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Nopon Coin - Locations & How To Farm

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 | Nopon Coin - Locations & How To Farm | Xenoblade 3

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 | Nopon Coin - Locations & How To Farm | Xenoblade 3 - GameWith

Nopon Coins are a currency in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (XC3). Guide includes locations, what are Nopon Coin, how to farm, Gold & Silver, best uses for Nopon Coins, Nopon Doubloon!

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Locations & How To Farm

Xchange Guide

Nopon Coin Silver

Nopon Coin Gold

Best Use For Nopon Coins

Use Nopon Coin (Gold) To Exchange For Memory Locket

Gold Nopon Coins are rare and it is best to save and exchange them for Memory Locket. Accumulate and avoid spending until you collected a sufficient amount of 99 Gold Nopon Coins to get a Memory Locket.

Nopon Coins Xchange Guide | How To Get To Sage's Domicile

Nopon Coin (Silver) Is OK To Use Regularly

Silver Nopon Coin can be obtained from skirmishes & rewards from quests, which is relatively easier to get than Gold Nopon Coin, so it is fine to use it when needed. See the acquisition methods & uses of Nopon Coin by accessing the navigation link below.

Nopon Coin Exchange Locations and Rewards

Spend Before It Exceeds More Than 99

The maximum number of Nopon Coins you can have is 99 each, and if you get more than that, they will be sold automatically. Keep an eye on the number of items you possess and use them beforehand before reaching your possession limit.

Best Ways To Farm For Nopon Coins

How To Farm Nopon Coins

Where To ObtainCoins That Can Be Obtained
Reward from skirmishesSilver
Opening containersGold & Silver
Defeating unique monstersGold & Silver
Drop from PippitoGold & Silver
Reward from questsSilver
Purchasing expansion passGold & Silver

Reward For Winning Monster Skirmishes

Nopon Coins can be obtained as a reward during Monster Skirmishes that occurs on the field. You can only get one reward during Monster Skirmishes. Since you can get Experience Points in normal battles, so make it your priority to get Nopon Coins since they have limited availability!

How To Join Skirmishes Guide

Collect From Containers

There are some instances where you can get Nopon Coins from containers you find on the field. As you walk across the field, the container's location will be shown in the minimap so make your way to its location and open it!

Defeating Unique Monsters

Among the enemies on the field, there will be unique monsters with two names. Nopon Coins can be obtained as a reward by defeating these unique monsters. Since they are tough enemies even when at the same level as your character, if you can't win against them, simply train a bit more and then challenge them again.

Unique Monster Lists & Locations

Drop From Pippito

You can get Nopon Coins from defeating Pippito in Aionios for the first time. It is recommended to inflict Bleed by using Battle Arts such as Hidden Thorn from Flash Fencer class to prevent it from escaping.

Drop Is Not Guaranteed On Succeeding Kills

After killing it for the first time, the drop of Nopon Coins is no longer guaranteed. The chance of getting Nopon Coins on succeeding kills is 2/40. It might take a lot of work & patience but this proves that collecting Nopon Coins can be infinite.

Can Get Gold From Nopon Coins

Quest Rewards

Nopon Coins can also be received as part of the rewards for completing quests. Players can also get other rewards, including Experience Points during quests, so it's best to clear these quests in between the Story. Though take note that not all quests give Nopon Coins as rewards.

All Quests List

Purchasing Expansion Pass

Expansion Pass Price$29.99

You can get Silver Nopon Coins x30 & Gold Nopon Coins x10 in Vol. 1 of the Expansion Pass. Consider purchasing this if you enjoy playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3 to get the four additional contents.

Accessories From Nopon Coins Xchange

By purchasing the Expansion Pass, you can also get Nopon Strap in replacement for Silver Nopon Coins x80.

DLC & Expansion Pass

Nopon Coin Xchange Locations & Rewards

Exchange Nopon Coin At Sage’s Domicile

Nopon coins can be exchanged for accessories at the special exchange shop at the "Sage’s Domicile" in Fornis Region. Both the gold and silver Nopon coins are required, so it is best to conserve the consumption of Nopon coins.

How To Get To Sage's Domicile

Nopon Coin (Gold) Xchange

Memory Locket Is Recommended

With this accessory, everyone acquires the ability to raise fallen allies which can be very helpful notably when equipped by a Defender. You can equip up to two Memory Locket so you besides the Defender, the Attacker can use it as well to secure the safety of the whole party.

Gold Nopon Coin Redeemable List

Analyzer Scope At start of Chain Attack, increases TP by 10. 15 Gold
Brute Memory 100% chance to survive a KO with 1 HP and five seconds of invincibility (once per battle, does not stack.) 30 Gold
Memory Locket
Allows reviving allies even when not in a Healer role. 99 Gold

Nopon Coin Gold - Uses & How To Get

Nopon Coin (Silver) Xchange

Two Recommended Accessories

Nopon Strap & Rigid Support are the two recommended accessories to exchange with Nopon Coin (Silver). The Nopon Strap is great for any role while Rigid Support is excellent for Defender

Silver Nopon Coin Redeemable List

Shell NecklaceBoosts recharge speed by 25% when in the water.15 Silver
Mercy EarringsBoosts healing Arts recharge speed by 25% when an ally is at low HP. 30 Silver
Fighting Headband Adds 10% chance to grant Power Charge when evading. 30 Silver
Emergency Bandana Boosts ally revival speed for each incapacitated ally. 40 Silver
Glass Memory Reduce aggro towards self by 5% when auto-attack hits. 50 Silver
Expansion Holder Extends area of effect of attack Arts which have one by 50% 60 Silver
Nopon Strap
10% chance to keep recharge when using Art. 80 Silver
Rigid Support
On blocking, boosts recharge of one Art at random by 10%90 Silver

Nopon Coin Silver How To Get & Where To Use

Other Uses For Nopon Coins

Nopon Coin (Silver) - How To Use

Use For Collectopaedia Cards

To complete Collectopaedia Card, you need to collect specific materials. However, you also have the option to complete them with the use of Nopon Silver Coins, it's still recommended to collect the materials, but if you want to get a reward quickly, you can use the coins instead.

Increase Hero Class Levels

Players can also use Nopon Coin Silvers to increase their Hero Class Levels. However, the Hero Class Level can also be raised easily by repeating battles, so this use is low on priority.

Leveling Guide - How To Farm Exp Fast

Can Be Used To Cook Instead Of Using Ingredients

If you lack some of the ingredients to cook, you can use Nopon Coins (Silver) instead. Cooking has many useful effects that increase the efficiency of training, so use them as much as possible. If you have a surplus of Nopon Coins (Silver), you're free to use them for cooking!

Cooking Guide & Recipe List

Nopon Coin (Gold) - How To Use

Can Be Used For Gem Crafting

Nopon Coin (Gold) can be used in place of materials when crafting Gems. If you create a gem, it can be equipped to everyone in your party. This is highly beneficial so use Nopon Coins (Gold) if you cannot collect materials to create them!

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