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Check out this Story Chapter 6 Walkthrough Guide for Xenoblade Chronicles 3. This guide includes a walkthrough guide, storyline, steps, tips, boss guides, and more!

※ This article contains spoilers for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 story. Read at your own risk!

Table Of Contents

Main Story Walkthrough Guide

Return To The Castle Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Chart
  1. Make your way to the shining light
  2. Defeat Moebius N (Lv 50)
  3. Defeat the Queen of Agnus (Lv 50)
  4. Head to the marked location and talk to Mio
     (Unlocks Ghondo and Mio's Special Talent Art)
  5. Pass through the West Perimeter Gat and reach Hope's Rest. Return to the Castle
  6. Rest up at the Station Breakroom
  7. Select a hairstyle for Mio
     (This will change Mio's look going forward)
    Interact with the "?" at Ascension Grounds and talk to Adenine. Going Home will start.
    By Clearing the quest, you can go back to City Interior.

Keep Following The Light

Keep Following The Light

At the start of Episode 6, there is no navigation and UI. Look around and you will see a spot where there is light shining. Keep walking towards it to progress.

Lucky Seven's Arts

Lucky Seven's Arts

All The Arts Will Change

All The Arts Are Changing

When you use Lucky Seven's Arts "Unlimited Sword", all of Noah's Arts will be replaced for 90 seconds. Recharge will be quick and you can use a variety of Arts, from Attacks to Buffs and Debuffs.

Talent Art Is Very Powerful

The Talent Art "Final Lucky Seven" that leads to a stunned state is extemely powerful. It's recommended to stand in front of the enemy and repeatedly use the B Button attacks to build up the Talent Art gauge.

Limited To Noah, But Can Be Used No Matter His Class

Lucky Seven's Arts "Unlimited Sword" is limited to Noah. However, it can be used by Noah no matter what his class is.

Choose Mio's Hairstyle

The Final Choice To Mio

When you rest at the Station Breakroom, you will be asked to choose between long and short hair for Mio. Whichever one you choose will take effect from them on. Note that this will only affect her look, but her performance and other status will stay the same.

Changing Hairstyle

Mio's hairstyle can be changed anytime by accessing Systems > Options > Game Settings > Mio's Hairstyle. Feel free to choose which ever you prefer.

Journey To Cloudkeep Walkthrough

Walkthrough Chart
  1. Head for Captocorn Peak, where the Cloudkeep and Colony Omega are
  2. Complete the Hero Quest "Side Story: Mio"
     → Head to Colony Omega
     → Rest up at Tsang Camp and return to Colony Omega. Head for the Colony Omega Flame Clock
     → Defeat Agnus Keeves soldiers
     → Defeat Mwamba (Lv 53), Hackt (Lv 53), Glorysong Miyabi (Lv 53), and Smoldering Cammuravi (Lv 53)
     → Defeat Moebius Y (Lv 54)
      (Unlocks Miyabi. Class Rank limit unlocked for Zephyr)
  3. Go through Captocorn Peak, and reach Cloudkeep
  4. Progress through the Cloudkeep to meet the true queen
  5. Defeat Moebius J (Lv 54) and Moebius D (Lv 54)
  6. Defeat Moebius D & J (Lv 55)

Miyabi's Gameplay


Character Excels In Recovering Recharge

Many of Miyabi's Skills and Arts increase the recharging speed of herself and her allies, making it easier to perform Chain Attacks, Talent Art, and Interlinking.

Useful For Continuous Chain Attacks

Miyabi can increase the number of people recovering from a cooldown, and the effect of Heroic Chain can increase Noah's TP by the amount of his own TP. Both of these abilities make it easier to dish out Chain Attacks. Connect to the 5th Ouroboros Orders to make it easier to deal powerful Chain Attacks.

Chain Attack Guide & Tips

Chapter 6 Boss Guides

Moebius D & Moebius J Guide

Deal With The Moebius Puppets First

Deal With The Moebius Puppets First

The Moebius Puppet (Lv 53) will appear when the attack "Decoy Soul" is used. It is much weaker than the bosses, so switch targets when it appears and defeat them immediately.

Moebius D & J Guide

Beware Of Beyond Death Attack

Beware Of Beyond Death Attack

Beyond Death is a technique with high damage and Topple effect. Although the windup time of the attack is long, it's a very powerful attack. Remember to manage it by recovering before it hits or healing immediately after the attack.

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