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Learn all you need to know for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX in this Beginner Tips guide. Here we have featured useful knowledge including must-know gameplay tips, facility and more!

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Which Starter Pokemon Should I Choose?

Which Starter Pokemon Should I Choose?

At the beginning of your journey, you will be given a Personality Quiz to dictate what kind of Pokemon best fits your personality. This will dictate the first Pokemon you will be able to take control of.

Click Here For More Best Starter Pokemon Recommendations!

Preferred Pokemon Can Be Manually Selected

If you happen to not get a Pokemon of your choice through the Personality Quiz, you will be given a chance to manually select your preferred starter Pokemon.

Use Type & Move Set As A Reference When Choosing Your Pokemon

Although it ultimately boils down to your preference, your Starter Pokemon selection can make some of your early game experience smoother as you recruit more allies and level up.

DungeonCommon Types In That Dungeon
Thunderwave CaveElectric
Mt. SteelPsychic, Ground, Rock
Sinister WoodsGrass, Bug
Silent ChasmBug, Poison, Grass
Mt. ThunderElectric
Great CanyonGrass, Normal
❗Lapis CavePoison
❗Mt. BlazeFire
❗Frosty ForestGround, Rock, Steel
❗Mt. FreezeNormal
Uproar ForestGrass
Magma CavernGround, Poison
Sky TowerFlying, Bug, Dragon

The four dungeons with an exclamation mark before their name are special because you will not be able to use Pokemon aside from your starter (and 1 other forced into your party). Fire types may struggle in that part of the game, so beware!

Top 4 Tips To Remember Before Going To Dungeons

Dungeons Are Randomly Generated

Dungeons Are Randomly Generated

The dungeons you venture through in this game are all procedurally generated. Although each dungeon is themed, every trip will be unique, from the Pokemon you meet to the items you pick up.

Come Across Kecleon Dungeon Shop

Come Across Kecleon Dungeon Shop

You'll get a chance to buy and sell items while in a dungeon by stumbling upon a Kecleon Dungeon Shop. From this shop, you can get items and discard anything you have no need for. This is also randomly generated.

Check Out the Kecleon Dungeon Shop

Fast Turn Based Combat

Fast Turn Based Combat

The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon implements a turn-based action combat system, where enemies move only when you've moved or used certain actions. Keep this in mind when going on an adventure, you can use all the time you need to come up with a tactic!

Don't Panic!

Foe Hold Orb

When in the middle of a heated battle, it's easy to jump the gun and spam buttons to get to your next move. However, in challenging dungeons, consider taking your time and looking over what options you have aside from using moves. Items can often save you from a precarious position!

Manage Hunger And Items

Aside from HP, you and your Pokemon Rescue Team members will all each have a Hunger meter, gradually decreasing the more turns you take in the dungeon, or by using special actions. Be sure to scavenge for any food and items to supplement your team's needs before you faint from starvation!

What Happens If I Die / Faint?

What Happens If I Die?

When all your party members faint in a dungeon, you will be returned to the start of the dungeon and all your loot and money gained in that adventure will be forfeited.

Send A Rescue When Downed To Revive

Send A Rescue When Downed To Revive

If your party is downed in a dungeon, you can go on a rescue mission with other Pokemon on standby, or ask other players to partake in a rescue mission to save you. When you are rescued successfully, you will be able to continue your adventure from where you have fallen, without losing money or items!

Check Out How to Rescue Here!

What Is Pokemon Square?

Base Of Operations

Pokemon Square is you and your Rescue Team's base of operation, housing many useful facilities as well as Pokemon residents who will assist you on your journey.

Check Out the Pokemon Square Here!

The Kecleon Shop


This local shop allows you to purchase useful items for your adventures and TMs to learn new moves for your Pokemon. Check back every day and buy the most important items!

Items To Prioritize

  • Apple
  • Oran Berry
  • Enemy-Disabling Orbs
  • Revive Items
  • Invitations

Felicity Bank

Felicity Bank

This Bank will allow you to deposit any excess money you have in your wallet before going down a dungeon. Remember, you will lose all money in your inventory if you're defeated, aside from the money deposited here! You will get a bonus prize for donating money every day (often an Oran Berry, Max Elixir, or Apple).

Kangaskhan Storage

Kangaskhan Storage

Similar to the Felicity Bank, this storage will allow you to store any excess items for later use in your journey. Similar to money, you will also lose all your items when defeated in a dungeon!

Makuhita Dojo

Makuhita Dojo

This Dojo will allow you to efficiently level up your Pokemon with the Dojo Drills or learn the basic rules of dungeon crawling with the Trick of the Trade training session! Completing these training missions may also yield completion rewards.

Check Out How to Level Up Fast Here!

