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This is a Chain Attack guide for Xenoblade 3. Includes what is Chain Attack, how to increase the number of sets & damage of Chain Attack, Chain Order, and Ouroboros Orders.

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Chain Attack Tips (Up To Chapter 3)

Aim For 4 Chain Attack Rounds

Chain Gauge decreases by 1/3 per Chain Order. However, the Chain Gauge does not decrease for Chain Orders with Heroes, so if you select Heroes as the third chain, you can make up to four Chain Attacks.

Without Heroes, the maximum number of laps is 3, and the number of selected characters is 6, so it is difficult to achieve 100% TP on the third lap.

Use Taion As An Attacker During Early Chapters

To continue Chain Attack, it is very important to achieve a rating of Bravo or higher (150% TP) and revive 2 or more people at the next phase. It is easier to achieve Bravo or higher if Taion, which has the highest initial Term TP, is operated as an Attacker.

Character's First Term TP

Be Aware Of Chain Special Effects For Each Role

AttackerFirst Blood
The first Attacker to attack will increase TP significantly.
Healer Point Limit
TP does not exceed 99% when attacking with Healer
DefenderBack in Action
Characters with the highest TP are restored when an order is fulfilled in Defender.
HeroesNo chain special effects by Role.Each Hero has its own chain special effect.

Choose The Attacker First

The first attacker is the Attacker, which gives a 1.25x TP slope; choose the Attacker as the first attacker to gain TP all at once.

Earn TP By Choosing Healer Second

The second character should be a Healer to get close to 100% TP. If you select a Healer, TP will never exceed 99%, so it will be easier to aim for TP of 150% or more (Brarvo or more) with the next character.

Achieve Order Of 100% TP As Defender

The character to be restored when the set is continued is originally random, but if the order is achieved by Defender, the characters are restored in order from the character with the highest TP. Especially in the first and second rounds, you should definitely use Defender to complete the order.

Remember The Following At The Beginning

Since Ouroboros Orders cannot be used until the third episode of the story, only the above points should be kept in mind to connect the chain.

Chain Attack Tips (Chapter 4 Onwards)

Introducing Ouroboros Chain Orders

Ouroboros Orders are released in the final boss battle of episode 3, and by utilizing Ouroboros Orders, the damage from episode 4 onward can be far greater than that of episode 3.

About Starting Ouroboros Orders

If a Chain Attack is used while the operating character that is in Ouroboros form with Interlink Lv3, it becomes a special Chain Attack called Starting Ouroboros Orders.

▼ How To Operate Ouroboros Order

Ouroboros Orders Specifications

  • Ouroboros Orders appear when both orders of a pair are completed.
  • All characters are restored at the start of the order.
  • Chain Gauge can be activated even if there is no Chain Gauge left.
  • Once you choose the Ouroboros, the chain attack will end.
  • The Ouroboros Orders will be gone if it is not selected when it appears in the third or fourth round.

Ideal Movement for Chain Attack

Number Of SetsOrder Selection
1st RoundCharacter or Heroes
(Priority is Heroes > Character)
2nd RoundCharacter or Heroes
(Priority is Heroes > Character)
3rd RoundCharacter or Heroes
(Priority is Heroes > Character)
4th RoundSelect a character to pair with Interlink
(Noah-Mio, Eunie-Taion, Lanz-Sena)
5th RoundOuroboros Orders

Be Careful When Choosing A Character For The Second Or Third Round

The general rule of chain attack is you need to fulfill the conditions of Ouroboros Orders at the 4th chain. You can check the order history at the right side of the screen. Make sure to select characters that will meet the conditions during the second and third order.

Make Sure To Select A Healer By 3rd Round

To reach until 5 orders, selecting a healer is a must for they do not decrease chain gauge.The characters that you can select is random and Healer's chance of appearing seems to be smaller than other classes, once a healer appears select it right away!

※ Orders that is once chosen once does not reappear. If you have 7 characters, 3 of them will appear randomly. Once you select one the choices from the second order will be selected from 6 characters that was not picked.

Aim For Ouroboros In The 4th Round When Heroes Do Not Appear

If you are unlucky enough not to draw Hero Orders, you will finish with Ouroboros Orders on the 4th round. Make sure to choose Interlink Characters at the 3rd round.

End With Ouroboros Order

Ouroboros Orders are immensely powerful. Activated with the damage multiplier increased as much as possible, it can increase the damage of Chain Attack to the maximum.

