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Beginner Tips in Xenoblade 3. See where to strt, beginners tip, beginners guide, map exploration guide, rest spots, affinity chart, kizunagram, unique monsters, & Beginner Tips!

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Basic Storyline Procedure

Advance Towards The Destination Mark.

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the place to go next is indicated as a destination mark. Advance towards the destination mark.

Use The Navigator

Press ZL + Y Button to display the navigator. The navigator will show you the shortest route to your destination in an easy-to-understand manner, so make active use of the navigator.

Check Out The Mini-map.

The mini-map in the upper right corner of the screen shows a map of the character's surroundings and the quest's destination, providing hints for the strategy. Pressing the right stick button displays the map on full screen.

Level Up To The Level Of The Enemy

If there is a gap in level between you and the enemy, you are more likely to struggle in battle. Basically, it is a good idea to raise your level so that it is about the same as your opponent's level.

Leveling Guide

Utilize Rest Spots

At Rest Spots, you can use the bonus EXP you have earned so far to level up. You want to make sure to do this when you arrive at a Rest Spot.

Identify The Characteristics Of The 4 Enemy Types

Monster Colors
Normal Monster--
Elite MonsterTougher than enemies of the same level.

Unique Monster
Significantly more powerful than enemies at the same level.
Valuable Item (when first defeated)
Lucky MonstersSame strength as normal

There are four types of monsters: normal, elite, unique, and lucky. If you want to raise your level, you should kill elite and unique monsters to gain more experience.

Select The Easy Difficulty Level.

In addition to leveling up, another factor that can make it easier to win is to lower the game's difficulty to easy. You can always change the difficulty level from the in-game options, so if you feel you cannot win, you can lower the difficulty level.

Change Difficulty Settings Guide

More Fun! Introducing The Map Exploration Element

Discover Landmarks And Secret Areas

In the field, there are places called Landmarks and Secret Areas that give you EXP when you find them. Once you find a landmark, you can warp to it through skip travel, so you should be proactive in finding them.

Look For The Best View!

Xenoblade has many points of spectacular scenery, and just moving around is fulfilling. Running around the vast field and pursuing your favorite scenery is one of the ways to enjoy it.

Take Photos Of The Scenery!

You can take a screenshot by pressing the L+R buttons. When you find a favorite view, take a picture of it.

Receive And Complete Quests!

Apart from the main storyline, quests such as Normal Quests and Hero Quests can be ordered. Rewards are given for completing quests, so take orders and accomplish them.

Deepen Affinity With the City (Colony)

Deepen Relationships Among People In The Colony

The Affinity Chart, which can be viewed from the menu, shows the relationships among the residents in the colony where you are based. It is fun to deepen relationships by talking to people in the colony and completing their requests.

Send The Soldier Husks

If you find a Soldier Husk on the field, send him back to the colony with Noah and Mio, your departed soldiers. The people of the colony will thank you, and your affinity with the colony to which the soldier belonged will deepen.

Defeat Unique Monsters!

Defeat the unique monsters scattered throughout the area. After winning, you can get valuable items and gain experience, so those who are confident in their skills should definitely give it a try.

Other Elements To Explore


There are times when enemies are fighting each other on the field. If you decide to join one of them in battle, you will receive a special reward after the victory.

Skirmishes Guide - How To Join & Tips

Item Collection

The most exciting part of the game is collecting the various items found on the map. The items, such as Nopon coins, are useful in some way, so keep on scavenging for them as you go.

Treasure Chests May Fall From The Sky!

During your travels, treasure chests may suddenly drop from the sky! There is a high possibility that a valuable item is stored in the box, so search for it by relying on the red smoke rising from the drop point.

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