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Check out this Story Chapter 3 Walkthrough Guide for Xenoblade Chronicles 3. This guide includes a walkthrough guide, storyline, steps, tips, boss guides, and more!

※ This article contains spoilers for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 story. Read at your own risk!

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Chapter 7-
All Story Walkthrough

Journey To Colony 4 Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Chart
  1. Head to the Colony 4 Barracks and rest there. Head for the Colony 4 Ferronis, talk to Ethel, then follow her
  2. (Character shifts to Ethel)
    Go to Colony 4 command and announce your departure.
  3. Complete the Quest "Gathering Info"
     → Listen to the conversations of characters with the「i」icon
     → Talk to Oleshandra
     → Consult at the Colony 4 Outdoor Canteen
  4. Complete the Hero Quest "No Want of Courage"
     → Head to Galghour's Menhir
     → When there, look for the Supply Drops
    (※ Turn on Navigating to make it easier)
     →Defeat the Hunter Volff (Lv 17) x 4
     → Look for the rest of the Supply Drops
     → Return to Colony 4
      (This unlocks Ethel)
  5. Rest at the Colony 4 Barracks Tent
  6. Head to the office in Colony 4
No Want of Courage Quest Guide

How To Gather Information?

How To Gather Information

Gater information by listening in to the conversation of characters with an「i」icon. Players are required to listen through the whole conversation to gather info. You will know you've completed this action once the screen switches to the "Info Acquired" screen.

Cook At Colony 4 Outdoor Canteens

Cook At Colony 4 Outdoor Canteens

Manana will be able to make new dishes if you cook at the Colony 4 outdoor canteen and other canteens. You will be able to make new dishes if you cook at other canteens outside the Colony 4 outdoor canteen.

What Are Hero Quests?

Unlocks Characters Once Cleared

Unlocks Characters Once Cleared

Hero Quests play just about the same as other quests. What makes them different is that when Hero Quests are completed, new characters are unlocked and can be added to the party! However, note that only one character can be added per quest.

New Class Choices Unlocked

New Class Choices Unlocked

▲ When the green gauge fully fills up, the Class becomes available for use

Characters are able to use another character's class by fighting alongside that Hero or any party member who has learned and set that class for themselves.

Heroes List And How To Unlock Heroes Guide

Journey To Colony 30 Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Chart
  1. Go southeast from Ribbi Flats
  2. Complete the quest "The Kind Right Hand"
     → Defeat the Strange Keves Soldiers (Lv 21), Velites (Lv 19), Equites (Lv 19)
    (Temporarily unlocks Valdi)
     → Collect the required items
     → Go to Elsie's Spout
     → Follow Valdi's Mini-Levnis
     → Defeat the Incomplete Siege-Lev (Lv 22)
      (Valdi joins, Wall Climbing becomes available)
  3. Gather up 4 information about Colony 30
  4. Head to the center of Colony 30

Get A Fragment Of The Puzzle

Get A Fragment Of The Puzzle

There's an item that's marked by a light on a small island in the water on the way to Elsie Falls. This items is the "Piece of Mystery 00". This item can also be obtained by defeating unique monsters.

Unlocks Wall Climbing

Wall Climbing

After Valdi joins, the Traversal Skill "Wall Climbing" becomes available, allowing you to climb up and down the purple vines in the field. The places where Wall Climbing is available are indicated by pickaxe icons on the map.

How To Unlock All Traversal Skills

Journey To Colony Lambda Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Chart
  1. Climb the cliff near Elsie's Spout then head south-east. Head to the south-east of the Fornis region
  2. Rest at the Seilas Terrace Camp
  3. Reach the tunnels in the Pentelas region. Progress through the Urayan tunnels
  4. Complete the quest "A Nopon's Counsel"
     → Head to Elevator No. 1
     → Start up Elevator No. 1
     → Use the elevator to get to Mine No. 1
     → Examine the 3 Mineral Deposits
     → Head to the Ruins of Seebu Area, rest there
     → Go south of Ruins of Seebu
     → Defeat Princess Arachno (Lv 26), Savant Arachno (Lv 24) x 5
     (Riku and Manana will be unlocked)
  5. Progress through the Urayan Tunnels
  6. Defeat the Lambda Ferronis (Lv 28)
  7. Defeat Consul J (Lv 29)
  8. Search for Isurd
  9. Head outside Colony Lambda
A Nopon's Counsel Quest Guide

Ouroboros Orders - Gameplay Guide

Ouroboros Orders - Gameplay Guide

Create An Ouroboros Order For Two Interlink Pairs

To create an Ouroboros Order, both members of a given Ouroboros pairing need to complete orders during a chain attack. Once both orders are achieved, a panel for their Ouroboros Order will show up.

Interlink Combinations & Characters
Noah & MioEunie & TaionLanz & Sena

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ouroboros Orders

When the Ouroboros Order is selected, all party members who may have already got knocked out during the battle will be revived. However, after the Ouroboros Chain during the Ouroboros Order is completed, the Chain Attack itself will end.