Gulpin Link Shop

Gulpin Link Shop

Here, you may link multiple moves in your party to create your own powerful move combos to unleash. Also, you can visit here to relearn certain moves that you have previously forgotten.

Wigglytuff’s Camp Corner

Wigglytuff’s Camp Corner

This unique shop sells camps to be used for recruiting Pokemon. In order to get a new Pokemon, you'll (usually) need the camp in which it can stay. The capacity of these camps will increase along with your Rescue Team Rank! You can also go to camps to strengthen your Pokemon by feeding them Gummis.

Check Out Rescue Camps Here!

Pelipper Post Office

Pelipper Post Office

This facility allows you to partake in rescue missions to save teams stranded during their expedition (both yours, and other players'). You can also take job request side missions for extra rewards.

Check Out The Rescue Team Rank Guide Here!

How Do I Fight Efficiently?

How Do I Fight Efficiently?

Swing Your Attacks To Lure Enemies

You can always manually swing your attacks even in cases when the target is out of reach. Doing so will cost you a turn, but when used correctly, will allow you to lure the enemy into position while you stay stationary in a advantageous ground.

Check Out How To Win Every Battle!

Power Up Your Moves

Power Up Your Moves

The new Move Growth feature means that the more you use a particular move during battle, the stronger that move will get! Keep using the same move to become stronger during battle! Multi-hit moves are extremely powerful, so they're a good candidate for moves to power up from the very beginning.

Check Out Move Growth Here!

Be Very Careful Entering Rooms


When entering a room in single-file, be very careful what Pokemon you have behind you. If the 2 Pokemon directly behind you lack ranged abilities, you might be left to deal with the oncoming Pokemon solo, which can be very dangerous.

Throw Iron Spikes

Iron Spikes

Sometimes the above situation is inevitable and you run head first into a ranged Pokemon blasting away at you. In such cases, if you lack your own long-range move, consider throwing Iron Spikes, as you can often 2 shot many Pokemon.

Use Items Liberally


Danger can be waiting at any corner in a Dungeon - do not hesitate to use items at any point! Wands are especially useful for temporarily getting away from a threat.

If You Get Wiped Out In A Dungeon...

Write your Rescue Request Password in our Forum! By doing so, people from all over the world will be able to come help you!
(*A Nintendo Online Subscription is necessary for this.)

Rescue Password Forum

Which Items Should I Bring?



You can't go far on an empty stomach! Before venturing into a dungeon, be sure to have stocks of food in your inventory. Edible items such as apples can also be found in the dungeon, however having a backup food supply means a world of difference when in a tight situation!

Max Ether & Max Elixir

These items replenishes your Pokemon's move usages either partially or entirely. You will find some along the way as well, but it's best to bring several of each for yourself. With Max Elixirs, only use them when 3 or 4 of your moves are completely out of PP.

Berries & Seeds

Berries and Seeds can be eaten to heal, provide buff / debuff effects. Oran Berries in particular are key as they'll save your life in a pinch and raise your max HP for that dungeon. A few Revive seeds are always a safe bet too.

What Is Wonder Mail?

What Are Wonder Mails?

The Wonder Mail is a function accessible from the menu where you can input 8 digit passwords to earn various loot and gain access to bonus dungeons. Once you learn the ropes of dungeon crawling, consider using the Wonder Mail to further strengthen your rescue team!

Learn More On Wonder Mails Here!

Input Password for Bonus Dungeon Access or Loot

Depending on the Wonder Mail used, you will be given access to bonus dungeons where you can have a chance to befriend a new Pokemon or acquire items to assist you on your adventure.

What Can I Do Online?

Rescue Other Players Online

 Rescue Other Players At Pelipper Post Office

By connecting to other players either via the internet or password, you will be able to indirectly travel to their dungeon in an attempt to rescue your fallen friend. Should you do so, your friend will get a second chance at challenging that dungeon!

Learn More About Online Feature Here!

What To Do After Beating The Game

New Dungeons, Legendaries, Evolution Unlocked!

New Dungeons, Legendaries, Evolution Unlocked!

More adventure awaits you even after the mainline story! Features such as recruiting legendary Pokemon, evolving your Pokemon, new end-game dungeons and more features gets unlocked after the ending!

Learn More About Things To Do After Ending!

Evolve Your Pokemon

Evolve Your Pokemon

You'll unlock the Luminous Cave after you beat the main story! Head to Whiscash Pond and down the cave to evolve the Pokemon currently in your roster!

Check Out How To Evolve Pokemon!

Hunt For Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Ditto

When you finish the game, you can hunt for shiny Pokemon! These are random encounters in dungeons and they will be marked as "Strong" Pokemon, so be prepared!

Check Out Shiny Pokemon List Here!

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