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Miriam Story Walkthrough Chart & Guide List

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Check out this Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (RotN) guide on all walkthroughs for the main character Miriam, including main story guide list, tips, gameplay features & more.

Table of Contents

All Miriam Story Guide

All Miriam Story Walkthrough
All Miriam Story Walkthrough List
Galleon Minerva ~ vs. Vepar Arantville ~ vs. Zangetsu
Entrance: vs. Zangetsu ~ vs. Craftwork Cathedral: vs. Craftwork ~ vs. Andrealphus
Livre Ex Machina: Andrealphus ~ vs. Valac Towers: vs. Valac ~ vs. Glutton Train
Bridge: Glutton Train ~ vs. Bathin Underground: vs. Bathin ~ vs. Abyssal Guardian
Hall of Termination ~ vs. Bloodless Cathedral: vs. Bloodless ~ vs. Alfred
Desert: vs. Alfred ~ vs. Doppelganger Lab: vs. Doppelganger ~ vs. Orobas
Cave: vs. Orobas ~ vs. Zangetsu (2nd) Oriental Lab ~ vs. Gebel
Hall: vs. Gebel ~ vs. Valefar Den: vs. Valefar ~ vs. Gremory
Tomb: vs. Gremory ~ vs. Dominique Tomb: vs. Dominique ~ vs. Bael

Miriam Story: Walkthrough Chart & Procedures

*Major spoilers ahead! Proceed with caution.

Area Name
1.Galleon Minerva
Opening sequence. vs. Boss Vepar; obtain Thrashing Tentacle shard.
Meet Dominique in the village, proceed to enter the Castle.
Event dialog encounter with Alfred.
4.Garden of Silence
Pass though the upper left path back to Entrance.
vs. Boss Zangetsu (1st Battle).
6.Dian Checht Cathedral
vs. Boss Craftwork; obtain Craftwork shard.
7.Garden of Silence
Use Craftwork Shard to move pillar for the carriage, ride carriage across the gap.
8.Bridge of Evil
Find the station and the train near the gate.
9.Tower of the Twin Dragons
Event dialog with Gebel.
10.Livre Ex Machina
vs. Boss Andrealphus; obtain Double Jump shard.
11.Livre Ex Machina
Visit O.D.'s Tome Library; O.D. will tell that you need a Photograph to create a Passplate to enter the train.
12.Tower of the Twin Dragons
vs. Boss Valac; travel down to the bottom of the tower to find a chest with Silver Bromide key item.
Bring the Silver Bromide to Dominique. Take a photo on the chair near the Shop stand.
14.Livre Ex Machina
Bring your photo to O.D. and obtain a Passplate.
15.Bridge of Evil
Meet Zangetsu at the station. Fight alongside him on the next sequence.
16.Bridge of Evil
Time Limited stage sequence; vs. Boss Glutton Train; obtain Hammer Knuckle shard.
17.Underground Sorcery Lab
vs. Boss Bathin; obtain Reflector Ray shard.
18.Livre Ex Machina
Use Reflector Ray shard to travel through the mirror path next to the warp point.
19.Livre Ex Machina
vs. Boss Abyssal Guardian
(*New area Hall of Termination & Boss Gebel is unlocked at this point, but defeating him leads to Bad Ending).
21.Dian Checht Cathedral
Use Reflector Ray shard to travel through the narrow path.
22.Dian Checht Cathedral
vs. Boss Bloodless; obtain Blood Steal shard.
Use Blood Steal shard at the bloody fountain; proceed down the emptied fountain.
24.Forbidden Underground Waterway
Hunt the demon Deeseama found in water; obtain Aqua Stream shard to proceed underwater.
25.Hidden Desert
vs. Boss Alfred; proceed to the room below the boss fight to find the Deep Sinker shard.
26.Forbidden Underground Waterway
Backtrack underwater, proceed through the narrow path with Reflector Ray shard.
27.Secret Sorcery Lab
Event dialog with Alfred and Dominique.
28.Secret Sorcery Lab
vs. Boss Doppelganger; obtain Shadow Tracer shard.
29.Inferno Cave
vs. Boss Orobas; obtain Invert shard.
30.Tower of the Twin Dragons
Head to the bottom of the tower and use Invert shard to reverse gravity. Obtain the Aegis Plate armor (negates all trap damage).
Head towards the upper left area of the map to find a path riddled with spikes. Equip the Aegis Plate armor and use the Craftwork shard on the Iron Maiden to proceed.
32.Oriental Sorcery Lab
vs. Boss Zangetsu (2nd Battle); obtain the Zangetsuto katana.
33.Hall of Termination
vs Boss Gebel. Attack Gebel until the Moon in the background turns red. Slash the red moon while equipping Zangetsuto; DO NOT kill Gebel.
34.Garden of Silence
Proceed to the upper left corridor with a blood red moon in the background. Slash the red moon while equipping Zangetsuto to enter Den of the Behemoths.
35.Den of the Behemoths
Event dialog with Alfred.
36.Den of the Behemoths
vs. Boss Valefar; obtain Gold Bullet shard.
37.Glacial Tomb
vs. Boss Gremory. Using Zangetsuto will cause every attack to crit; obtain Dimension Shift shard.
38.Glacial Tomb
Use the Dimension Shift shard on the room with unbreakable wall. Warp past it to the next area.
39.Glacial Tomb
vs. Boss Dominique. This fight will immediately be followed up by the final boss. Be sure to stock up prior to this fight!.
40.Glacial Tomb
vs. Boss Bael. Ending will commence after defeating Bael.

About Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (RotN)'s Main Story

Save Yourself & Humanity From An Alchemist Curse

Play As Miriam & Save Yourself From A Curse

In this game, you play as the Shardbearer Miriam; afflicted by an alchemist's curse, slowly killing her while granting her demonic powers. You must fight through the demon riddled castle and stop Gabel, your long lost friend maddened by the power of the crystal to save humanity and herself from imminent doom.

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