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Uniting the Seven Nopons Quest Guide - All Nopon Locations

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 | Uniting the Seven Nopons Quest Guide - All Nopon Locations | Xenoblade 3

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 | Uniting the Seven Nopons Quest Guide - All Nopon Locations | Xenoblade 3 - GameWith

Uniting the Seven Nopons is a quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Guide includes Seven Nopon locations, how to find/meet the Nopons, and more!

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What Is Uniting The Seven Nopon Quest?

Find Nopons With Hammer

Uniting the Seven Nopon Quest is a quest that can be ordered by talking to "Samon" at Sentridge Harbor Control in Cadensia Region. The objective is to find the Nopons who can handle the "Ultimate Hammer," of which there are only seven in the world.

There Are Six Nopons To Look For

Since Samon already counts as the first, quest will be looking for the remaining six Ultimate Hammer-holding Nopons.

You Can Upgrade Noah's Weapons

After clearing the Quest, you can upgrade Noah's weapons (blades) by talking to Samon in the City. The upgrade requires the "Origin Shards", which can be obtained in the field or by defeating unique monsters.

Seven Nopon Locations - Where To Find All Nopons

コマPanepaneAetia Region
The Hillside Hulk

Receive and clear the "Collapsed Traderpon" order at Fornis Region, Menno Arch.

タガネBurrburrFornis Region
Sage's Domicile
Receive and clear "The Thrill of the Hunt!"
ギンGinginPentelas Region
Maktha Wildwood, L
Gingin Treehouse
Complete "The Wildwood Life."
Cadensia Region
Li Garte Prison Camp

Complete the Hero Quest "Inhumanity", see "Colony 0's Future" in Discuss, and receive and complete the Quest "In Search of a Home".

タンゾーTanzoCadensia Region
Caravan in the Cove
After ordering "Live Fish Tsurugi Pazza" at Michiba Canteen in City, receive an order for a Quest at Inlet Camp in Cadensia Region and complete it.
リクRikuColony 9
"Colony 9 after Discuss
*The hammer is in place."
After finding five Nopons, choose "Uniting the Seven Nopons" from Discuss in the rest spot.

Location Of Panepane (Aetia Region)

Aetia Region, Full
The Hillside Hulk

Panepane is located at "The Hillside Hulk," a Rest Spot south of Aetia Region, Full. However, you need to complete the Quest "Collapsed Traderpon" in Fornis Region first.

Where To Order "Collapsed Traderpon?"

Fornis Region, Full
Ordering Location

Location Of Burrburr (Fornis Region)

Fornis Region, Full
Sage's Domicile

Burrburr is located at the "Sage's Domicile" landmark in the center of the Fornis Region. However, he will not help you from the beginning; you need to complete the Quest "The Thrill of the Hunt!"

Directions To Sage's Domicile

Route From Colony 4
Karakuri Cave Entrance

Location Of Gingin (Pentelas Region)

Low Maktha Wildwood
Gingin Treehouse

Gingin is located in "Gingin's Treehouse" southwest of Low Maktha Wildwood in the Pentelas Region; Low Maktha the Wildwood can be reached from the east Pentelas Region via a large tree.

Directions To Low Maktha Wildwood

From Tower Camp in the eastern Pentelas Region, proceed south and follow the roots growing out of a large tree down to reach Low Maktha Wildwood.

Location Of Tobari (Cadensia Region)

Li Garte Prison Camp
Southeast of the Camp

Tobari is located southeast of Li Garte Prison Camp in Cadensia Region. The camp can only be liberated by progressing through the Quest in the chart below, so use the following as a guide.

Chart To Meet With Tobari

1Make the Hero "Segiri" join the group.
2Watch "Colony 0's Future" on Discuss and order Quest "In Search of a Home".
3Progress the Quest and liberate "Li Garte Prison Camp".
4Accompany Heroes "Valdi" and talk with "Tobari" at the back of the room in the southeast of the camp.

Location of Tanzo (Cadensia Region)


Tanzo will talk to you on the central island of Cadensia Region, but you will not be able to meet Tanzo unless you fulfill the conditions, so refer to the chart below to proceed.

Chart To Meet Tanzo


Raise the Class Rank of one fellow "Yumsmith" to 10, and have Heroes "Riku & Manana" accompany him.

2Order "Live Fish Tsurugi Pazza" at Michiba Canteen in City and learn "Akaneiro Sarasara Pazza".
3Receive and clear the Quest "Legendary Style" at Inlet Camp in Cadensia Region.
4Talk to Tanzo

Inlet Camp Location

Location Of The Materials Needed For The Legendary Style.

Required Materials
Lagoonite x 5
Can be picked up in the cave at the back of Searing Strand.
Beware that the back of the building is full of high-level monsters.
Wyrdstone x 2
Pick up around the ruins on the continent a little north of the center.
Sirma's Acid-Resistant Shell x 3
Drops from Silma monsters in the East Sea
Samon's Deposit x 1
Talk to Samon in the City

Lagoonite and Wyrdstone are highly Rare, so be patient in your search.

Location Of Riku's Hammer (Colony 9)


After finding the five Nopons except Riku, select "Uniting the Seven Nopons" from Discuss in the rest spot, and you will find out that Riku has the Ultimate Hammer. After the conversation, go to Colony 9 to retrieve the hammer.

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