Healer Active During Ouroboros Orders

By the 5th Term, the TP of all characters has increased considerably, and if one or two are selected, the TP will exceed 100%. Healer, however, never exceeds 99% TP, making it easier to use numerous Arts during Ouroboros Orders.

How Use Chain Attack More Than 6 Rounds

Possible To Do 7 Rounds If Fiona Is Used

Fiona's bonus has an "Increased Chain Gauge" effect, in which it increases the chain gauge by level 80 or lower will increase the Chain Gauge by 1 time, while level 81 or higher will increase by 2 times. If level 81 or above was chosen in the 3rd round, 7 rounds of Chain Attack will be possible.

Is There An Other Way Aside From Getting Fiona?

By no other means, the "Increase Chain Gauge" effect is more likely to use Fiona if you wish to perform a chain attack more than six times. Fiona can be used as a companion after the 5th chapter of the story.

Video Reference

※ The video is from the 3rd round of the Chain Attack.

Recommendation And Ability Tier Of Heroes

Recommended hero

※This is the degree of recommendation if you focus on Chain Attack.

※The ? icon are HEROES, which is available after clearing the story.

Recommended SS
Recommended S
Recommended A

Recommended B
Recommended C

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Heroic ChainCompletion Bonus

Riku & Manana

15When chosen, multiplies TP from next character to act by 125%. (Valid only for this order)
Increase everyone's TP by 7.


20When chosen, increases TP by 50 if the enemy is a machine-type.
Heal all allies for 35% HP and grants them Regenerate.


25When Chosen, Increases damage ratio by 50 percentage points.
During Chain Attack, boosts damage dealt to low HP enemies by 70%.


25Adds 15 upon own reactivation.
Defender's aggro has increased by 50% and Armor Veil is added to All Allies


15When chosen, multiplies the TP of all active characters except self by 120%.
Chain Gauge recovers and Power Charge is added to All Allies


15Guarantees an 'Amazing' rating when Hero completes an order, but they won't reactivate in this Chain Attack.
Increases damage ratio by 125 percentage points and grants Power Carge to all allies.


30Multiplies TP by 125% when first in line to attack, and makes all attacks critical.
Add 30% to Critical Rate during the chain attack


35Multiplies damage ratio increase by 1.5x upon completing an order that Hero participates in.
Chain Attack increases 100% damage to dying.


10Either adds 50 or removes 50 TP upon own reactivation.
The TP of each character is increased by 6 to 18 at random
Ghondor 35When chosen, assures self-reactivation in addition to the standard no. of reactivations.
150% to the critical damage bonus during Chain Attack


15When chosen, Mio gains TP equal to 100% of Hero's TP (maximum of 99; only applied if Mio can still act).
Add one person who recovers the action. With a probability of 30%, one more person
Secret Character15After completing an order, heals every character in the team except herself.Has a 100% chance to revive all fallen characters and join the chain attack.
Secret Character35Even if the Order of this character reach 100%, it will not be complete and let you select another character.During Chain Attack, remove 50% Ether defense from the enemies.


25Multiplies TP by 150% when first in line to attack.
Add 200% to the damage ratio to all allies


40Guarantees a 'Bravo' rating when Hero completes an order.
During a Chain Attack, it lowers the enemy Physical Def., Ether Def.


30When chosen, grants 10 TP to all active chracters except self.
10% of HP of damaged damage recovers during Chain Attack. Maximum 200% of Healing Power


37When Hero completes and order, adds 15 to TP of the character with the most TP, and reactivates them.
Add one person who recovers. With a probability of 25%, of one more person


15Multiplies TP by 200% when first in line to attack, but TP returns to pre-action state upon reactivation.
Add 200% to the damage ratio to All Allies


20Multiplies TP by 150% when Hero completes an order.
During a Chain Attack, the enemy's Physical Def., Ether Def. lowers from 30%

※Monica describes the initial TP that combines TP+7 by Class Skills.

What Is Chain Attack?

The Strongest Attack In Xenoblade 3

A Chain Attack is a special powerful technique that allows party members to take turns strategically performing Arts. You can gain an EXP bonus when you defeated an enemy with Chain Attack so it is recommended to finish boss battles & unique enemies with Chain Attacks.

Activated With Fully Charged Chain Gauge

Performing combos, canceling into Arts, and achieving Role Actions all help build up the Chain Attack gauge. Once it is completely full, press '+' to trigger the attack.

Consumes 1/3 Of Gauge Per Order

Chain Gauge decreases by 1/3 per Chain Order. However, Heroes' Orders do not decrease the Chain Gauge and Ouroboros Orders can be selected even if the Chain Gauge is 0, as long as the conditions are met.

