Adversity Grants a small increase to damage dealt the more enemies target you (up to a maximum of 300%).

Ouroboros Arts

Ray of Punishment

Type Ether Attack
Area Frontward AOE
Power 455%
Recharge 0s
Buff/Debuff -
Reaction Boosts damage dealt when attacking enemies targeting you by 100%

Sudden Impact

Type Physical Attack
Area One Target
Power 270%
Recharge 0s
Buff/Debuff -
Reaction Topple
Inflicts Topple on all enemies when Interlink is at level 3.

Burning Rain

Type Ether Attack
Area AOE around User
Power 250%
Recharge 0s
Buff/Debuff -
Reaction Boosts aggro generated when using Art by 50%.


Type Ether Attack
Area One Target
Power 280%
Recharge 0s
Buff/Debuff -
Reaction Launch

Titan Fists

Type Physical Attack
Area One Target
Power 240%
Recharge 0s
Buff/Debuff Shackle Blocking
Reaction Blowdown


Type Defense
Area Self
Power 0%
Recharge 0s
Buff/Debuff -
Reaction アーツ中、味方全体の被ダメージを20%下げる。自身への攻撃に対しては反撃を行う

Lanz - Voice Actor & Profile

Lanz - Voice Actor & Profile
Voice Actor (CV)Japanese: Kohsuke Tanabe
English: Jack Bardoe
This strong comrade of Noah's wields a large sword that doubles as a shield - handy for protecting his allies!
※Quoted from the official site.

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