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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 | Gemstone Guide - Uses & Farming Guide | Xenoblade 3 - GameWith

Gemstone guide for Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Includes how to use, how to craft, gem types, how to obtain, Unique Monsters, how to farm gemstones, gemstone uses and more!

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Best Gem

Gem Crafting

How To Use Gem Stone

How To Use Gemstone

Required For Gem Crafting

Gemstone is a material required for Gem Crafting that can be done in each Rest Spot. There are various types, such as Attack Up and Healing Power Up, and the higher the level of gems, the more powerful it gets.

How To Get Gemstone

How To Obtain Summary

  • Defeat unique monsters
  • Open Containers
  • Defeat Pippito Monsters

High Purity & Ultra-High Purity Are Obtained Using The Same Method

Basically, as the enemy's level is higher, and as you proceed further in the game, high purity and Ultra Pure Gemstone will become obtainable.

Defeat Unique Monsters

Monsters That Are Stronger Than Normal Ones


There is a probability that Gemstone drops when you defeat Unique Monsters. Once defeated, a "Named Grave" will appear and you can interact with the grave and rechallenge the Unique Monster. You can do this as much as you can.

Other Items Obtainable Besides Gem Stones

【First Clear only】

Nopon Coin (gold/silver)

Odd Shards
[Available even after the first Clear]
・ Gemstone
・ Material items
・ Accessories
・ EXP, money
Commonly Obtained Items From Unique Monsters

Defeating Unique monsters can give you Nopon Coins and Odd Shards at your first clear. In addition, you are also able to obtain EXP and collectable material so farming multiple times is recommended..

The Type Of Gemstone You Obtain Depends On The Level Of The Boss

Unique Monster LevelDrop
Around 1-25Gemstone
Around 26 ~ 50Pure Gemstone
About 50 ~Ultra Pure Gemstone

Rarity of the Gemstone dropped is dependent on the difficulty of the boss. If you are farming Ultra Pure Gemstone, it would not drop on low leveled monsters so be careful.

Open Containers

Gemstone can be obtained from some of the container placed on each map. The further you are in the game, the higher the purity and rarity of the gem that you get. If you see it on the map, make sure to open it.

Defeat Pippito Monsters


▲ A monster that looks like a squirrel. The color and monster name changes depending on the region.

Defeating Pippito Monsters can drop Gemstones at a certain probability. However, the drop rate is not good compared to Unique monsters so it is not good for farming. The advantage of farming this is that they are weak and faster to defeat.

Unlocking Landmarks Is Required For Farming

Some of Pippito Monsters are difficult to find in overworld especially if you are not exploring Secret Areas. Using Landmarks will be needed when farming so make sure to unlock them. Use the videos below as reference on how to unlock them.

Pippito Monsters That Drops Ultra Pure Gemstone

If you are farming, it is ok if you just head to the first and second locations.

How To Get The First Pippito Monster (Video Timestamp 0:04~)
① Unlock the whole map of Cadensia Region
② Skip Travel for Secret Area: "Radial Outlook"
┗ Landmark in the vicinity: "Pioneer's Inlet" and "The Atoll Hulk"
③ As you go down the straight road, 3 Pippito monsters will appear
┗ At the time of encounter, you can subjugate without being able to escape by attacking multiple bodies with a range attack etc.
How To Get The Second Pippito Monster (Video Timestamp 1:28)
① Open Aetia Region "Elgares Depths"
② Skip Travel to Depths Camp
┗ If not unlocked, go to the Landmark of Elgares Depths Entrance from the Aetia Region and explore the underground cave.
③ Follow the road and climb the ivy that you will find to encounter the first enemy
④ Head deeper until you reach an opening to defeat the second monster.

Pippito Monsters That Drops Pure Gemstone

When farming, after defeating the Pippito, travel to another location to make the enemy respawn.

How To Get The First Pippito Monster (Video Timestamp 0:08)
① Open Aetia Region "Aetia Region, Full"
② Skip Travel to "Torchlight Hill"
③ Head to the cliff in the southeast and defeat the Pippito
How To Get The First Pippito Monster (Video Timestamp 1:25)
① Open Aetia Region "Aetia Region, Full"
② Skip Travel to the border "Fuschian Fields"
┗Landmark in the vicinity: Kamos Guidepost
③ Defeat two Pippito Monsters near Fuschian Fields (upper part)

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