The Gauge Will Be Consumed Despite Canceling Mid Fight

Even if you press the + button during a Chain Attack to end the Chain Attack midway, all Chain Gauge will be consumed. Therefore, Canceling a Chain Attack is only for shortening the time after Overkill against enemies.

Chain Attack Flow & Order Content

Chain Attack Flow

Select Chain Orders (6 people + 3 heroes randomly)
Select a character to collect TP (Tactical Point) 100% or more
Selected characters cannot be reused within the same set
Chain Orders can be activated when TP is 100% or more
Characters get restored depending on the TP value
If you do not meet the end conditions, return to ①

End Conditions Of Chain Attacks

  • When the Chain Gauge is fully depleted
  • No available party members left who can act and TP are all below 100%
  • You can cancel it by pressing "+" button.

Higher TP Means Higher Continuity

99% or less-Chain Attack ends
100〜149%CoolChain Attack continues and 1 character is back
150〜199%BravoChain Attack continues and 2 characters are back
200% or moreAmazingChain Attack continues and 3 characters are back

Chain Order Effects Are Fixed For Each Character

The order of the 6 Heroes is as follows:

Noah【Initial Value】
Attacks during Chain Attack gain 60% chance to bypass defense.
【Max Value】
Attacks during Chain Attack gain 100% chance to bypass defense.
Mio【Initial Value】
Aggro of Attacker or Healer has been reduced by 70%.
【Max Value】
Aggro of Attacker or Healer has been reduced by 100%.
Lanz【Initial Value】
Aggro of Defender has increased by 35% and increases the Attack of all party members.
【Max Value】
Aggro of Defender has increased by 50% and increases the Attack of all party members.
Sena【Initial Value】
Attacks during Chain Attack gain 70% chance to be unblockable.
【Max Value】
Attacks during Chain Attack gain 100% chance to be unblockable.
Eunie【Initial Value】
Reduces enemy ether defense by 35% during Chain Attack.
【Max Value】
Reduces enemy ether defense by 50% during Chain Attack.
Taion【Initial Value】
Reduces enemy physical defense by 35% during Chain Attack.
【Max Value】
Reduces enemy physical defense by 50% during Chain Attack.

Heroes Have A Unique Order

Valdi is provides recovery while Riku & Manana increases TP. The order varies depending on the Heroes. In addition, there is a bonus that the chain gauge does not decrease when selecting Heroes orders. The number of sets can be extended greatly and you can use this to your advantage if you are able to utilize it.

Ouroboros Orders Released At The End Of Chapter 3

Ouroboros Orders are released in the final boss battle of episode 3; by utilizing Ouroboros Orders, you can do orders of magnitude more damage from episode 4 onward than you could from episode 3.

Opening Ouroboros Orders

Cancel Interlink Can Be Activated At Level 3

If a Chain Attack is triggered while the character's Interlink Lv 3 and Ouroborosized are activated, the opening Ouroboros Order is triggered. The pair of Ouroboros Order is activated in turn, and the Chain Attack ends after two rounds.

Fusions Are Important To Increase Interlink

It is difficult to increase the level of the interlink until the fusion arts can be used repeatedly. Since two fusion arts can be set at level 20 and three at level 40, it becomes easier to trigger the opening Ouroboros Order after level 40.

Can Be Triggered According To Controlled Pair

Depending on the character that you are controlling, the order will change. The bonus that each pair gives is listed below. For the order release select, the Character will be first then the pair will be next.

CharacterComplete Order Bonus
NoahThe damage percentage will greatly increase and you can deal damage while ignoring the defense of the enemies.
MioGreatly increase the damage percentage and greatly reduce Aggro towards Attackers and Healers.
EunieGreatly increases the damage percentage and heal all of the team members.
TaionGreatly increases the damage percentage and heal all of the team members.
LanzGreatly increase the damage percentage and greatly reduce Aggro towards Attackers and Healers.
SenaThe damage percentage will greatly increase and you can deal damage while ignoring the defense of the enemies.

Firepower Is Lower Than Normal Chain Attacks

Despite having high firepower for the Ouroboros Order, its power is lower than the usual five rounds of Chain Attack due to its completion in two rounds. Since the time of Chain Attack itself is shortened, it is recommended to use to destroy elite and unique monsters at the same level at a high speed, rather than to challenge stronger enemies of higher ranks.

Efficient To Use Before Overheating

The opening of Ouroboros Order can be used regardless of the remaining gauge level during interlinking. It is recommended to give damage with Ouroborosize just before it overheats and then execute a Chain Attack.

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