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Read this Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX guide to learn more about the best starter Pokemon! Find out more about the list of starters, their moves, the quiz, & more!

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Best Starter Pokemon To Choose



Pikachu is a strong starter Pokemon thanks to its electric typing. Pikachu will have an advantage against several of the enemies & bosses that you encounter since majority of them will have Flying types! Grass Knot also allows it to deal with Ground types, which it normal can't damage with Electric moves.

Pikachu Starting Moves

dark iconFake Outelectric iconElectro Ball
grass iconGrass Knotsteel iconIron Tail



Totodile is a great Pokemon to choose as a starter since it has Ice Fang as a starter move. This move is not only strong against Flying-type Pokemon, but will also have the chance to freeze enemies, or make them flinch!

Totodile Starting Moves

ice iconIce Fangsteel iconMetal Claw
normal iconScratchwater iconWater Gun



Skitty's Cute Charm ability can give you an advantage since it has the chance to cause enemy Pokemon to become infatuated with you when they hit you with a contact move!

Skitty Starting Moves

electric iconCharge Beamnormal iconEchoed Voice
dark iconFake Outgrass iconGrass Knot



Treecko is a useful starter Pokemon thanks to its Dragon Breath move. Dragon Breath is a powerful move with little to no weaknesses however, you may need to complement Treecko with a different partner to cover its weakness against flying types!

Treecko Starting Moves

grass iconAbsorbdragon iconDragon Breath
steel iconIron Tailnormal iconQuick Attack



Having balanced stats & versatile movesets, the Charmander is a jack-of-all-trades in most story scenarios, aside from Fire-type & Water-type dungeon. After beating the game and evolving to Charizard, it becomes even more powerful attacker, even with added feature to Mega Evolve!

Charmander Starting Moves

dragon iconDragon Ragefire iconFlame Burst
dark iconBitenormal iconScratch

Ultimately Depends On Your Preference

Ultimately Depends on Your Preference

Your starter Pokemon will ultimately depend on your preference and how you want to play the game! Remember that you will also choose a partner Pokemon, so you can mix and match different team setups and strategies!

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Best Partner Pokemon For Starters

Best Partner For Each Starter Pokemon Chart

Starter Pokemon Best Partner Pokemon
Fire-type StartersGrass, Electric
Water-type StartersFire, Ground
Grass-type StartersWater, Ground, Electric
Normal-type StartersNormal, Any
PikachuWater, Grass
CuboneFire, Electric
MachopElectric, Normal

Best Partner For Fire-type Starter Pokemon

Fire-type Starters
CharmanderCharmanderCyndaquilCyndaquilTorchicTorchic -
Best Partner Pokemon

Grass or Electric-types can easily take down Water Pokemon, one type that Fire Pokemon can be weak against. Grass Pokemon can also take down Ground Pokemon, another weakness of Fire-types.

Might Struggle In Mt. Blaze

At one point in the game you will go to a region heavy with fire-type Pokemon. During this point you might struggle if you only have a Fire and Grass type, so be careful. Consider a water type.

Best Partner For Water-type Starter Pokemon

Water-type Starters
Best Partner Pokemon

For the Water-type starters, it's best to have Ground and Fire Pokemon. Cubone can ward off Electric Pokemon while the Fire starters can easily bring down Grass Pokemon.

Best Partner For Grass-type Starter Pokemon

Grass-type Starters
Best Partner Pokemon

The best partner Pokemon for Grass-types is Mudkip, which can take down Fire with its Water moves. It can also learn Rock-type attacks to compensate for Grass Pokemon's weakness to Flying. Other viable Pokemon are Squirtle, Cubone, and Pikachu.

Best Partner For Normal-type Starter Pokemon

Normal-type Starters
Best Partner Pokemon

Since Normal-type Pokemon are weak to Fighting Pokemon, Psyduck can help fight against this weakness. Normal-types can learn a variety of moves and are very flexible, so they can be paired with any Pokemon you prefer. Other normal types work well, but you ultimately have a lot of freedom.

Best Partner For Pikachu Starter Pokemon

PokemonBest Partner Pokemon

Pikachu is only weak to Ground-type Pokemon and this can easily be remedied by using Water or Grass Pokemon such as Squirtle, Totodile, or Bulbasaur.

Best Partner For Cubone Starter Pokemon

PokemonBest Partner Pokemon

Cubone has weaknesses to Grass, Ice, and Water. Use Fire Pokemon to combat against Grass-types and Electric Pokemon versus Water types.

Best Partner For Machop Starter Pokemon

PokemonBest Partner Pokemon

Pikachu can easily take down Flying Pokemon, one of Machop's weaknesses. Skitty can learn Dark-type moves, covering for Machop's weakness to Psychic Pokemon.

Starter Pokemon List

All Starter Pokemon


Which Starter Pokemon Did You Choose?

Is your starter not on the list? Comment your starter below!

Starter Quiz & Answers

Choose Your Starter Pokemon From a Quiz

Choose Your Starter Pokemon From a Quiz

At the start of the game, you will be given a short quiz to help determine what Pokemon you will be playing as! It is recommended to answer the questions as honestly as you can in order to help the game pick the best starter for you!

Quiz Questions & Answers

Click Here to Find Out Questions & Answers
Can you go into a haunted house?No problem!
Uh... N-no...
With someone I like.
Are you often late for school or meetings?Yes.
Somebody calls you "weird but funny." How does that make you feel?Happy!
Not happy.
You are offered a choice of two gifts. Which one will you take?Big box.
Small box.
It's the summer holidays! Where would you like to go?The beach!
There's a person you like... But there's no opportunity to get close. What do you do?Bravely declare my love.
Might say hello.
Pull a prank to get attention.
Look from afar.
Do others tell you to watch what you say?Yes.
What do you do with your room's light when you're going to bed at night?Leave it on.
Turn it off.
Do you want to play as a boy or a girl?Boy.

Manually Choose Your Starter

Manually Choose Your Starter

If you do not get the Pokemon that you wanted after answering the quiz, you can opt to choose again! Instead of retaking the quiz, you can go ahead and directly pick a Pokemon from the list of starters!

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