Starting Ouroboros Form Continues The Chain Attack

If you start Chain Attack with Interlink Lv 3, you can select Ouroboros Order from the first time. Upon using the Ouroboros Order, the Ouroboros Chain Attack does not end even after the Ouroboros Chain.

Chain Attack Guide & Tips

Soul Link Further Strengthens Interlinking

Soul Link Further Strengthens Interlinking

Soul Link is a feature that allows you to share the abilities of the Skills tree of the partners you Interlink with. You can freely choose which Skills you want to use, so find the customization you prefer.

Recommended Upgrade For Soul Tree

Chapter 3 Boss Strategy

Incomplete Siege-Lev Boss Guide

Beware Of Erasure Buster Attack

The only attack to watch out for during this battle is its attack, Erasure Buster. It has a long wind up, but once it hits, it is powerful enough to kill all other character besides Defenders. Try to avoid the attack by moving or using the Follow Leader command.

Lambda Ferronis Boss Guide

Stay Outside Of The Red Line

Stay Outside Of The Red Line

If you stay inside the red line that extends from the foot of the Lambda Ferronis, you will take damage and a receive a debuff. To avoid being in this range, attack from further away.

Prioritize Avis When It Shows Up

Prioritize Avis When It Shows Up

Avis (Lv 26) will join the battle eventually. They're not hard to fight, so shift your focus on Avis when it does appear. This will ensure you can go back to focusing solely on the Lambda Ferronis.

Consul J Boss Guide

Deal Tons Of Damage With Ouroboros Orders

Deal Tons Of Damage With Ouroboros Orders

Ouroboros Orders can be used during the battle with Consul J. It's difficult to win against it without the use of Chain Attacks due to their overall strength. Make sure you understand how the Ouroboros Orders and Chain Attacks work.

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Heroes That Can Be Unlocked In Chapter 3

HeroesUnlock Conditions
Starting Class
EthelEthel[Unlock Conditions]
Clear "No Want of Courage" Quest to receive orders as the story progresses
[How To Rejoin]
When Cammuravi accompany the party, go to the Colony Omega Camp building and rejoin to grow Ethel.
[Starting Class]
Flash Fencer
Riku and MananaRiku and Manana[Unlock Conditions]
Complete the Hero Quest "A Nopon's Counsel"
[Starting Class]
ValdiValdi[Unlock Conditions]
Complete the Hero Quest "The Kind Right Hand"
[Starting Class]
War Medic
ZeonZeon[Unlock Conditions]
Complete the Hero Quest "Where The Heart Is"
[Starting Class]
Guardian Commander
GrayGray[Unlock Conditions]
Complete the Hero Quest "A Gray Matter"
[Starting Class]
Full Metal Jaguar
IsurdIsurd[Unlock Conditions]
Complete the Hero Quest "Unwavering Resolve"
[Starting Class]
TeachTeach[Unlock Conditions]
Complete the Hero Quest "Going Beyond Power"
[Starting Class]
AlexandriaAlexandria[Unlock Conditions]
Complete the Hero Quest "Her Reasons"
[Starting Class]
How To Unlock All Heroes

Acceptable Quests In Chapter 3

Helping outRecommended Level:Lv17
Received during story progression
EXP / Gold / SP:
1180EXP/- / 5SP
Items To Get:
Charity and HypocrisyRecommended Level:Lv18

EXP / Gold / SP:
710EXP / 910G / 3SP
Items To Get:
Dorin and BambamRecommended Level:Lv19

EXP / Gold / SP:
710EXP / 910G / 3SP
Items To Get:
Exhausted SuppliesRecommended Level:Lv23

EXP / Gold / SP:
940EXP / 610G / 3SP
Items To Get:
The Missing SquadRecommended Level:Lv23

EXP / Gold / SP:
930EXP / 710G / 3SP
Items To Get:
Iron Headbandx1
Wish Upon a CloverRecommended Level:Lv24
From Fornis Region's Colony 30, get the information at Rest Spot about the "Is it trendy here?"
EXP / Gold / SP:
870EXP / 1060G / 3SP
Items To Get:
Fear of the UnknownRecommended Level:Lv25

EXP / Gold / SP:
870EXP / 270G / 3SP
Items To Get:
The Thrill of the Hunt!Recommended Level:Lv25
Talk to Burrburr at the innermost of the Milio Trick Caverns, at Vermilion Bark, Fornis Region
EXP / Gold / SP:
1160EXP / 360G / 3SP
Items To Get:
Nopon Coin (Silver)x4
Harvest DayRecommended Level:Lv26
At the Colony Iota Base Entrance in Fornis Region, near the Chickadee
EXP / Gold / SP:
940EXP / 610G / 3SP
Items To Get:
Vibrant Armringx1
Tactical EradicationRecommended Level:Lv29

EXP / Gold / SP:
1760EXP / 970G / 3SP
Items To Get:
The Desert HulkRecommended Level:Lv35

EXP / Gold / SP:
4640EXP/- / 10SP
Items To Get:
Finite TimeRecommended Level:Lv40

EXP / Gold / SP:
940EXP / 1210G / 3SP
Items To Get:
All Quest List Guide

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