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Magma Cavern - How To Recruit Groudon Guide
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Magma Cavern - How To Recruit Groudon Guide

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Check out this walkthrough guide for Magma Cavern (revisit) in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX (Switch)! Includes Mega Evolution Primal Groudon battle strategies, how to get it, & more!

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Magma Cavern (Revisit) - How To Unlock & Overview

Encounter The Legendary Groudon In Dungeon

Groudon In Magma Cavern

When you go back and revisit Magma Cavern, head into the depths and plow through the fire enemies until your reach B26F. There you can meet the fierce Groudon and a battle will ensue!

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Complete Main Story & Revisit Dungeon

Complete Main Story & Revisit Dungeon

To be able to revisit and encounter Groudon again, you need to finish the main story of the game. Then, go back to Magma Cavern and go through the dungeon until you reach Groudon.

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B1F ~ B26F (vs. Groudon)

B1F ~ B26F Walkthrough

1Enter Magma Cavern and go up til you reach B26F
2Defeat Groudon

Magma Cavern (Revisit) - Battle Tips

Recommended Level: 55+

When you revisit Magma Cavern, the Pokemon will have higher levels and Groudon will be at level 50. Having a party at level 55 or above will make it easier for you to go through the dungeon.

Recommended Pokemon: Water

Kyogre Water

Despite its appearances, the Groundon is not a Fire-type and is a Ground-type. Bring Water-type Pokemon to easily descend down this dungeon and to quickly beat Groudon's first form.

Recruit Ranged Pokemon

Do battle and recruit fainted Pokemon into your team as you'll need them once you reach Groudon. Prioritize getting those with ranged moves like Magmar's Ember!

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Onyx & Steelix Can Be Difficult

Onyx & Steelix Can be difficult

Onyx and Steelix can be quite difficult especially in the lower levels of this dungeon. Make good use of Iron Spikes to whittle down their HP before they come into contact with your party!

Prepare For Monster Houses

Prepare for Monster Houses

Expect at least 2 Monster Houses when you descend into the depths of Magma Cavern. Bring Orbs, such as One Shot Orbs and Slumber Orbs, that can help you deal with these encounters.

How To Beat Groudon & Primal Groudon

Tips To Defeat Groudon

How To Beat Groudon
WeaknessGrass, Ice, Water
MovesPrecipice Blades

Use Dragonbreath To Paralyze

Paralyze Groudon with Salamence

As a Ground-type Pokemon, Groudon can easily repel the damage and effects of Paralysis. For this battle, our team used Salamance's Dragonbreath to paralyze Groudon, making it unable to use any moves that can easily pick off the team.

Precipice Blades Can Shut Down Multiple Pokemon


Precipice-Blades damages multiple Pokemon from a distance. Groudon can eliminate members of your party if this lands so bring a lot of Revive Seeds to prepare for this attack this.

Open With All Power-Up Orb

All Power-Up Orb

Start the battle with an All Power-Up Orb to boost your team's Attack and Sp. Atk. This item tremendously helps in speeding up the battle so bring one for this fight!

Tips To Defeat Primal Groudon

How To Beat Primal Groudon
TypeGround, Fire
WeaknessWater (x4), Ground
AbilityDesolate Land
MovesEarthquake, Hammer Arm

(!) Water-type Attacks Are Nullified

Extremely Harsh Sunlight Effects

Because of . Make sure that your Water-type Pokemon have non-Water-type moves so that they can still fight during the second round.

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Opens The Battle By Scattering Your Team

opens the battle by scattering your team

The battle will open with Primal Groudon scattering your team around the arena. This can be troublesome if most of the Pokemon that you brought with you only have melee attacks.

Magma Spreads & Disappears

Magma is spreading!

Magma will spring forth from the ground and spread during this battle. Pokemon that are over them will get damaged per turn and will get the Burn status effect. The damage is not that significant and can be endured. The magma disappears after sometime.

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Link Moves To Fight

Remember to Link Moves as Primal Groudon is extremely aggressive and time is against you during this fight. Combo good moves to save time and to quickly drain Groudon's HP!

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Time Your All Revive Orb Use

Time your all revive orb use

Primal Groudon will use Earthquake, damaging all members of your team. Maximize the effects and time the use of the All Revive Orb to get everyone in your team back up and fighting.

How To Recruit Groudon

Can Recruit After Battle

recruit groudon after the battle

After defeating Groudon in the Magma Cavern, you have a small chance of being able to recruit this legendary Pokemon. Have Squad Up or Friendly as a Rare Quality or have a Friend Bow to up your chances of recruitment.

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Has Its Own Rescue Camp

Even if you have no extra space in your party or don't have the Rescue Camp for Groudon, it'll still come home once it gets recruited. They make their own Rescue Camp when you recruit it.

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